Fall 2013 Cast Lists

We would like to THANK EVERYONE who came out for our Fall 2013 Season. We are thoroughly amazed by all the wonderful talent we saw and are so happy to see welcome our members, new and old, to our Fall 2013 Season.

Congratulations and thank you again!


Man in Chair, David Olson Drowsy Chaperone, Tori Mueller Janet van der Graaff, Ali Edwards Robert Martin, Shane Hennessey George, Joe Gambino Aldolpho, Matt Melleby Mrs. Tottendale, Abi Oshins Underling, Ben Moll Feldzeig, Joe McLaughlin Kitty, Katie Iafolla

Trix, Maddie Dinndorf

Gangster 1, Maddie Fuller

Gangster 2, Kelly Duffy

Ensemble, Karlie Fitzgerald; Joseph Becker; Daniella Forero; Katy Piszczek; Brittany Jenkins; Rachel Wein



Alice, Jemma Douglas

Larry/ Lewis/ The Caterpillar/ The Mad Hatter, Jake Delaney

Jerry/ Dodgson/ Duck/ Cook/ March Hare, William Small

Gerry/ Crab/ Frog/ Dormouse/ White Knight, Claire Buesser

Tom/ Dodo/ Cheshire Cat/ Humpty Dumpty, Daniella Seidl

Saskia/ Mouse/ Red Queen/ Baby Noises/ Alice’s Sister, Lindsay Kopit

Angela/ Lory/ The Duchess/ Red King/ White Queen, Isabella Walpole



Eurydice, Leah Raczynski

Orpheus, Dan Stevens

Father, Kyle Mitchell

Nasty Interesting Man/The Lord of the Underworld, Kyle Tague

Little Stone, Mariel Kramer

Big Stone, Cara Dwyer

Loud Stone, Emily Prescott




Martin Dysart, Ryan Chernin

Alan Strang, Danny Ehrenpreis

Frank Strang / A Horse, Matthew Sullivan

Jill Mason, Sydney Charvat

Dora Strang, Jane Kelley

Hesther Salomon, Ilana Berman

A Young Horseman / Nugget, a Horse, Idine Mousavi

A Nurse, Brittany Kamson

Harry Dalton / A Horse, Dan Frydman