Fall 2013 Tech Lists

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who came out and helped out with our First Semi-annual TECHSTRAVAGANZA. We hope you learned a lot and had fun doing it. Now the real "learning by doing" begins. With this post rounding out assignments for our fall season, we are excited to delve in full force! And, FINALLY, the moment you have all been waiting for.... FALL 2013 TECH LISTS: Parents' Weekend: The Drowsy Chaperone

Technical Director Stephanie Bont
Asst. Technical Director Emmanuel Dollinger
Stage Manager Marissa Cheifetz
ASM Katerina Liu
ASM Tehya Saylor
Costumes Katie Rangel
Asst. Costumes Pardis Alizadeh- Shabdiz
Asst. Costumes Celia Gibson
Asst. Costumes Hanna Eichen
Hair/makeup Lauren Kolodkin
Asst. Hair/makeup Karen Loewy
Asst. Hair/makeup Jessica Roey
Asst. Hair/makeup Stephanie Takeuchi
Props Camille Arvisu
Asst. Props Paulina Limasalle
Asst. Props Sofia Rosenberg
Set Design Stephanie Bont
Asst. Set Design Jason Fox
Set Decorator Courtney Licata
Asst. Set Dec Hayley Selarnick
Asst. Set Dec Katherine Baker
Asst. Set Dec Veronica Priest
Asst. Set Dec David Zhang
Asst. Set Dec Veronica Priest
Asst. Set Dec Vic Kelman
Lights Jake Shauli
Asst. Lights LeeAnn Langer
Asst. Lights Meredith Lawrence
Asst. Lights Tom Shrank
Sound Danny Ferro
Asst. Sound Ilana Berman
Asst. Sound Erika Nardi
MC Xander Pinto
Build Nina Jobim
Build Brittany Kamson
build Shoshana Koff
Build Daniel Leary
Build Risa McNellis
build Kayako Ono
Build Katy Taylor
build Caroline Thompson
Build Yufei Zhao
Build Vic Kelman

Alice in Wonderland

TD Cilicia Rios
ATD Marissa Kristy
SM Katie Diekhaus
ASM Katie Teran
Costums Katie Rangel
Cosumes Olivia Hathaway
Asst. Costumes Paris Wu
Asst. Costumes Yazmin Gooren
Asst. Costumes Sydney Thoorp
Hair/Makeup Arabi Moorthy
Asst. Hair/Makeup Lydia Erickson
Asst. Hair/Makeup Brittany Jenkins
Props Mariel Hathaway
Asst. Props Miko Dimov
Asst. Props Emily Parks
Set Design Andrew Velichansky
Asst. Set Design Yufei Zhao
Asst. Set Design Leah Raczynski
Set Decoration Courtney Licata
Asst. Set Dec Savannah Bonnette
Asst. Set Dec Daniel Espinoza
Asst. Set Dec Kayako Ono
Lights Meredith Lawrence
Asst. Lights Shoshana Koff
Asst. Lights Andria Sharma
Asst. Lights Katy Taylor
Sound Veronica Priest
Sound Brittany Kamson
Master Carpenter Xander Pinto
Build Tom Sliter
Build Nathalie Saligumba
Build Kate Hays
Build Emily McClure
Build Sidney Stiefel


Technical Director Camille Arvisu
ATD Jennifer Collins
SM Aubrie Sanchez
ASM Roxanne Rittman
Costumes Cassandra Kocek
Asst. Costumes Jessica Roey
Asst. Costumes David Zhang
Hair/Makeup Emily Jo McKnight
Asst. Hair/Makeup Sofia Rosenberg
Asst. Hair/Makeup Becca DeGregorio
Props Nina Jobim
Asst. Props Karen Loewy
Asst. Props Tori Moore
Set Design Stephanie Bont
Asst. Set Design Nathalie Saligumba
Set Decoration Jillian Nichols
Asst. Set Dec Yazmin Gooren
Asst. Set Dec Katherine Baker
Asst. Set Dec Katerina Liu
Asst. Lights Veronica Priest
Asst. Lights Erika Nardi
Sound Joe McLaughlin
Sound Katie Wurtzel
Master Carpenter Marissa Cheifetz
Build Nina Jobim
Build Tom Sliter
Build Lydia Erickson
Build Emmanuel Dollinger
Build Hayley Selarnick


Technical Director Shoshana Koff
Asst. Technical Director Paulina Limasalle
Stage Manager Emily Jo McKnight
Stage Manager Olivia Hathaway
Asst. Stage Manager Alison Parker
Costumes Katina Karvan
Asst. Costumes Katie Teran
Asst. Costumes Kayako Ono
Asst. Costumes Cara Dwyer
Hair/Make-up Abi Oshins
Asst. Hair/Makeup Roxanne Rittman
Asst. Hair/Makeup Nicole Rapkin
Props Lexie David
Asst. Props Katie Wurtzel
Asst. Props Laura O'Shea
Set Design Daniella Seidl
Set Design Daniel Leary
Asst. Set Design Aryeh Harris-Shapiro
Set Decoration Hanna Wasserman
Set Decoration Joe McLaughlin
Asst. Set Dec Sofia Rosenberg
Asst. Set Dec Kate Hays
Lights Alex Williams
Asst. Lights Marissa Cheifetz
Asst. Lights Celia Gibson
Asst. Lights Tori Moore
Asst. Lights Ben Moll
Sound Mariel Hathaway
Asst. Sound Lee Condakes
Asst. Sound Annie Tillis
Master Carpenter Stephanie Bont
Build Hanna Eichen
Build Scott Backman
Build Shane Hennessey
Build Sean Sweeney
Build Yufei Zhao
Horse Team Savannah Bonnette
Horse Team Sidney Stiefel
Horse Team Emily Parks