Pitches, Mainstages, and More!

Well Hello There Troupies!

Please note the email address you are receiving this email from. That’s right friends, after a brief (or maybe not so brief) leave of absence from the  “working correctly” aspect of our email to the membership function,  Stage Troupe (stage@bu.edu)  is back in action- and just in time if you ask me, because our mainstage season has officially begun!


Don’t forget to spread the word about and join us for Alice in Wonderland- opening this weekend, October 31- November 2, 2013 at 8PM in the Student Theater!

Do you ave a costume that just can’t wait until HIFBISS? Wear it Opening Night! That’s right, OPENING NIGHT IS HALLOWEEN! SO COME IN COSTUME! You may or may not possibly win a prize provided by local businesses around campus from our COSTUME CONTEST and you can join us for some fun and games!

Tickets can be purchased for $6 ($5 for members) at the door or ahead of time on Eventbrite through the following links: Thursday- http://bustalice1031.eventbrite.com/ Friday- http://bustalice111.eventbrite.com/ Saturday- http://bustalice112.eventbrite.com/


Now on to next season….. Just kidding (don’t worry, I have not forgotten about you Eurydice & Equus, I’m actually super stoked). However, we do have to start looking ahead. I know it sounds crazy because we’re just getting started it, but actually, the time has come.

SO, I hope the crisp air of autumn and fall colors have inspired you because it’s that time of year again….  PITCHES for next season are just about due!

We have so many opportunities available if you want to direct/pitch a show! If you want to pitch a show for next semester (or for ONE ACTS!), here’s what you need to know…


You NEED to:

- Be a dues paying member ($5) - Have a show you know and want to pitch - Make sure the rights are available - Get the script, make 2 copies - Download and fill out the pitch form from the website (http://bustagetroupe.com/members/forms-and-resources/) - Put all of that (the scripts and the form) into a manila envelope and bring it to 111 Cummington Mall labeled with “Stage Troupe” and this address:

ATTN: Eric Jacobsen 111 Cummington Mall Rm B17




If you have any questions about the pitching process (specifics for this upcoming season can be found on our latest blog post on bustagetroupe.com), please contact stage@bu.edu and we’ll help you out. The Pitching Meeting is the next GM, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH at 7PM in COM 101. The pitches will be pitched and the membership shall vote and find out the next season that night! Yay, democracy!

P.S. PLEASE PAY Hanna YOUR DUES for those who have not already. If you are not a dues paying member, you CANNOT vote!


And lastly, I’d like to close this lovely email with some reminders of upcoming important dates and events not previously mentioned in this email:



November 7-9 at 8PM in the Student Theater



November 21-23 at 8PM in the Student Theater



Auditions- Monday, November 11 and Tuesday November 12 (Time and Place TBA)

One Acts- December 6 &7 in Hillel (Yes, you read that correctly. Get pumped.)




Lauren has started taking sign-ups for our annual “friendly”  game of Assassins! Let her know if you would like to throw your name in the ring and remember that it is $2 to play.


That’s all for now folks. Hope you all feel informed, but mostly just excited.