GM 4 Recap: Happy Holidays to All and to All a Good Night

Have finals got you down? Swamped in papers and projects and just couldn’t get away for the GM last weekend?? Good news is, Winter Break is just around the corner, which means you’re almost done aaaand I’m here to give you a rundown of our last GM of the season!


First and foremost, we would like to congratulate all of you Troupies on yet another FANTASTIC Season! From Parents’ Weekend to our One Acts Festival, it was wonderful to see all of our members hard work and great talent pay off and it was a honor to work with and get to know each and every one of you. We hope you had as much fun as we did and we cannot wait for what next semester will bring!

Speaking of next semester, we would like to once again congratulate the directors of our spring season and officially announce the show order for next semester.

Troupies, here is your Spring 2014 Season:


Doubt, a Parable

Directed by Eli Brenna

February 27- March 1, 2014

Raised in Captivity

Directed by David Olson

March 20-22, 2014


Directed by Kyle Tague

April 3-5, 2014

Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Directed by Abi Oshins and Emily Prescott

April 10-12, 2014

And that’s not all. We have some other really awesome things to offer next semester.

First up, Stage Troupe’s Library is now open!

Starting this spring we are proud to offer our membership another resource to expand your knowledge and use some creativity. The library will contain various plays and resource books for your reading pleasure. So if you’re looking at directing, or interested in just taking a break from a text book you can enjoy some good theater related reading! All you need to do is contact either our President, Ilana, or VP, Emily to check out at work OR if you have some books at home that you’d like to donate, let them know!

The library is not the only exciting thing coming up next semester. Which leads me to…


“Where the techies act, the actors tech, and the audience remains the same.”

Tradition has maintained that this show, selected and directed by the Technical Advisor, is usually an adaptation of a popular movie- the title of which is kept a secret until opening night! Actors from the previous season are encouraged to tech, while technicians from the previous season are invited to act. A totally FREE and FUN event Tech Show has become a highlight of the Spring semester, a unique experience that allows members to try their hand at an aspect of theatre they do not usually participate in.

Want to be involved? Email Marissa at with your name and what you’d like to do!


It’s back! That crazy, fun, chaotic, and cryptic special project. Lauren has started taking sign-ups for our annual “friendly” game of Assassins! Let her know at if you would like to throw your name in the ring and remember to bring $2 to the first GM of next semester to play!

And finally, the most wonderful time of the year: BUSTies!

Named after B.U.S.T, the acronym for Boston University Stage Troupe, BUSTies is our annual awards ceremony. We gather as an organization to honor our departing seniors and celebrate the end of another successful year of great theatre. The evening includes acting, directing, and technical awards, roasts for the graduating seniors, and superlative write-ins just for fun. Votes have been cast for Fall 2013, but we still need hosts and roasts! If you are interested in hosting BUSTies, let Lauren know and prepare a pitch for the E-board that you will present sometime before auditions when we return. If you’re a SENIOR prepare to be roasted and all you youngins’ out there who have always wanted the chance to roast and share your appreciation for those that have come before you- contact Lauren at and tell her your plans!

Finally, we’ve a bit of house keeping for you…

Do we owe you money?? Reimbursements are in and Drowsy and Alice Check requests are coming through on a rolling basis. If you have any questions about funds… feel free to contact Hanna at and she’ll let you know what’s up.


The Space and the Theater are our homes. We have been given the wonderful opportunity to utilize such great resources, something that many do not have. Both are all tidy and clean thanks to Space Cleaning- let’s do our best to keep it that way! Love it, cherish it and furthermore, if you noticed anything we need during space cleaning or throughout the semester, feel free to let us and Marissa know!

Now, before we part for break, we have one last treat.

Stage Troupe and BU On Broadway present


Wednesday, December 11, 2013 8:30 PM in the Student Theater

The seniors of Troupe and OB are proud to present a selection of carols and songs for your pre-finals enjoyment. The event will be free but bring along a few bucks and donate to UNICEF's Philippines Relief fund. All proceeds from the show will be donated directly to the charity! So take a break from the studying and endless papers and project piles and treat yourself to some holiday cheer!

We want to thank you all again for your hard work and dedication this semester. Congratulations on another semester for the books. We hope you had a lot of fun, gained some fond memories, and some new friends. We are so unbelievably proud of you all. Here’s to Happy Holiday for all and another great semester to come!

            Good luck with finals!