So long, 2013!

We had a blast in 2013 and were beyond proud to start the school year off with such a great Fall 2013 Season. So, here they are for one last time folks. Congratulations to our membership and all the casts and crews for another great year. Here's to many more!

June 12th, 19th, and 26th| July 10th and 17th; The Student Theater

REVIVAL SEPTEMBER 7; The Student Theater

the birthday party

In the quiet and simple English seaside boardinghouse of Petey and Meg Boles, it is longtime resident Stanley Webber's birthday and everyone seems to know but him. Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party is a darkly absurd and witty play about one man's resistance against subjugation in his fading existence. In the random assortment of strangers, party games, and corn flakes, Pinter explores the ambiguous relationship we all have with truth and reality. This is the play most examined and celebrated in Pinter's deeply complex and provocative cannon. a play of contemporary excellence and relentless investigation to prove human nature stands as the only law that rules us.

Produced by Sam Hoffman and Cilicia Rios Directed by Marcus Doyle Assistant Directed by Kim Curhan Technically Directed by Katy Meyer

The Cast Stanley, Keaton Goldsmith Meg, Kaitlin Bresee Petey, Andrew Smith (u/s David Olson) Lulu, Cameron Barney Goldberg, Jimmy Blackmon (u/s Andrew Smith) McCann, Adrian Burke

The Crew Stage Manager, Allison Crisostomo Assistant Stage Manager, Emily Jo McKnight Lighting Designer, Jake Shauli Assistant Lights, Zoraida Cabrera Assistant Lights, Juliette Vandame Assistant Lights, Shane Hennessey Sound Designer, Marissa Cheifetz Propsmaster, Courtney Licata Assistant Props, Courtney Bayruns Costume Designer, Cilicia Rios Hair/Make-up Designer, Lauren Kolodkin Assistant Hair/Make-up, Courtney Bayruns Set Designer, Stephanie Bont Set Decorator, Marissa Cheifetz Set Decorator, Keithlyn Parkman Assistant Set Dec, Xueting Dang Assistant Set Dec, Sophie Miller Master Carpenter, Xander Pinto Builders, Kevin Ang, Chris Gilmore, and Julie Kaminski


October 18th, 19th, and 20th; Tsai Performance Center 


The curtain rises on a present-day musical theatre fanatic eager to tell you about his favorite Broadway musical -- “The Drowsy Chaperone.” He’s the ultimate Everyfan and “Drowsy” is his guilty pleasure.

As he begins listening to the rare cast recording, the show cleverly and magically blooms to life, telling the hilarious tale of a pampered Broadway starlet and her debonair fiance, an overzealous producer, a dizzy chorine, the Latin lover and a couple of bumbling gangsters. Ruses are played. Hi-jinks occur. And the plot spins everyone into musical comedy euphoria.

Directed by Hanna Wasserman Musically Directed by Lee Condakes Choreographed by Cassandra Kocek and Marissa Kristy Technical Directed by Stephanie Bont Assistant Technical Directed by Emmanuel Dollinger Produced by Haley Skov and Olivia Paris- Kornilowicz Assistant Produced by Eli Brenna

The Cast

Man in Chair, David Olson Drowsy Chaperone, Tori Mueller Janet van der Graaff, Ali Edwards Robert Martin, Shane Hennessey  George, Joe Gambino Aldolpho, Matt Melleby Mrs. Tottendale, Abi Oshins Underling, Ben Moll Feldzeig, Joe McLaughlin Kitty, Katie Iafolla Trix, Maddie Dinndorf Gangster 1, Maddie Fuller Gangster 2, Kelly Duffy Ensemble, Karlie Fitzgerald; Joseph Becker; Daniella Forero; Katy Piszczek; Brittany Jenkins; Rachel Wein


October 31 | November 1 and 2; The Student Theater

Alice Poster

A young girl and her companions explore the depths of imagination in this take on Lewis Caroll's classic novel. A group of children decides to perform Alice in Wonderland from their spacious blanket fort. The usual cast of characters - the mad hatter, the red queen, the Cheshire cat, etc. - make appearances as Alice's playmates take on their personas and walk her through the rabbit hole. We follow Alice as she grows, shrinks, plays along with her friends, and tries to understand the sense of a senseless place. Are you childish enough to fall down the rabbit hole?

Directed by Michael Gobiel and Audrey Wood Technical Directed by Cilicia Rios Assistant Technical Directed by Marissa Kristy Produced by Stephanie Takeuchi Assistant Produced by Lexie David, Tehya Saylor, Cara Dwyer, and Emily Paulsen

The Cast

Alice, Jemma Douglas Larry/ Lewis/ The Caterpillar/ The Mad Hatter, Jake Delaney Jerry/ Dodgson/ Duck/ Cook/ March Hare, William Small Gerry/ Crab/ Frog/ Dormouse/ White Knight, Claire Buesser Tom/ Dodo/ Cheshire Cat/ Humpty Dumpty, Daniella Seidl Saskia/ Mouse/ Red Queen/ Baby Noises/ Alice’s Sister, Lindsay Kopit Angela/ Lory/ The Duchess/ Red King/ White Queen, Isabella Walpole


November 7-9; The Student Theater

Eurydice Poster

Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice draws from classic Greek myth to tell the tale of Orpheus and his wife, Eurydice-- from Eurydice's perspective. When she dies on the eve of their wedding, Orpheus begins a passionate search to find her. Eurydice, however, finds a new life in death as she reconnects with her long-lost father and remembers why she fell in love in the first place.

Directed by Celia Gibson and Lauren Kolodkin Technical Directed by Camille Arvisu Assistant Technical Directed by Jennifer Collins Produced by Joe Gambino Assistant Produced by Veronica Priest, Hayley Gershon, Olivia Paris- Kornilowicz and Miko Dimov

The Cast

Eurydice, Leah Raczynski Orpheus, Dan Stevens Father, Kyle Mitchell Nasty Interesting Man/The Lord of the Underworld, Kyle Tague Little Stone, Mariel Kramer Big Stone, Cara Dwyer Loud Stone, Emily Prescott


November 21-23; The Student Theater

Equus Poster


A disillusioned psychiatrist is presented with a 17 year old boy who blinded six horses one night. Through therapy and flashbacks, we discover the cognitive makeup of both these men. What caused the boy to commit this crime is a disturbing blend of religious and sexual fervor, with roots in many different moments and people. Peter Shaffer's classic play takes us beyond the issues of doctor and patient and into our own societal and philosophical perceptions of belief, passion, and normality. These therapy sessions will end up confronting the personal demons of all the players in this disturbed, young boy's tale. 

Directed by Eli Brenna

Technical Directed by Shoshana Koff

Assistant Technical Directed by Paulina Limasalle

Produced by David Olson and Marissa Kristy

Assistant Produced by Emily McClure, Jennifer McIntyre, and Kyle Tague

The Cast

Martin Dysart, Ryan Chernin Alan Strang, Danny Ehrenpreis Frank Strang / A Horse, Matthew Sullivan Jill Mason, Sydney Charvat Dora Strang, Jane Kelley Hesther Salomon, Ilana Berman A Young Horseman / Nugget, a Horse, Idine Mousavi A Nurse, Brittany Kamson Harry Dalton / A Horse, Dan Frydman


December 6th and 7th; CAS 522


This time-honored special project is back again! Stage Troupe’s biannual One Acts Festival showcases more of our membership’s talent. It serves as another opportunity for members to get involved in all levels of production, including acting, teching, directing, and writing. This season's festival showcases 2 short plays and 4 monologues.

H.R. Directed by Celia Gibson

Cast Frank- Joe McLaughlin Kristen- Daniella Forero Chip- Matt Melleby Margaret- Lexie David

Dreamer’s Bluff Directed by Aryeh Harris-Shapiro and Kyle Tague

Cast Scratch- Danny Ehrenpreis River- Haley Selarnick


Georgia Ladd Katie Diekhaus Brittany Kamson