Spring 2014 Tech!

The shows have been cast and crews have now, and officially, been assigned! Below are the Spring 2014 Tech Lists! Thank you to all who signed up to tech. We are thrilled to work with such wonderfully talented people this semester and cannot wait to see what this season becomes! Now let's get started! Doubt: A Parable 

Technical Director- Stephanie Bont ATD- Danny Ehrenpreis Stage Manager- Alison Parker ASM- Nicole Rapkin Costumes- Katina Karvan Asst. Costumes- Kerriann Kelleher Hair/Makeup- Karen Loewy Asst. Hair/Makeup- Sofia Rosenberg Asst. Hair/Makeup- Roxanne Rittman Props- Celia Gibson Asst. Props- Katie Teran Asst. Props- Mason Helt Set Design- Angela Nawang Asst. Set Design- Marissa Cheifetz Set Decoration- Michael Gobiel Asst. Set Dec- Laura O'Shea Scenic Artist- Jamie Johannsen Painter- Jillian Hatfield Lights- Courtney Bayruns Asst. Lights- Shoshana Koff Asst. Lights- Melissa Hunter Sound- Lee Condakes Asst. Sound- Cory Azman Asst. Sound- Sydney Charvat Master Carpenter- Kate Hays Build Marissa- Cheifetz Build- Veronica Priest Build- Massimo D'Emilia Producer- Marissa Kristy Producer- Corey Steinfast Asst Producer- Tehya Saylor Asst Producer- Daniella Forero Asst Producer- Sarah Kimball

Raised in Captivity 

Technical Director- Katy Meyer ATD- Tehya Saylor Stage Manager- Cilicia Rios ASM- Sydney Charvat ASM- Austin Crann Costumes- Cassandra Kocek Asst. Costumes- Karlie Fitzgerald Asst. Costumes- Clemence Pluche Hair/Makeup- Abi Oshins Asst. Hair/Makeup- Isabella Walpole Asst. Hair/Makeup- Arabi Moorthy Props- Camille Arvisu Asst. Props- Jamie Johannsen Asst. Props- Lauren Michael Set Design- Andrew Velichansky Asst. Set Design- Marissa Kristy Set Decoration- Ilana Berman Asst. Set Dec- Lauren Kolodkin Asst. Set Dec- Lydia Erickson Scenic Artist- Joe McLaughlin Painter- Marina Selak Painter- Olivia Hathaway Lights- Jake Shauli Asst. Lights- Katie Diekhaus Asst. Lights- Erika Nardi Asst. Lights- Sam Hoffman Sound- Mariel Hathaway Asst. Sound- Jane Kelley Asst. Sound- Jennifer McIntyre Master Carpenter- Marissa Cheifetz Build- Scott Backman Build- Sydney Helton Build- Paige Herrman Build- Veronica Priest Build- Massimo D'Emilia Producer- Tom Schrank Producer- Joe Gambino Asst Producer- Ali Edwards Asst Producer- Tori Mueller Asst Producer- Maddie Dinndorf


Technical Director- Camille Arvisu ATD- Karen Loewy Stage Manager- Celia Gibson ASM- Anya Treyzon ASM- Sydney Helton Costumes- Olivia Hathaway Asst. Costumes- Kayako Ono Asst. Costumes- Katerina Liu Asst. Costumes- Clemence Pluche Hair/Makeup- Katy Meyer Asst. Hair/Makeup- Cara Dwyer Asst. Hair/Makeup- Cilicia Rios Asst. Hair/Makeup- Daniella Forero Asst. Hair/Makeup- Sofia Rosenberg Props- Marissa Cheifetz Asst. Props- Mason Helt Asst. Props- Brittany Kamson Set Design- Courtney Licata Asst. Set Design- Marcela Cantu Set Decoration- Lee Condakes Asst. Set Dec- Roxanne Rittman Asst. Set Dec- Angela Nawang Asst. Set Dec- Nicole Smith Scenic Artist- Courtney Licata Painter- Laura O'Shea Painter- Kate Hays Lights- Alex Williams Asst. Lights- Tehya Saylor Asst. Lights- Melissa Hunter Sound- Leah Raczynski Asst. Sound- Erika Nardi Master Carpenter- Scott Backman Build- Xander Pinto Build -Michael Marcin Build -Melissa Hunter Build- Tom Sliter Build- Marcela Cantu Producer- Sam Hoffman Asst Producer- Jennifer McIntyre Asst Producer- Jane Kelley Asst Producer- Eli Brenna

Twelfth Night, Or What You Will 

Technical Director- Paige Herrman ATD- Jake Shauli Stage Manager- Shoshana Koff ASM- Katie Teran ASM- Karlie Fitzgerald Costumes- Sydney Charvat Asst. Costumes- Lydia Erickson Asst. Costumes- Lauren Michael Asst. Costumes- Roxanne Rittman Hair/Makeup- Lauren Kolodkin Asst. Hair/Makeup- Katina Karvan Asst. Hair/Makeup- Ali Edwards Asst. Hair/Makeup- Sofia Rosenberg Props- Emily Jo McKnight Asst. Props- Laura O'Shea Asst. Props- Jillian Hatfield Set Design- Marissa Cheifetz Set Design- Mariel Hathaway Asst. Set Design- Cory Azman Set Decoration- Katerina Liu Asst. Set Dec- Kate Hays Asst. Set Dec- Nathalie Saligumba Scenic Artist- Leah Raczynski Painter- Marina Selak Painter- Nicole Smith Painter- Marcela Cantu Lights- Emmanuel Dollinger Asst. Lights- Celia Gibson Asst. Lights- Andria Sharma Sound- Joe McLaughlin Asst. Sound- Daniel Reichling Asst. Sound- Anya Treyzon Master Carpenter- Xander Pinto Build- Kyle Hogan Build- Claire Buesser Build- Mariel Hathaway Build- Cory Azman Producer- Cilicia Rios Asst Producer- Lee Condakes Asst Producer- Brittany Kamson Asst Producer- Kerriann Kelleher