GM 2 Recap- Pitches and Other Important Info!

Didn’t get to participate in the wonderful Troupe Sunday this past weekend, or just want to hear the information again? So many wonderful things happened and a whole lot of important information was given about the upcoming month that you don’t want to miss! So, the following is a summary of the events that occurred for your viewing pleasure:

First, we are so blown away by the amazing support you all showed this weekend. The TA Event: Marissa’s Magical Menage a Trois was a smashing success. We would like to thank all that participated in the night’s festivities, the performers, bakers, MCs,  special guests, and most of all, the wonderful patrons whose generosity and support was outstanding. We were able to raise an amazing $800 for this year’s Charity Show, Doubt: A Parable and a great cause in Prevent Child Abuse America. We could not be more thrilled.

Next, we would like to personally thank those who stepped up Sunday evening and ran for Treasurer. It is nice to see such passion for being leaders in Troupe. Furthermore, we would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to the newest member of the Executive Board, Treasurer Joe Gambino!

Important Upcoming Dates and Information


Love BUSTIES? Have brilliant beyond brilliant ideas of how the event should go? Come on in to Eboard on Sunday, February 16, at 6PM and “pitch” them to us!

We ask that any person or group pitching to host BUSTies consider the following things: how the event will run as a whole, including show order, theme, dress-code, and other logistical concerns; if you're a part of a group, how each member of your group will actively contribute to the process; and finally, how your sense of humor will translate to an audience with diverse opinions of their own.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 16th of February!

If you want to pitch a show for next semester (Parents’ Weekend, Mainstages, Summer Show or for ONE ACTS!), here’s what you need to know!

- Be a dues paying member ($5) - Have a show you know and want to pitch - Make sure the rights are available - Get the script, make 2 copies - Download and fill out the pitch form from the website ( - Put all of that (the scripts and the form) into a manila envelope and bring it to 111 Cummington Mall labeled with “Stage Troupe” and this address:

ATTN: Eric Jacobsen 111 Cummington Mall Rm B17

***Please specify what “type” of show you are pitching i.e. Mainstage, Parents’ Weekend, Summer Show, One Acts… on the envelope as well.***


This deadline is incredibly soon and fast approaching, so please please please if you’re thinking at all of pitching and want help getting started, contact the board! We’re here to help)

If you have any questions about the pitching process, please contact  The Pitching Meeting is the next GM, SUNDAY, March 2 at 7PM! All shows will be pitched and the membership shall vote and find out the next season that same day! Yay, democracy!

Pitches mean one more thing, yet another opportunity to further your involvement in Troupe! So, if you would like to be on READING COMMITTEE for the pitches (you CANNOT do this if you are pitching), then please email Lauren at



Speaking of pitches…. ONE ACTS are April 25 & 26!

While y’all are pitching and selecting those monologues, we’re looking for TECH and PRODUCERS!

One Acts are a great opportunity to try out a new position and have some fun. If you’re interested in teching or producing email Marissa at or Joe at!

Once again, our sincerest thanks to all who came out to the TA Event and Tech Show. We could not imagine a more amazing turn out and we are so proud of all the work that this membership has done and all that you have accomplished.

We’ll see you at the next GM, March 2 at 7PM for pitches and Eboard nominations for next year, and our first show of the season, Charity Show 2014- Doubt: A Parable, February 27- March 1!