Get ROPEd in with Troupe this weekend!

Good evening Troupies and friends!

Hope you enjoyed the week off because we’ve got a whole lotta Troupe headed your way…

And first up, ROPE opens this weekend!


Made famous by Alfred Hitchock’s 1948 film adaptation, Patrick Hamilton’s Rope is a murder mystery told in reverse: the killers, their victim, and their motivations are immediately revealed to the audience. Brandon and Charlie are two undergraduates who, inspired by the musings of Friedrich Nietzsche, kill a fellow classmate for the sheer thrill of it; they feel they are intellectually superior to the feeble-minded and capable of pulling off the perfect murder. What follows is a most macabre dinner party attended by the victim’s friends and family in which the guests dine upon a chest containing the cadaver. As the night wears on, the resolve of the murderers begins to crack, and the underlying flaws in their intellect reveal their true ugliness and become their undoing. A classic suspense thriller, Rope casts a damning light on the disturbed resolve of men who feel it appropriate to kill merely for the sake of killing.

Directed by Kyle Tague Technical Directed by Camille Arvisu Assistant Technical Directed by Karen Loewy Produced by Sam Hoffman Assistant Produced by Jennifer McIntyre, Jane Kelley, and  Eli Brenna

The Cast

Wyndham Brandon, Charlie Schumacher  Charlie Granillo, Emily Jo McKnight Rupert Cadell, Idine Mousavi Leila Arden, Ali Edwards Kenneth Raglan, Matthew Melleby Sir Johnstone Kentley, Joe McLaughlin Mrs. Debenham, Zoe Enscoe Sabot, Lauren Kolodkin

Performances will be held in the Student Theater at Agganis Arena on April 3-5 beginning at 8pm.  Tickets can be purchased ahead of time on Eventbrite and at the door for $5 with membership card/code and for $6 general admission.

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Directions On the green line, take the B train to St. Paul Street and cross toward FitRec and Agganis Arena. The student theater is located in the passage between these buildings.

Feel free to direct any questions to!

So get your tickets now because you don’t miss your fellow Troupies’ killer performances (yes, pun intended) and look for further updates on more Troupe events coming up this weekend!