Fall 2014 Cast List (and other ramblings)

Okay, go ahead and CTRL-F your name. When you're done, come back up here and read me.

Did you get cast? Let me be the first to offer a sincere, hearty congratulations! Stay tuned, as your directing team will contact you shortly to set up a first meeting.

If you did not get cast - I know it sucks. It's happened to me. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. Nothing I can say is going to make it better in this moment. But know this - just because you weren't cast, it doesn't mean you aren't a good actor, and it doesn't mean we didn't want you. This was literally our most competitive season in the better part of a decade, due to both a lower show count and an unprecedented turnout of auditioning talent, new and old. Know that even if you weren't cast, we appreciate and love you, and we want you to stick around. I've talked to so many folks who auditioned for Troupe their first semester, didn't get cast, and never came back -- not because they lost interest, but because they assumed we didn't want them, or that they lacked in ability! This couldn't be further from the truth. Inevitably, extremely talented people aren't going to make the cast list due to sheer differences in supply and demand. But we have way more opportunities available to you this semester - come have fun and make theater with us. I promise, you won't regret it.

Acting, writing and teching opportunities are available with no auditions or experience required October 3rd-4th for our 24 hour theater COMBAT event. If you're interested -- email me at stage@bu.edu, I'll add you to the list, and you'll be contacted as it gets closer. One Acts & Monologues Festival is also approaching, and with it, a plethora of new acting opportunities -- if you're on the email list, you'll receive more information in the coming weeks.

Finally, our TECH MEETING is September 14th (this Sunday) at 2 PM in "The Space" (check the "Facilities" tab for directions). I know, I know - I can sense that hesitation and insistence through the computer - "I'm an actor, not a techie." Stage Troupe's motto is "learning by doing" - if you've never tried tech before, there literally isn't a better time to start. I was exclusively an actor when I came to BU, and now I'm proficient in stage management, sound design, and producing -- not a bad thing to add to your résumé or portfolio. We'll teach you every element of whatever department interests you -- lighting, sound, set design, stage management, producing and more -- and help you grow as a techie, an artist, and a leader. We also love our techies - they actually make up at least half of our group and become absolutely integral to the show production process. I'm assuming some of you might be reading this, crestfallen, but on the fence. To someone who's been there - do it. Come check out the tech meeting. You'll be glad you did. And guess what? Once you're part of our family (and yes, Troupe is a family), it'll be time for spring auditions before you know it -- and then you've got another shot at getting that part. Life's too short to give up after one try.

I know this has been a trying week for all of us -- auditions are always stressful, no matter the result. Everyone be safe and enjoy your weekend.


Into the Woods

Narrator/Mysterious Man- Victor Kholod Baker- Andy Moeller Baker’s Wife- Kelly Duffy The Witch- Abi Oshins Cinderella- Ali Edwards Cinderella’s Prince/ Wolf- Elliot Hanson Little Red Riding Hood- Cameron Barney Jack- Nathan Wilgeroth Jack’s Mother- Brittany Martin Rapunzel’s Prince- Matt Melleby Rapunzel- Zoe Enscoe Cinderella’s Stepmother-Ara Butler Lucinda -Danielle Diamond Florinda/Granny- Brittany Kamson Cinderella’s Father- Joe Gambino Steward- Mikey Giordano Milky White- Claire Buesser

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Martha- Emily Prescott

George- Kyle Mitchell

Nick- Kyle Tague

Honey- Isabella Walpole


Marquis de Sade – Eli Brenna Jean – Paul Marat – Jeremy Oshins Charlotte Corday – Daniella Seidl

Herald – Paulina Ke

Coulmier – Sydney Charvat

Simonne Evrard – Melany Vázquez Heredia

Duperret – Michael Gobiel

Jacques Roux – Zack Kennedy

Rossignol- Hanna Eichen

Polpoch- Evan Creedon

Cucurucu- Abigail Kass

Kokol- Cory Azmon

Patient- Kaitlyn Jones

Patient- Kiko Macan

Patient- Rachel Smith

Patient- Zach King

Nurse- Alicia Winton

Nurse- Lucy Gamades

Guard- Ryan Kelly

Guard- Scott Backman