Spring 2014 Pitch Season

Hello membership! For the first time ever, we will be releasing the main stage pitches received for our Spring 2014 season. Any dues paying member is encouraged to attend our Third General Meeting on November 9th, 7 PM, in the Agganis Student Theater. At that meeting, you will hear the creative teams pitch their shows, as well as address any potential issues our reading committee came across in their evaluation. Then, you will have the opportunity to vote for the two mainstage shows you'd like to make up our spring 2014 season. (The Charity Show is selected by our Vice President of Special Projects, Celia Gibson.)

Remember that you are voting for a season, not just two shows you happen to like. And remember - democracy only works if people show up. No excuses: get there and vote!

Here are the shows that were submitted as main stages (in alphabetical order). Take advantage of the time you have from now until November 9th to research the shows and ask the creative teams questions. An informed vote is a good vote!

Hail Satan! (A Comedy in Two Acts) - Kyle Tague Private Lives - Joseph McLaughlin Romeo & Juliet - Celia Gibson A Streetcar Named Desire - Shoshana Koff

The following were submitted for consideration for the Charity Show. The show that is not selected will reenter the regular voting pool for your consideration.

The Laramie Project - Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Milk Milk Lemonade - Karen Loewy

Note: If you believe your pitch is missing, there's a typo, or you notice any other sort of problem, please let me know. Have great weeks!