Executive Board Meeting Notes: January 19th, 2015

This week's executive board minutes: Abi

  • Eboard will be sending an email to people who auditioned but did not get cast last semester. Will happen this week. Abi already combed through the list.
  • How should we boost tech?


  • General Meeting is this Sunday -- tentatively booked for COM101.
    • Problem: BU shuffle in securing the payment for the room. "Faculty Service Request" -- what is that?
    • Will go to SAO and speak to a human to resolve the problem tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/20).
  • Unable to log into OrgSync. Will address with SAO tomorrow as well.
  • Requested audition rooms at the end of last semester, unconfirmed due to inability to access OrgSync.
  • Drafted the Painting the Stage memo.


  • Assassins signups will continue this Sunday, end Monday of auditions, clips distributed (and games begin) Wednesday of auditions.
  • Eboard date to see BUSTies host pitches: will be pushed at GM #1 and GM #2. February 15th
  • Push will also happen for Event Manager positions for BUSTies.
  • Are we doing a coco social this semester -- and if so, when? Apparently, during the Tech Meeting (1/30/15)
  • Kickball will tentatively happen during reading period -- will discuss with Chris from OB
  • Will plug the TA Event in GM #1 (hosting and performing duties).


  • Laramie Project & Private Lives rights are secured!
  • Angels in America's rights are secured
  • Hail Satan! rights are secured, payment still needs to happen
  • Producer for Laramie Project: Sarah Kimball
  • T-Shirt design is completed.
  • All reimbursements from last semester completed
  • GM in COM101 paid for
  • All events are up on OrgSync and approved
  • Mandatory OrgSync training from January 24th or 25th to 1-3:30
  • Budget discussions with directors are going to happen this week.
  • EventBrite for Spring dues should be
  • Courtney Bayruns wants an expensive request for lights; need her here to discuss
  • Karen Loewy requested makeup supplies; reimbursement incoming
  • Head producers for other shows need to be done soon, will happen after auditions
  • One flat price for Laramie tickets; no membership price
  • Other events getting EventBrite this week.


  • Directors - send me synopses for the Troupe site
  • Facebook events will go up tonight
  • First Troupe email will be going out this week


  • Tech show (Camille giggles). Camille will be meeting with TD/ATD to discuss.
  • Safety training for all TDs/ATDs/MCs/TAs will happen in early February.
  • Reminder to all TDs and MCs about three strike policy for Space Usage for other groups. ("Loving the Space.")
  • TDs are assigned! Tech form submissions now open.
  • Tech meeting on the 30th, 7pm at The Space


  • Super Bowl Sunday needs to be addressed -- should we move the eboard meeting so people can watch the game? 1 PM on 2/1/15!
  • Pitches will be due February 25th, 2015. (This includes main stages, Parents Weekend, and Summer Show.)
  • Reading committee will be conducted on the 1st and 15th of March.
  • Need to sit down with Joe to discuss Parents Weekend budget.

Tech Discussions

  • Getting entrenched techies to reach out to new members auditioning to try to get people to sign up for tech.
  • Tech forms should be available at auditions.
  • Camille & Jamie made a survey - send it out to last season's techies? Will be sent out.

GM #1

  • What needs to be addressed?
    • Abi will welcome everyone
    • Eli will introduce directors of shows & discuss audition process
    • Celia will talk discuss Assassins, TA event, Coco Social, & BUSTies
    • Joe will discuss dues, t-shirts & producing
    • Kyle will review our social media tools & ways to stay in contact
    • Camille will promote tech forms/meeting and the tech show
    • Eric will say nothing
  • Powerpoint to be produced at the next eboard meeting!