Executive Board Meeting Notes: February 1st, 2015

This week's executive board minutes: The Laramie Project

Show is cast!

Read-through being tentatively scheduled for tomorrow, barring any issues with snow.

Angels in America

Cast is beautiful; first read-through on Thursday? (Zoe is super busy due to rush week.)

Hail Satan!

Cast! Read-through today at 4.

Meeting with Jamie went great.

Private Lives

Cast the show! Read-through is on Tuesday. Rooms requests will be going to Eli.

Audition Process

Open communication is great! Consider using social media or texting to communicate about casting to prevent people from coming in during the callback process.

Snowpocalypse hurt total auditionees. We somehow made it work.

Staged reading priorities didn't hurt anything.

Producing Inquiry

Sarah needs assistant producers for Laramie.

We need to consider expanding producing budgets to account for inflation of costs in Warren posters. Digital signage does not appear to be effective.


"Coffee with the president" - email blast will happen in the next week or so. Opportunity to share ideas for Troupies in an intimate setting.


Rooms are ready for Laramie for the next month (with the exception of weekends.)

Directors: request rooms from Eli at least a day in advance; otherwise, you may not get a room.

Joe Gambino needs to email Eli about bystander training so he can sign up and attend.

Casting happened, proud of directors.

Heads of Production meeting on Saturday the 7th. Time? How about 5:00 PM in the Student Theater.


Assassins will begin tonight at midnight (following the delays from Snowpocalypse). Three clothespins to distribute still.

TA event stuff needs to be finalized: performers, hosts, donations, etc. If this sounds like you: email Celia at cgibson2@bu.edu.

Film the thing.


Don't get Warren posters.

Mac Rogers has been in touch, has a contract and we will pay him.

Link tables will be done this week. Producers will be done when enough applications come in.


Finally figured out how to get into the Stage Troupe Wordpress site. Use username "bustagetroupe."

Will update the widget and create Facebook events for TA event and 2nd GM (which is this Sunday!)


Stage managers will come as soon as she can get enough applications!

Tech deadline is Tuesday at 4 PM.

Random ladder open in The Space. Was someone working on the lights? Hm.


Lights in the space - still dark! (Sad.)

Fall season conversation happens today.

Fall Season Conversation

Not enough techies to do 4 full out main stages, especially with Parents Weekend. Concerns about top techie seniors graduating.

This season's format seems to work well. 1 Parents Weekend, 2 Main Stages, 1 Staged Reading?

Should the membership select the staged reading? Or should the eboard, like this semester?

WHAT IF: Joe had a great idea. Let the membership vote as a poll to gauge interest in membership desire. Eboard will have ultimate decision.

Town hall meeting made some members feel "really heard."

Casting procedure would probably be the same way as it operated this semester: auditions simultaneously, with priority for main stages/Parents Weekend.

Eric raises concerns about casting priority, especially with the gorilla of Parents Weekend. Board agrees staged reading should have the same priority (this semester was a special case).


1 Parents Weekend, 1 Staged Reading, 2 Main Stages, in that order.

The sitting eboard will determine the staged reading following the selection of the season's other main stages (which will be determined by the membership, per usual). Should a sitting eboard member have a main stage pitch selected, he or she will contribute in the meeting but abstain from the final vote.

Show voting for main stages is March 22nd. Staged reading town hall meeting and selection will be tentatively April 12th. Staged reading pitches will be due April 1st.

We should probably make sure the staged reading is considered under the purview of the Vice President (rather than the Vice President of Special Project). Potential amendment to the constitution should be drafted.