Executive Board Meeting Notes: February 8th, 2015

This week's executive board minutes: The Laramie Project

  • Rehearsals have been happening. They're good. First tech meeting - one department unavailable (Costumes).
  • Producers Meeting went well! T-Shirt design exists!
  • Backup date for the photoshoot set. February 14th.
  • Formal request to de-Troupe the lobby; request granted by Eli.
  • Formal congratulations for TA event funds.
  • More integrated tech meetings with acting rehearsals.
  • "Set ensemble" instead of MC. Not a lot of building.
  • Giant tech email incoming.
  • We do not have a chalkboard.
  • Maybe talk to facilities - can we rent a chalkboard? If not them, Emerson?
  • Shirts are sent out.
  • Marisa Kristy (stage manager) was not present.

Angels in America

  • Two rehearsals, more scheduled.
  • People contacted Camille about tech, which is great!
  • Some actors are already memorizing!?!?
  • Danielle Hope Diamond emailed in a checkin: been in contact with Cara about vision for the show.

Hail Satan!

  • Blocked the show.
  • Please be flexible in dealing with schedules.
  • We have a full schedule. Assistants are wonderful.
  • We set soft and hard off book dates.
  • We have a crew, had a meeting, went well! Confident everything will go well.
  • Since we want BU BUS ads, costuming & hair/makeup will need to be ready for a photo shoot at least 2 weeks out.

Private Lives

  • Joe McLaughlin was at work. Did not provide a checkin.
  • Alison Parker (Stage Manager): We have soft and hard off book dates set. Cast is soft memorizing pages at a time.
  • First tech meeting happened, department meetings this week.
  • Try to keep in mind other tech meetings when scheduling rehearsals, directors.
  • Soft producing dates are set!


  • Helped with Tech Show.


  • Laramie link tables were reserved but apparently aren't being used.
  • Yay thank you for submitting rooms in advance!
  • Pitches are due February 25th. GM info needs to be disseminated.


  • TA Event: Raised $1,236.29! What a haul!
  • Aryeh & Idine owe $33. Joe McLaughlin owes $20.
  • BUSTies pitches are next week!
  • One Acts pitches are also happening.
  • TA Event was stressful due to how soon it was in the semester (we lost a week off the schedule). Event itself ran well, if a little long. Ultimately successful.


  • Went to SAO. Laramie is not in the calendar. It's in now.
  • EventBrite will go up 2 weeks in advance. All tickets $6. No membership code (it's for charity, guys). Comp codes available to those who worked on the show.
  • Meeting with people to finalize budgets this week.
  • SAO is being weird about paying Mac Rogers.
  • Make sure Laramie's t-shirt orders are in by the end of this week.
  • One Acts Pitches/Summer Show Pitches -- how much are rights for the show?


  • No real checkin.


  • Tech crews happened!
  • Safety trained head TDs and OB MCs/TDs. Also Wandering Minds TA and one of their TDs.
  • Still need to do Troupe ATDs and MCs.
  • TA event was beautiful and amazing.
  • Tech show is in good shape! Moved in, full run, blocked, etc.
  • TDs are confused about how to handle budgets.

Eric was not available to attend the meeting due to the weather.