Executive Board Meeting Notes: February 22nd, 2015

This week's minutes: The Laramie Project

  • We are moved in. Doing a run tonight.
  • The show now begins at 7 PM thanks to the tireless efforts of Joe Gambino (thank you).
  • Directors should be consulted on when they would prefer their show to start.
    • Deadlines should be set in the future for these types of major decisions.
  • Lights are set today, cues are being done as well.
  • Move-in was a thing. We technically have a chalkboard being picked up tomorrow - 3 options depending on director preference.
  • No major issues to report - just tweaks.
  • The decision to move things up to 7 PM without full consultation of the creative team - better communication is necessary.
  • We will be painting the floor for Laramie.
  • Cover photo and profile pictures are out and distributed. A lot of groups have been emailed.
  • Shirts arriving tomorrow, allegedly.
  • Lobby is being worked on.
  • Theater Keys given to Sarah Kimball.

Angels in America

  • Show is blocked
  • Black stools as set pieces/seats
  • There is a prop list that Cara is working on with tech volunteers
  • Actors will be in all black
  • There are a lot of conflicts with various actors - main challenge going forward
  • Shirts are done
  • Remember to strongly consider putting "BU Stage Troupe" on shirts - we are a name and brand and should wear it proudly.
  • Ideas for posters are forming. Trying to do it next week due to tough schedules this week.
  • Shirt deadline is Wednesday.
  • Sent emails to classes studying Angels at BU.

Hail Satan!

  • Rehearsals are going well. Soft off book happened, hard off book this week.
  • Very concerned about the budgets...... not enough for advertising due to rising costs for printing.
  • Scheduling for us is tricky due to labs and night classes. Working around it.
  • Concerns about certain tech departments finishing their stuff in time for photo shoots. (We need 2 weeks to submit BUS ads).
  • Set design and cut list is done.
  • Are we doing a carpet or not? Would cost about $150 or so to get the carpet plus fireproofing materials.
  • Installation of carpet is difficult. Should we put time and energy somewhere else? Jamie is considering. Abi will discuss options with her later.
  • T-shirts are almost done
  • Poster design is nearly finalized, need tech to be able to actually do the shoot
  • PO's are complicated with OrgSync. Only Joe, Eli, Abi, and Kyle can actually submit them. For now, go to Joe about PO's, he'll teach the other relevant people soon.
  • Conversation about how we're allocating our producing budgets. Will continue in more depth soon.

Private Lives

  • "Smooth sailing." We've blocked half our show. Cast bonding on Friday. Group viewing of Laramie on Saturday.
  • Had to miss some rehearsals (Alison, SM) - ASMs are wonderful and managing in her absence. Soft off book was this week. Mostly going well.
  • Department meetings happened this week. Everyone seems on the ball.
  • Budget! Distributed to people! Meeting with Joe! Went well! Ideas!
  • Bus ads? Maybe? Yay!


  • Coffee with the president set up for this week!


  • Going forward -- we should set the show time when a show is selected based on length.
  • Thinks Angels should start at 7.
  • Eric presents concerns about confusing people on show start times -- as well as actors struggling to get to call times after Thursday/Friday classes.
  • Everyone has given Eli room reservations until the end of their shows. Angels still going weekly.
  • Major issue is the two "makeup" Saturdays - they aren't allowing us to book rooms now, maybe ever.
  • Refusal to file rehearsals as "events" on OrgSync.
  • We can get CAS 522 on Friday and Saturday (17th-18th). Can't get it during the week - but that isn't necessarily a problem.
  • Colloquium Room not available on the last day of classes. Faculty dining room?
  • How much do they cost? I don't know? We'll see!


  • BUSTies pitching will now occur NEXT Sunday. Notice will be posted in the Facebook group.


  • Learned OrgSync. Claims he is a great star.
  • Don't be blindsided by stuff for Laramie ever again.
  • No membership codes for Laramie. Sarah has comp codes for tech crew.
  • 40 sales already for Laramie.
  • Assigned budgets to Hail Satan! and Private Lives. Helpful to consult with directors and TDs.
  • Sound got no budget. Never uses it.
  • Stage managers got a small budget for supplies.
  • Money moved around.
  • Troupe shirts will be ordered eventually. Color will be changed.
  • EventBrite should allow sales until show time.
  • Can we put out a basket for donations for Laramie?


  • I updated the widget.
  • Beginning Twitter/Instagram campaigns for Laramie this week.


  • Sam has Laramie lights keys. Cilicia already had her keys.
  • The Space lights are still not fixed. It's dark. Sad.
  • The theater lights are now messed up. We don't know why.
  • The master presets are just wonky. Not doing what they should?
  • Facilities are not being helpful, uncommunicative
  • VagMo rented pipe and drape. All returned. Money should be going to Joe soon.
  • Will post tech list. Sorry.


  • Nothing pressing to report.