Executive Board Meeting Notes: March 1st, 2015

This week's minutes: The Laramie Project

  • It went up. We raised a lot of money. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,500 going to BAGLY.
  • Happy with how the show went and attendance.
  • The 4-Week Process: It *happened.* Touch and go at the end. Made it happen.
  • For future first-slot shows, emphasize the time restraint and logistics of putting up a show in four weeks.
  • Without Evan and the absurdly dedicated cast, this wouldn't have gone up.
  • Snow days didn't affect us too much due to aforementioned dedication.
  • Biggest issues are getting off book - you need a certain amount of time to get reliably off-book so real "directing" can happen.
  • For future boards: do not recommend this level of difficulty on a future director. Consider doing a staged reading first; no requirement that charity show has to be first. This option can be excised next year (Spring 2016).
  • Evan: thinks the show is a fantastic learning and growing experience as a director. Thought he knew how to deal with a time crunch before - was "kind of right," but this was still *different.* Feel confident in being able to handle anything Mother Nature tries to throw at us.
  • Eternally grateful to Aryeh for opportunity. Consider taking assistants to train up in the future.
  • Big virtue of "the assistant director:" gives you an idea of what being a director "is like." Time, scheduling, trials of getting off-book. One Acts is a great entry point -- but it's a major jump to a main stage.
  • Directors looking for assistant directors: be careful in choosing your assistant. Make sure it's the right person. Be absolutely confident.
  • Things we learned: An AD is not an SM. Marisa had a fantastic time despite the short process. Maybe consider assigning an SM or ASM that aren't on tech show. (Major conflict.) Channels of communication: the SM needs to be kept in the loop.
  • Keys: who should the stage manager give the keys to if they are unavailable to open the theater? // Ultimately, up to the discretion of the SM. Director, ASM, AD, whoever you trust.
  • Marissa returned keys to Eli.
  • Establishing roles (heads of production, specifically). Everyone works differently, every team works differently - set clear expectations on how you want things to go. Worked well for Laramie.
  • Floating keys can be problematic -- getting contacted by third parties to open spaces. We need a better system to protect people holding keys. (Generally, only eboard members with keys should be being contacted.)
  • Strike notes sent to Camille.
  • We should be communicating with the charitable organization before the show goes up - we shouldn't just send them a check unannounced. We can establish a partnership and fill seats.
  • People can be generous when it comes to charity shows.
  • Cilicia had a wonderful experience. Chalk board is still in the theater - needs to be returned to owner.
  • Keys returned to Camille.
  • Producing went well despite short process. Final ticket sales were $1,182. $100 in donation box. Sold out Saturday, near sold out Friday.
  • Having a local charity is nice because you can reach out to them and establish partnerships. Locals more likely to care.
  • We need a new vacuum desperately - it barely works.
  • The cabinet display case outside is frozen shut.
  • OOShirts is an unreliable vendor. Don't use them again.
  • Major issues with speakers during tech week. Eli has contacted people to try and fix them. The amps are going to need to be replaced. The amp is ours - we would have to replace it ourselves.
  • Debra will mercifully and gratefully take the lead on this.

Angels in America

  • Lots of progress in the room.
  • We open in 2 weeks (HAHAHAHA). Think we're in an okay place.
  • Actors are great on lines.
  • Ryan Chernin will be guest directing Monday of tech week.
  • Will need to figure out when to move-in.
  • Light meeting sent up for next Wednesday. Volunteers happy to help. Ilana will be doing sound (yay!) (That sounds nice!)
  • For future staged reading: many people did not know what they were signing up for. Some confusion over that amongst the actors.
  • Expectations and commitments need to be made clear to auditioning actors at the time of the next staged reading.
  • Shirts are made - deadline extended a little. Poster photos are hopefully being taken Tuesday, barring objections from OB, who has the theater.
  • No producing budgets - imploring help from people with high print quotas.
  • Head shots are happening.
  • Reaching out to similar groups that Kimball reached out to for Laramie - similar themes and interest areas.
  • DHD will be getting emails from Laramie and reaching out to them for promotion.

Hail Satan!

  • Line issues with some cast members. Hard off book was close but wasn't quite there.
  • Some people during soft off book period had scripts in-hand.
  • Need the EventBrite link to complete our BUS ad submission. Consider using a QR code?
  • Show is in a good place.
  • Absolutely zero excuses after Spring Break.
  • Mandatory meetings with SMs?
  • Use rehearsal time for mandatory line learning?
  • Things are coming together! Getting desks tomorrow, Home Depot Thursday.
  • All other departments are moving along. Only thing that is concerning is the blood sacrifice on top of Idine.
  • Need to practice with the knife.
  • Carpet is happening! Backup plan if it doesn't come fireproofed.
  • Spring break is being a demon, people assume they have more time than they do.
  • T-shirt design is finalized.
  • Photo shoot happened today.
  • One-sheet programs are happening.
  • Programs were not dismissed lightly. Producing budgets did not allow for both that and advertising.
  • Katy Taylor as Head Set Dec: Do we want a board for the theater - a changeable directory. Needs about $50 more.

Private Lives

  • Blocked Act 1 and 2. Soft off book. Hard off book this week, along with blocking Act 3.
  • Actors need to be talking to Alison when they will be late or have conflicts.
  • Department meetings are done! PO deadline is set. Production photo days set. Frustration exists - so much stuff.
  • We have a shirt design in the works - nearly done. Tentative production shot date. One page programs are looking likely due to money.
  • Eli had a great idea for the posters, just need an artist.
  • Warren posters are still available. Eli wants one for Private Lives.


  • Has been sick. Feel better!


  • Fun primer in theater maintenance. Speaker problems happened. They technically work right now. For future reference: call 617-353-HELP for these sort of problems.
  • OR NOT. We need to buy new speakers, basically.
  • The current setup is unnecessarily complicated. The volume is perpetually set way too high. Cause of the hissing noise.
  • We need an official eboard policy on the theater sound system. Debra can help. Praise Debra. Hail Debra.
  • Received link tables for Hail Satan!, Angels, and Private Lives.
  • The theater was too hot. Facilities fixed it the second time Eli called.
  • Keep in mind no rooms can be booked before 7 PM on Saturday makeup class days.
  • New policy may need to be instated about "due dates" for room requests. Stay tuned.


  • All pitches are picked up! 4 main stage pitches (reading committee emails going out tonight), 1 parents weekend pitch, quite a few one act pitches!
  • When are we doing One Acts auditions? During Angels tech week so that One Acts can have as much time as possible.
  • Eli and Celia need to have a meeting about BUSTies stuff - specifically event location.
  • BUSTies host pitches tonight!
  • When is reading committee? March 15th (one week before GM).


  • Sarah returns keys to Joe
  • Raised over $4000 for The Laramie Project; BAGLY is surprised we're donating stuff to them?
  • Only went to SAO once -- filled out PO for Hail Satan! wood
  • Karen will be restocking part of the makeup kit!
  • Brushes came in, reimbursement will be distributed once Joe gets receipt
  • One Acts Producers will happen eventually!


  • Tweets and Instagrams went well. Get photos as soon as possible, even if they aren't official production photos.
  • Members -- keep favoriting and retweeting, it gets the attention of major BU tweets.


  • Lights are back in The Space!
  • Need to send that email to Liquid Fun (if it didn't already go out? Huh?)


  • Schedule for 2015-16 is in and "done."
  • Apologies for the heat in the meeting space.
  • Meeting with Joe tomorrow about Parents Weekend budget.
  • When are we meeting again - March 15th, Sunday after Spring Break.