Executive Board Meeting Notes: March 15th, 2015

This week's minutes: Angels in America

  • All the promo things are out! People have been printing things! Paulina Ke is serving as an assistant to DHD, hooray! Sarah Kimball may help out? If you're interested, contact DHD!
  • Move-in happened! Actors have their lines and costumes! One Acts is happening but is potentially problematic! We'll work on it!

Hail Satan!

  • People got their lines for now! We're worried if they'll still have their lines tomorrow!
  • We can't have Idine Wednesday, uh oh!
  • Worried about moving One Acts auditions!
  • Aryeh is coming to guest direct Saturday.
  • It's been hard to find a car to pick up furniture and other large items for the show.
  • Troupe should consider having a ZipCar account?
  • We are building this week.
  • Tech for producing will happen (talked to Emily)
  • Camille will give Jamie space keys shortly.
  • T-shirts are ordered! Should be here by Thursday of show week.
  • Currently trying to work out photo shoot situation. This is challenging because Angels is happening and actors have conflicting schedules.
  • BUS ads are in - we need to clarify when they go up.

Private Lives

  • Joe is actually here to provide his checkin.
  • Things are fantastic. The world is bright and beautiful.
  • Lots of rehearsals this week. We'll see how lines work.
  • Tip of the hat goes to producers for arranging the poster work with Abi.
  • Schedule is set for the rest of the rehearsal period.
  • Spring Break. People love getting harassed by Karen over spring break.
  • Home Depot run this week?
  • T-shirts are sent out. Bios are happening. Warren poster won't be happening because it's full. Photo shoot will be happening Wednesday.
  • Force GSU Link signups by including it in the bio and t-shirt form?


  • Coffee with Evan Creedon! These are going well!


  • Depending on what happens with One Acts, may need to get new rooms for auditions.
  • BUSTies venue needs to be discussed ASAP.


  • One Acts were selected. Audition thing will be worked on.
  • Lot of BUSTies work needs to be done. Will get on it this week.
  • Reading committee for two shows is happening today. Other two will happen next Saturday (some aren't back in town just yet).


  • Stuck on a bus. Got the rights for Zoe's show!
  • EventBrite is *messed up!*
  • Angels discount codes are sent up and will be sent to DHD.
  • The search for One Acts producers begins!


  • Figured out you can post events from BU Stage Troupe's Facebook pages!
  • You get a lot of great event diagnostics information from doing this versus having the secretary make it on his/her personal account!
  • Widget is updated for Angels. Facebook event is also up.
  • Worried about sheer volume of Facebook events over the next two weeks. Hail Satan, Angels, One Acts Auditions, and two GMs.


  • Nothing to report!


  • Nothing to report!

One Acts Auditions Dilemma

  • Directors want to push it to next week.
  • This makes some sense.
  • Why don't we do auditions in CGS so it's easier for people to move between that and Hail Satan?
  • Auditions will be pushed back one week (so now during Hail Satan! tech week).