Executive Board Meeting Notes 3/22/15

This week's minutes: Angels in America

  • Happy with the experiment of the staged reading. Would recommend to a friend.
  • TDs are valuable commodities - sapphires, or something - what I'm saying is it might be a good idea to train up a first-time TD through the staged reading.
  • Show went well. Tech week was stressful, more so than anticipated. There needs to be clarification on what the staged reading actually is. Sydney ended up taking on more work than she anticipated.
  • DHD is sick. Joe got her keys.
  • DHD had a concern about not having a budget.

Hail Satan!

  • Move-in happened. Worried about complex technical maneuvers. Actors are in a good place.
  • Celia received keys from Eli.
  • Pseudo paper tech with sound and lights, helpful and went smoothly.
  • Not worried about scheduling things yet. Show is fairly short - 2 hours with intermission.
  • JamJo's check-in bonanza pow-wow: no snags at move-in. Set is up. Lots of lights went up. Desks exist. Costumes exist. Some props missing, but will be there.
  • Digital media is done today. Should be going out. Put the link to the EventBrite in the description
  • Share the event. Invite people.
  • Shirts are on their way. Will be here eventually.
  • LNK is this week. Please sign up.
  • Zoe received keys from David.
  • Zach King going into tech week - magical to see something realized on stage. Everyone was wonderful. Positivity. Launches into solo musical belting.

Private Lives

  • Things are going really well. Actors are almost entirely knowing lines except when they don't. It'll be fixed. Full runs this week + scene work.
  • Karen was not present to give a check-in. A tech meeting happened this week, seemed productive. Things are good.
  • Dream Team still flying high. T-shirts are ordered. Photo shoot happened. BUS Ads will be in this week. Poster being worked on.