Executive Board Meeting Notes 3/29/15

This week's minutes: Angels in America

  • DHD's producing checkout: in the future, we need a budget. You have to spend money to make money, an actual money is required for physical advertising around campus.

Hail Satan!

  • Mac Rogers saw it. He loved it. This is great.
  • The show went incredibly smoothly. People really seemed to enjoy it!
  • Shouts out to Jamie for being an incredible TD. Most pleasant tech week and strike I've ever experienced.
  • Don't count out modern, unknown works. Stage Troupe can really excel when there aren't preexisting relationships.
  • Zach King had a fantastic experience as an assistant director. This experimental "training up assistant director" thing went really well. This very easily could have not worked.
    • Zach thinks this worked because:
    • There was a lot of trust in the relationship.
    • Lot of ability to debate ideas.
    • Great introduction to the directing and rehearsal process.
  • Celia: tech meeting went amazingly well. Never been this efficient.
  • Extremely proud of assistants, Taylor and Abby. They each called a show in the booth one show night. Hooray for training, we should do this more!
  • Full recommendation for Taylor and Abby to be assigned as full head stage managers.
  • SM keys returned to Eli.
  • Jamie: Things went so smoothly. Very happy with how efficient everyone and everything was.
  • Don't try and put a carpet in the theater. It isn't worth the paperwork.
  • Would have been super convenient to have a car to move all of the furniture.
  • There was a bizarre shortage of techies during tech notes at the end of runs. People were not present throughout tech week, which was frustrating and resulted in extra work for Jamie and Caitlin.
  • Formal recommendation for Caitlin to be promoted to full TD.
  • TD keys given to Karen.
  • David: Reimbursements will happen.
  • We did okay ticket sales wise. 80 or so Friday and Saturday. What could've been done better? Not sure. Lots of promotion. Maybe the title was the issue?
  • There were times where there could have been more straight forwardness between heads.
  • Don't use OO Shirts. Ever. We will get shirts eventually. God help us.
  • Joe will provide a better shirt vendor to future producers.
  • Having to be a head of production when you had a show the previous week was a mess.
  • Miscommunication about who can get the EventBrite password.
  • Confusion over who actually does the POs - the treasurer or the head producers? Clarify for the future.
  • Daily Free Press reviewed Wednesday's dress rehearsal. Good review, approve of reviewing on principle, lots of nice exposure. Consider emailing DFP, Quad, etc. to clarify review policy?

Private Lives

  • Going swimmingly. We have rehearsals all throughout this week. Things are coming together, bit by bit by bit.
  • Allison: Things are going well. Yay SMs.
  • [Allison and Joe thumbs up'd each other.]
  • Karen: Build week is this week; move-in on Sunday. Dirty Rotten is moving in on the same day. We are planning to have a "midnight move-in," which means...... moving in some major set pieces on Saturday.
  • We need to check with Willing Suspensions to make sure they're out of the theater.
  • People are killing it tech-wise.
  • Dream Team: Photo shoot "mostly happened" today. A couple reshoots will happen for various reasons. Shirts will be in Friday.
  • CustomInk is a better shirt company but it costs more.
  • Programs are in the works.
  • Poster is almost finished. Bus Ads have been submitted - maybe use it for the GSU digital signage? Switch it out for an updated image once it's ready.
  • Joe gave Brittany producer keys.


  • Forgot what she was going to say.


  • Nothing to share.


  • Meeting with BUSTies hosts and event managers. Went very well, very productive. Deadlines for promotional elements were set.
  • Finalizing roasts.
  • One Acts:
    • Ali: Second time directing a one act. Can handle it, apparently. Show is cast, first rehearsal tomorrow. Got the rehearsal time wrong. This bodes well. Communicated tech needs to Camille. Ready to roll. There were significantly fewer auditions this semester versus last semester (something like 50 versus 12). Consider planning One Acts auditions much sooner in the semester; avoid a tech week at all costs.
    • Andy/DHD: first rehearsal happened yesterday! Went well! Will work more to cement a rehearsal schedule. Last scene is blocked. Tech needs communicated to Camille.
    • Zoe: everyone in the process has been tangled in Hail Satan! Really happy with the cast. Disappointed by lack of auditions. Will be on top of things after two consecutive tech weeks going forward.
    • Include playwright names in the programs and promotional materials.
  • Abby Kass & Paulina Ke will be performing comedic monologues.


  • Went to SAO. Dealt with Hail Satan! rights - they are paid for.
  • Rights for Zoe's One Acts are being paid for this week.
  • Karen Loewy will be producing One Acts! Looking for any interested assistants.
  • BUSTies EventBrite will go up soon.
  • Private Lives EventBrite is live: troupeprivate.eventbrite.com
  • We officially have the rights to Seussical the Musical!


  • Received email from an interested Troupie; passed her to Camille.
  • If you tag @StageTroupe on Twitter to promote something, I will retweet it, no questions asked.
  • Will email Willing Suspensions.


  • Camille offered an emailed checkin.


  • Not here yet.


  • Apparently the back-of-house speakers did not work during Hail Satan! Debra has been asked to fix/look into things. She is confused about what specifically she'd like us to do. Will have her investigate and inform us what she believes the problem is.