Executive Board Meeting Notes 4/5/2015

This week's minutes: PRIVATE LIVES -Both boys giving trouble to SM this week; Nick will be back Wednesday. He needed to go home - family emergency. -The girls are stars. -Move in happened/happening, is awesome. Great news is things look great. Techies coming into rehearsals is helpful. -Easter Sunday made move in a bit tricky - hard to get people to show up when they have religious conflicts. -Dream team is literally a dream. Shirts are in. All imagery is done. GSU and Link are set. Lobby is in the works! Change your profile picture and cover photo tonight! Invite people on Facebook event!

ONE ACTS -Zoe: doing well. 2 rehearsals! Can't do much until they're off book; off book date is Tuesday. Tech meeting went well. -Ali: show is going great, Evan is memorized, 4 rehearsals a week, rooms reserved. Easy, fun process. -DHD/Andy: show is going well, second rehearsal happened, line memorization is in the work. Show is blocked. Dirty Rotten is in tech week but will still try and meet. -Tech: meeting happened today, half of the crew showed up despite Easter! Meeting with SMs tomorrow. Documents being hated with department heads. -Producing: email going out to directors tonight. You might get an assistant or two.

ABI -Nothing

ELI -BU Central, Tuesday the 28th, time TBD

CELIA -Space for BUSTies! The team is fabulous, producing video content -Meetings and checkins once a week

JOE -Not present

KYLE -Retweeting anything tagged with @StageTroupe -Updating the widget -FB event for town hall meeting -reminder for staged reading pitches

CAMILLE -last minute rental with bloody bloody sorted out -no money from willing suspension yet -Wandering Minds coming next week! -reserved dumpster for space cleaning -changing date for space cleaning - April 25th, now a Saturday, 11 AM -TA app is on the way!


Can we reevaluate how producers have to pay out of pocket for shirts up front?

Finding out when dinner with Dean Elmore is