Executive Board Meeting Notes 4/12/15

This week's minutes: Private Lives

  • Joe: The show happened. It was great. Thanks to everyone.
  • There are some elements of show production/tech production that we've developed weaknesses in and need very specific people to do - having specific workshops for different things may be more effective than Techstravaganza. Set Design in particular needs help.
  • Alison: Everything worked out.
  • Karen: Keys returned. Show went up, some difficulties.
  • Set designer should not be the ATD/TD for another group's show that goes up the same weekend.
  • Thank you to everyone on the team. Special thanks to Abi for all her paint work.
  • Shout out to Sam Kinde for being a wonderful ATD.
  • We need to go back to the standard 4 x 8 flats. Taller flats aren't as safe and are harder to get up.
  • Eli/Brittany: Went well. We had a bit of ticket struggles due to the OB show and hockey games. A little helpful doing the "how did you find out about the show," but most people just said "Friend."
  • Not sure if the BUS Ads went up. We should talk to SAO. Do everything as early as possible.


  • Nothing


  • Nothing


  • Trophy heads ordered, food needs to be discussed for BUSTies.

One Acts

  • Zoe: My actors are off book. Coming together, looks hilarious. Aryeh helped stage a small bit of stage fighting.
  • DHD: Not much that could be done this week due to Dirty Rotten. Tech week is tomorrow. Off-book date is tomorrow.
  • Ali: Our show is going great. On Friday we had Ilana come in and guest direct, made "all the difference." Actors are off-book. Can't wait for tech week.
  • Caitlin (TD): Keys to the space acquired. Tech week is tomorrow, we have rooms. Department heads emailed checkins, everyone is on top of things. Our SMs are missing/problematic communication, but working on it.
  • Karen (Producer): Contacted all directors, made a FB event, made a cover photo, a vertically-oriented poster is on the way. Wish she had assistants.


  • Got Celia's order for trophy heads. Going to pay for them tomorrow. Rights for Seussical being paid for this week, Zoe's script payment was submitted.
  • Brittany Kamson will assist in securing rights for next semester.
  • Producers for Hail Satan and Private Lives will get OrgSync access so they can handle reimbursements.


  • Reminder to producers that the secretary is responsible for creating Facebook event.
  • As soon as One Acts producers can provide a vertically-oriented image, it will go up on the site widget


  • Shakespeare society is in the theater, they have rentals.
  • Wandering Minds and OB are in the space. We know who will open when.
  • Wandering Minds needs to be trained.
  • TA App is up, due Friday April 17. Will meet with Alison.
  • Summer show tech will happen as soon as it's selected.
  • Space Cleaning is on Saturday, April 25th.
  • Theater door was fixed but is now stuck locked again.