Executive Board Meeting Notes 4/19/2015

This week's minutes: One Acts Checkouts

  • DHD/Andy: It was great! The playwright liked it!
  • Zoe: It went well. ("It was all good in the hood")
  • Ali: Stressful. It was harder than last semester. Perhaps related to morale? Feels we need to get out of this "it's only One Acts" mindset. Good production regardless.
  • Caitlin: TD keys returned. Show went up. Everything was beautiful. It happened. Thumbs up.
  • Karen: We got 40 people on Friday, 30 people on Saturday - above average numbers for a non-Student Theater festival. If producing is taken seriously, good numbers will result? Good training opportunity.


  • Went to a meeting this week with other theater groups and reps from SAO concerning spaces on campus for build, storage and performance. There will be a followup meeting. Will discuss in more detail with Eric.
  • We have to reregister the group (Joe is working on it)


  • BUSTies appears to be sorted out on all fronts.
  • "It's never over"
  • Rooms for summer show auditions have been reserved


  • Lots of BUSTies things are happening. EventBrite will be up soon.
  • Hosts are wonderful and are working their butts off.
  • Roasts will be due soon! Should be sent to Ali!
  • Nomination Committee will be taken care of tonight. Will contact directors and create the survey.
  • BUSTies base painting happens after the GM next week.
  • Ali will be reimbursed for trophy heads.
  • New board will be doing superlatives for old board.


  • Brittany and David have access to OrgSync. Reimbursements on the way.
  • BUSTies EventBrite will be approved shortly, then tickets may be purchased. Should be up by Tuesday.
  • Seussical rights are purchased.
  • Summer show needs a producer.
  • Rights will be purchased for summer show with Brittany.


  • BUSTies and Summer Show audition Facebook events are up.
  • Having issues with making events via the official BU Stage Troupe Facebook Page. Investigating.
  • bustagetroupe.com needs to be renewed by May 18th
  • BUSTies EventBrite is actually now up. $5 for members, $7 for nonmembers


  • Spring One Acts happened. Cart of pipe and drape is in The Space; will be moved back Wednesday.
  • Laramie will give back the chalkboard this week.
  • There were last minute OB and WM rentals.
  • Shakespeare left lights hanging, WM took care of it. The latter are currently in the theater.
  • Space Cleaning assignments are forthcoming.
  • Alison and Camille had an incoming TA meeting. Will speak to Eric.
  • Liquid Fun never paid for any rentals. Can we email them?
  • Neither did Vagina Monologues or Willing Suspensions. Contact them?

Show Order

  • Parents Weekend: Seussical the Musical (October 16th, 17th and 18th)
  • Staged Reading: The Skriker (October 29th, 30th, and 31st)
  • W;t (November 5th, 6th and 7th)
  • Really Really (November 19th, 20th and 21st)


  • Can we create a Troupe calendar with shared dates? (Show dates, GMs, space cleaning, special projects?) Yes. It'll be on the Troupe website, Karlie will manage it.
  • Can Master Carpenters get an official "assistant?" The next TA will evaluate.
  • Concerns about bias with the VPSP making a recommendation about the charity show. (Note: the VPSP currently makes a recommendation to the rest of the executive board; the board votes to approve or disapprove the show.)
  • Concerns about the staged reading being selected by the eboard. In the future, the membership should vote on it.
  • Concerns about executive board members representing themselves/the group on campus.


  • Can we do a survey on the membership? How do they feel about the group? What's working, what isn't?
  • We do have data on how many members we have and how many shows they worked on.
  • An open survey would be new, though.
  • Consider using GoogleSurvey as a way to better handle aggregate data?