Executive Board Notes 9/6/15

Show Check-Ins Wit

  • Bridget
    • Ready for auditions – have picked sides


  • Tehya
    • Pretty much have a set design
    • Meeting with Tsai next Tuesday
  • Abby and Andy
    • Prepared audition and callback material
    • Have had awesome meetings with other creative team people
    • Most of the pit is done


  • Kyle
    • No scheduling issues for GM tonight
    • Has an audition plan

Summer Show Checkout

  • Karlie
  • It would be good to warn possible Summer Show directors that the process is definitely more of a marathon and less of a sprint
  • Definitely imperative to have strong director-SM relations
  • Jamie
    • Having a budget was super helpful
    • Need to make sure we pick a show that is sustainable on the tech side – because you’re doing it so much

E-Board Check-Ins


  • Going over GM #1 agenda


  • Waiting for Liquid Fun to confirm for COMBAT
  • We have Photonics for BUSTies
  • Thinking about One Acts in BUC


  • There was a problem with paying for rights
    • Called SAO and handled it
  • Had a meeting with producers Hanna and Corey about OrgSync
  • Training meeting with SAO on Tuesday
    • Michael and Ali are also going
  • Still trying to go through AB to get funding for Warren posters
  • Had meeting with SAO about SDRs
    • Now we’ll be using Amazon Prime and trying to order things in bulk
  • Put posters from old shows in Student Theater


  • 230ish people signed up for the email list at Splash
    • Sent them a GM reminder email on Sunday before GM
  • The Theater Now class visits are going well
  • Sent the existing membership an upcoming events email for Summer Show Revival and GM #1


  • Space Safety and Table Saw Safety workshops will happen the morning of Techstravaganza
  • Joining Techstravaganza with OB
    • Brittany and Jason are on board
  • Want to assign SMs and TDs next Saturday, 9/12
    • Applications deadline next Friday, 9/11
    • SMs need to email Jamie by next Friday expressing interest
  • Went and looked at the cyc
    • Don’t need to get a new one – we can just clean it
    • Liquid Fun will pay in installments
  • Tech form has been updated
    • They are due Tuesday, 9/15
  • Producers and tech lists will be cross-checked for conflicts
  • Tech lists will be post as soon as they are ready


  • Add Steve to e-mail list