Fall 2015 Cast Lists

This is it…

Did you get cast? Congratulations and stay tuned – your director(s) will be contacting you in the near future!

If you did not get cast – we know that this moment is the worst and honestly nothing we say can really make it better. But know this – just because you weren’t cast doesn’t mean you aren’t a good actor and it definitely doesn’t mean we didn’t want you. This was an extremely competitive semester and we were absolutely blown away by the talent that walked through our doors. Know that even if you weren’t cast, we want you to stick around.

We still have so many more opportunities available to you this semester in acting, writing and teching with no auditions or experience required! Our 24-hour theater event, COMBAT from September 25th to September 26th, is a great way to get involved on the acting and writing fronts! If you’re interested, email me at stage@bu.edu, I’ll add you to the list, and you’ll be contacted as it gets closer. A little further off is our One Acts and Monologues Festival, and with it, a plethora of acting opportunities which you’ll hear more about in late October/early November.

Finally, our Tech Meeting is TOMORROW, Saturday, September 12th at 4 PM in “The Space” (check the “Facilities” tab for directions). I know, I know – eyes might be rolling at this as tech might not be the first thought in your mind right now. However, Stage Troupe’s motto is “Learning by doing” – if you’ve never tried tech before, there really is no better time to try a department that you’ve never done before. We’ll teach you every element of whatever department interests you — lighting, costumes, sound, set design, stage management, producing and more — and help you grow as a techie, an artist, and a leader. We absolutely adore our techies – they make up at least half of our group and are absolutely integral to the show production process. So please, come check out the Tech Meeting. You’ll be so very glad that you did.

Thank you so much to everyone for an incredible week and we can’t wait for an even more wonderful rest of the semester!



Cat in the Hat: Michael Giordano

Jojo: Laura Davis

Horton: Victor Kholod

Gertrude: Colleen King

Mayzie: Abby Shannon

Sour Kangaroo: Morgan DeMartis

General: Michael Gobiel

Mr. Mayor: Evan Creedon

Mrs. Mayor: Danielle Hope Diamond

Grinch: Zachary Treichel

Bird Girls: Taylor Strait, Ellie Vidmar, Katie Iafolla

Wickersham Brothers: Chandler Lane, Daniel Ehrenpreis, Lucas De Oliveria

Thing 1: Ryan Kelly

Thing 2: Christy George

Ensemble: Cara Dwyer, Diya Saigol, Linda Seminario, Faith Reed, Hali Letlow




The Skriker: Kaitlyn Jones

Lily: Elina Kent

Josie: Nicole Ficher

The Older Woman (Skriker): Paulina Ke

The Younger Woman (Skriker): Taylor Tessitore

The Storyteller: Melany Vazquez Heredia




Vivian: Hanna Anderson

E.M.Ashford: Becky Ittner

Jason: Conner Reed

Kelekian: Daniel Leary

Susie: Brittany Jenkins

Ensemble: Nathan Wilgeroth

Ensemble: Lucy Gamades

Ensemble: Chris Remillard

Ensemble: Darien Long



Really Really

Leigh: Emily Zisko

Grace: Karlie Fitzgerald

Haley: Zoe Enscoe

Davis: Simon Kientz Kincade

Cooper: Shane O’Connor

Johnson: Eli Saracino

Jimmy: Zach King