Assassins 2016 Official Rules

Our lovely VPSP, Danny Ehrenpreis, has so graciously drawn up some very official rules for this year's installment of Assassins! They are as follows:

  1. You cannot kill somebody during the full allotted time of your target's academic commitments (i.e. classes, office hours, exams, labs, etc.).
  2. You cannot kill somebody during Stage Troupe or any other extracurricular theater group events (ie. rehearsals, shows, special projects etc.). This includes On Broadway, Wandering Minds, and Shakespeare Society.
  3. Nothing can be done that breaks BU Policy (i.e. going on roofs, breaking into buildings, damaging items etc.).
  4. Safety is PRIORITY and if it is compromised you will be immediately disqualified from the game.
  5. Stage Troupe Vice President of Special Projects, Danny Ehrenpreis, is the judge and the game master! What he says, and only what he says, goes!
  6. Any questions, comments or concerns must be sent to Danny Ehrenpreis (via email at, text, smoke signal, etc.) as soon as possible so as the clarify the situation immediately!

Now get out there and have a blast, Troupies!