Fall 2016 Cast Lists

Ah, it’s happened! After a full straight hour (or two) of refreshing this page, the cast lists have APPEARED! Thank you all for all your patience tonight! If you were cast, congratulations! You’ll be hearing from your new directors soon, so stay tuned!

If you were not cast, our hearts go out to you. This is a hard, hard feeling to sit with, and there’s little we can say to stifle it. But please try to understand that this in no way means that you’re not a good actor; this semester’s audition pool was huge and full of amazing talent, and so this entire week’s process was extremely competitive. Even if you were cast, we absolutely want you to stick around—there’s still plenty for everyone to do with Stage Troupe.

Opportunities are still available for people wanting to act, tech, and/or produce!

First off, our Tech Meeting is this Saturday, 9/17, at 1:00PM in “The Space.” Even if you’ve never teched before, our team of techie Troupies want to show you the ropes (and lights, and lumber, etc.)! We at Stage Troupe thrive with the mantra “Learning by Doing.” This is a great time to learn something new and still be a part of our Stage Troupe family. Tech is a crucial part of the theatre, and we would be nothing without the help of our techies. Hop on down to the tech meeting, even if you’re on the fence, and see what you might be interested in!

Another opportunity you have to help run our shows is to PRODUCE! Producing consists of the marketing, promotion, and ticketing elements of theatre! As a producer, you can learn how to dabble in graphic design, format show programs, and have your work spread across campus to promote our Fall 2016 season! If you’re interested in producing, you can fill out a producer form and email it to our Treasurer, Andy Moeller, at moellera@bu.edu.

And remember, if you still want to act this semester, we’ll be providing details for our One-Acts and Monologues Festival later in the semester. The Festival will take place in December, and it will provide a whole bunch of new opportunities for you to act, tech, and produce!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition this semester. We were blown away by all the new faces and all the amazing talent you guys brought to the audition rooms. We can’t wait to see more of you all throughout the semester!


The Addams Family Musical:

Morticia Addams: Danielle Diamond

Gomez Addams: Evan Creedon

Wednesday Addams: Rachel Smith

Pugsley Addams: Cassidy Donohue

Lucas: Nathan Wilgeroth

Mal: Esiri Madagwa Jr.

Alice: Ellie Lavelle

Fester: Andy Moeller

Grandma: Tori Jones

Lurch: Dylan Herina

Ancestors: Gwyneth Codd, Connor Gallacher, HwaYoun Kang, Jamey Miller, Elliott Pope, James Robson, Faith Reed, Maggie Skaza


Stupid F%&king Bird:

Con: Zachary Prescott

Dev: Jordan DeFilippo

Emma: Mary Kate Heagerty

Nina: Olivia Wiles

Mash: Tori Mueller

Trigorin: John Kinde

Sorn: Eli Saracino


Come Back, Little Sheba:

Doc: Chris Kuiken

Lola: Lauren Linn

Marie: Meaghan Collins

Turk: Nick Staffaroni

Mrs. Coffman: Becca DeGregorio

Bruce/Milkman: Ryan Kelly

Ed/Messenger: Bradley Noble

Elmo/Postman: Sophia Pouzyrev