Executive Board Notes 6/4/17

Show Check-In
  •Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike
       ° Director: BK
          • Show is happening. Getting better every night. 
          • Lines are still iffy. 
       ° SM: Erin
          • Ran into some problems, but always happens with first day of tech week. 
          • Confident we will be fine for Wednesday. 
       ° TD: David
          • Move-in happened. The actors were very helpful.
          • First tech run went very well, all things considered.
       ° Producers: Kobi and HwaYoun
          • Everything is going great. Assistant is wonderful. 
          • Still need to do a few more headshots--will figure out when. 
          • Planning on ordering shirts for the show in the next few weeks. 

E-Board Check Ins
   •President: Chris
      ° Focusing on Summer Show.
      ° Reached out to Shiney and made promotional materials available to her.
   •VP: Evan
      ° Took on ASM position for Summer Show. 
   •VPSP: Abby
      ° Closed BUSTies survey-- feedback was very helpful.
   •Treasurer: Andy
      ° Submitted SDR for new website.
      ° Sent in the rights for The Flick. Speech and Debate and Vanya and Sonia and Masha and    
        Spike are all paid for.
      ° Opened the Producer apps for the fall. 
      ° New lights work and all 4 are up for Summer Show. Going to discuss updating lighting guide
        for the future. 
   •Secretary: Lucy
     ° New website is up and running (yay!)
     ° Going to send out reminders about TD and producing applications. 
   •TA: Caitlin
     ° Updated tech forms and TD applications-- F&F TD app is due June 24.
     ° Been having some problems with electrics in the theater. Will reach out to Courtney and Eric
       about that.