GM #3 Recap

It was an exciting meeting! There's a lot to cover, so read on:

E-Board Nominations
We are so happy to announce the nominations for next year's Executive Board! It's so heartening to see such a great group of leaders step up to run for a position on Board. Elections will be held at the General Meeting next Sunday, March 25! It is highly, highly encouraged if you are running for an E-Board position that you chat with the current person in the position. 

Esiri Madagwa Jr
Alba Romero
Michelle Sandler

Vice President
Erin Callahan
Kevin Lorch

Vice President of Special Projects
Brian Rollins
Ariana Tortolani

Chrissy Sardano

Kim Zak

Fall 2018 Season
We are so thrilled to announce the main stage productions for the Fall 2018 season! We can't wait to see these visions come to life.

The Nerd
Directed by Flannery Gallagher

Directed by Ben Skross

We have a sweatshirt! The purchase link will go up soon, so stay on the lookout for that. 

Showcase and Summer Show pitches
Still have an urge to direct? There are two more opportunities to pitch coming up in the next few weeks. Pitches for the Spring Showcase (similar to One Acts, but even more lowkey) are due Thursday, March 22! To pitch, just shoot an email over to with your idea. 

If you are going to be in Boston over the summer and want to stay involved with theater, you can pitch Summer Show! That event is held in conjunction with University Orientation throughout the summer and it's a really great way to introduce Troupe to the next generation. The pitch form for Summer Show can be found on the Troupe website under "Forms & Resources!" The pitch form and a copy of the script is due both by email to and in an envelope marked "Attn: Eric Jacobsen" delivered to MCS B17 by Friday, March 30 at 4 PM. Let anyone on E-Board know if you have questions or need help picking a show to pitch! 

TA Application
Our Executive Board is not complete without a Technical Advisor! This position is selected differently than the other E-Board positions. The application has been posted in the Facebook group and will be available on the Troupe website shortly. These applications are due by email to on April 15 at 5 PM! Let the current TA, Caitlin, know if you have any questions about the position. 

BUSTies Hosts and Event Managers
What have we done? Honestly, it is with great trepidation that I announce the hosts of this year's BUSTies will be none other than Chris Remillard, Lucy Gamades (lol), and Harrison Richmond! Just kidding, we're really excited for round two and hope you are too. 

The more exciting news is that our very own Ariana Tortolani and Andrea Roman will be event managing BUSTies! They are sure to keep our shenanigans in check and we are very grateful to have them. 

We have another general meeting coming up this next Sunday, so stay tuned for that email and Facebook event! We'll be electing our '18-'19 Board at that meeting (!!!). 

In the meantime, keep truckin' on! Let's hope we either get another snow day this week or it starts to warm up, because I don't want this cold anymore.