GM #4 Recap

🌟🌟🌟Happy Post-Troupe Sunday! πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸ

Hey, it's me. Hope everyone recovered from spending 13 hours in the theater yesterday. Truly, what a day it was! If you missed the meeting, be sure to read on for some exciting information. E-Board 2018-2019
You won't have to put up with my shenanigans or long email signoffs much longer, because we have an all new E-Board! We are so excited to see a stunning group of leaders become next year's SHEboard!! We can't wait to see where you take the group in the future. 

Alba Romero

Vice President
Erin Callahan

Vice President of Special Projects
Ariana Tortolani

Chrissy Sardano

Kim Zak

We have a show coming up this week! Buy your tickets to see Smokefall before they sell out! The show is this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM in the Student Theater. Tickets are available at

Summer Show pitches
If you are going to be in Boston over the summer and want to stay involved with theater, you can pitch Summer Show! That event is held in conjunction with University Orientation throughout the summer and it's a really great way to introduce Troupe to the next generation. The pitch form for Summer Show can be found on the Troupe website under "Forms & Resources!" The pitch form and a copy of the script is due both by email to and in an envelope marked "Attn: Eric Jacobsen" delivered to MCS B17 by Friday, March 30 at 4 PM. Let anyone on E-Board know if you have questions or need help picking a show to pitch! 

Family & Friends Weekend Pitches
We have re-opened pitches for our F&F Weekend show! Pitches are now due on April 2nd at 4 PM in both paper to Eric Jacobsen in MCS B17 and email form to! To help you out, E-Board has also compiled a list of tips and show suggestions for pitching F&F on our website under Forms and Resources>Guides.  Let us know if you have any further questions! 

TA Application
Our Executive Board is not complete without a Technical Advisor! This position is selected differently than the other E-Board positions. The application has been posted in the Facebook group and will be available on the Troupe website shortly. These applications are due by email to on April 15 at 5 PM! Let the current TA, Caitlin, know if you have any questions about the position. 

SAAD Committee
A message from your current VPSP: 

"With the election of our new board, (congrats to all who were elected and the biggest thanks to everyone who ran!!) it is time to start thinking about the end of the semester, and for the seniors, the end of our time at BU and in Stage Troupe. But before us seniors are nothing more than names on the walls of the space, it is up to the non-seniors to help honor some of us who are graduating!

If you're interested in being a part of the SAAD (*saad*) Committee for this year's BUSTies, please email me at by Friday. To be a part of this committee, you must be a dues-paying, non-senior member of Troupe.

What is this SAAD award that you have heard so much about, whether in normal conversation or echoed whispers? Here's the basic info: The Senior Awards for Achievement and Dedication, named after former Student Group Advisor Leila Saad, are presented to two graduating seniors who best embody Leila’s energy and passion for Stage Troupe. The SAAD awards are presented by the Student Group Advisors during BUSTies to the persons they feel are most deserving of the award. The SAAD Nominating Committee must consist of 5-10 non-senior members of Stage Troupe, and is responsible for selecting from amongst the membership those most deserving of the Senior Awards for Achievement and Dedication.

Please let me know if you would like to be a part of this awesome committee! It is always a really rewarding thing to do, and you would get to hang out with VPSP-elect Ariana Tortolani!! Also let me know if you have any questions!!!"

I will see most of you at some point this week, hopefully. Stay cool and come see Smokefall!