Fall 2018 Season Announcement

On behalf of Stage Troupe's E-Board, we thank you all for your patience and understanding as we dealt with the unusual challenges this round of show selection has presented us with. We wish to communicate the selection process by which our season was decided so as to maintain transparency and hopefully clear up some questions you might have about this lengthy process. 

When the original vote for the mainstage show was held, the majority of the membership voted for Clue Onstage directed by Taylor House. Unfortunately, Stage Troupe was unable to secure the rights to produce Clue Onstage due to the fact that, unbeknownst to us, a professional production has announced a national tour of Clue Onstage. Due to the shortage of time between now and the beginning of the semester, E-Board decided unanimously and after much discussion that, given that rights could be secured, Stage Troupe should produce Hair as a Special Project rather than as a mainstage. 

To be clear: as per Stage Troupe's constitution, Hair was not eligible to become a mainstage show due to the fact that the pitch did not receive the majority of the membership's vote. We wish to emphasize that E-Board made every effort to adhere to the results of the vote, but the unforeseen circumstances regarding rights access were insurmountable. Furthermore, because the show was selected by Troupe's E-Board rather than by the membership, it must be produced as a Special Project instead.

Ultimately, Stage Troupe successfully obtained the rights to Hair, thus granting us the opportunity to add it to our fall 2018 season. Given the acquisition of rights, our confidence in the creative team, and the limited amount of time that inhibits us from potentially reopening pitches, E-Board has decided that Hair is an excellent addition to Stage Troupe's fall 2018 season. So without further ado, we proudly present the third production—a Special Project—to round out Stage Troupe's fall 2018 season:

Hair: the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

Directed by Syd Romo
Music Directed by Ben Colgan
Choreographed by Arielle Kimbarovsky


We understand that this unusual situation might create some confusion, and we on E-Board assure you that we are here to support and communicate with you to the best of our ability. Please direct any and all questions, concerns, or thoughts you wish to share to stage@bu.edu. Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this crazy process! We are very excited for our fall season and we hope you are, too!