Executive Board Notes 8/26/18

Summer Show: No Exit

  • Director: David M.
    • Had a good rehearsal on Thursday; having Lucy there was great
  • TD: David G.
    • Tech will be at rehearsals this week to help put on the final show
  • Producer: Rachel R.
    • Working with Chrissy to plan promotional material for revival show
    • Took some more production shots on Thursday
    • Making an Eventbrite link
    • Needs to contact SAO for unresolved reimbursements

F&F: Footloose

  • Director: Babatunde A.
    • Officially acquired the show materials and the creative team is very excited!
    • Not much else to report!

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba
    • Signed up for training on Sunday
    • Running sound for No Exit
    • Eric is helping get new keys
  • VP: Erin
    • Working on recruiting new members both for tech and acting!
  • VPSP: Ariana
    • Talking to Syd and Hair creative team about outreach for Hair
    • Working on No Exit; confirming help for lights during show this week
  • Treasurer: Chrissy
    • Signing up for treasurer training
    • Shared Footloose budget allocation with Alicia and producing team
    • Set up first producer meeting with Footloose producing team
    • Submitted official Hair contract on Orgsync; will follow up 
    • Footloose materials have arrived and were picked up
  • Secretary: Kim
    • Signed up for training with Alba
    • Made the Facebook event for the final summer performance of No Exit
    • Communicated with more groups responding to Footloose outreach
    • Posted infographic in class of 2022 Facebook group and on Twitter to promote
  • TD: Alicia
    • No updates to report