Executive Board Minutes 11/4/18

Show Check-Outs:

The Nerd

  • Director: Flannery G.

    • An amazing process

    • Being a smaller cast, having lots of conflicts was challenging for productivity and staying positive; for future directors, find balance between being understanding of conflicts and emphasizing the commitment you make when you join a show

    • Always try to make new members feel welcome and a part of Troupe

    • Learned that you always need to work with your team rather than against, no matter how frustrated you might feel

  • TD: Zach L.

    • At the beginning of the process, would have liked to have had tech lists announced sooner

    • Lots of problems with SAO

    • For future TDs: meet with set designer and MC earlier on to have extra time for wood order

  • SM: Rachel R.

    • First time as an SM—very different from being an ASM

    • Challenged by leadership role, but learned a lot and enjoyed growing with the team

    • Agrees with helping new members feel more welcome

    • Great having two assistants and learning from each other

  • Producer: Ruth J.

    • Not first producing experience, but first experience with Stage Troupe

    • Relied on assistants a lot, and they did wonderfully

    • Maybe fall producers should meet with Chrissy and revamp producer’s handbook

    • Enjoyed getting to work on a comedy and with such a great team; very rewarding

    • A few more shirts to hand out

Show Check-Ins

Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

  • Director: Syd R.

    • Had first soft off-book on Wednesday; went well

    • Moved hard off-book run due to absences

    • Photoshoot yesterday was fun and pain-free

    • Really really pleased with how everything has turned out—thank you to producers

    • Ahead of schedule—tech week off to a good start

    • Cast made protest posters for promotional material

  • MD: Ben C.

    • Actors still getting used to the click track

    • Sitzprobe coming up on Saturday

    • Attended photoshoot

    • little worried about transitioning equipment into Student Theater; band has minimal space backstage

  • Choreographer: Arielle K.

    • Got a lot done this week

    • Got shirts from producers and they are amazing!

    • Today was last major cleaning day

  • TD: Brian R.

    • Received wood order on Friday

    • Paint has still not been delivered; calling SAO and Home Depot on Monday

    • Most POs are in

    • Got the wigs in time with photoshoot and they look great

    • Had final tech meeting; trying to make sure all of crew gets their photos taken for lobby

    • A little behind on costuming

    • Reviewing light plot

  • ASM: Harrison R.

    • Soft off-book went really well; cast is working so hard

  • Producers: Andrea R.

    • Had photoshoot yesterday! Really happy with outcome

    • Had Facebook takeover today

    • Sent out shirt order form to cast

    • Eventbrite link will be released to public on Wednesday to give cast and crew friends and family priority with getting tickets

Due to time constraints, E-Board forewent regular check-ins today.