Fall 2014

Spring 2015 Season & Pitches for Staged Reading

Hello membership! For those of you who missed the voting period or news about our 3rd General Meeting (and shame on you), here is our Spring 2015 Season:

The Laramie Project (Charity Show), by Moises Kaufman, directed by Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Private Lives, by Noel Coward, directed by Joseph McLaughlin Hail Satan!, by Mac Rogers, directed by Kyle Tague

(Note: the above season order is not final.)

However! Our season is not yet complete. In addition to three mainstages, the executive board is restarting an old Stage Troupe tradition: the staged or semi-staged reading, which will go up in the Student Theater. For those unaware, a staged/semi-staged reading refers to a performance of a play without advanced technical elements. This means the production will have a directing team, a cast, a producing team, and a stage management team - but nothing else. It will be up to the directing team if there will be blocking or simple-to-acquire props, hence "semi-staged." The show will also not be memorized and will be performed with scripts in-hand, hence "reading."

There are many advantages to reintroducing the staged reading. It will provide expanded acting opportunities without putting additional stress on our current technical resources - it is in essence a "fourth show" without a crew. By not including technical elements, we have the special opportunity to put on a play that would not otherwise be possible in our Student Theater space (something to keep in mind when selecting a play to pitch). Does your favorite show require a three-story set or expansive fire effects? This may be a great opportunity to see it performed! In addition, by distilling the performance down to exclusively acting and performance, this show will have a unique opportunity to forge an intense, focused director-actor relationship and deep exploration of the chosen text.

Interested in pitching? Great! Download the "Staged Reading Pitch Form" (which will be available under "Forms & Resources" shortly), fill it out, and email the completed form along with a .pdf copy of the script to our president, Abi Oshins, at aoshins@bu.edu. The pitch deadline is December 3rd at 5 PM. Following that deadline, pitches and directing teams will be announced on this blog. On December 7th, following the 4th General Meeting and Space Cleaning, we will have a "town hall meeting" in which directing teams will briefly describe their show and vision and how it would work as a staged reading. Interested members may offer their thoughts and concerns. Following this meeting, the executive board will collectively make a selection to be posted later that evening.

Keep in mind the executive board is looking for a show that will translate well to a staged reading. In addition, we look favorably upon shows that have robust cast sizes and  reasonable gender ratios. (Keep in mind we currently only have an 18-actor season for our mainstages). Finally, consider pitching a show that is well-established and has good public awareness: a staged reading can be a hard sell, and we want people to see and enjoy our work. A more established work will more likely draw an audience.

Interested in acting in this staged reading? Auditions will be held one week following main stage auditions next semester. Actors cast in a main stage are asked to not audition in order to give the rest of our acting base additional opportunities.

That's about it. Have questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to email stage@bu.edu or raise them at any open executive board meeting (Sundays at 6 PM). Have great weeks!

Fall 2014 One Acts & Monologue Festival Cast List

We are proud to announce the cast lists and monologuers for the Fall 2014 One Acts and Monologue Festival! This was our most competitive one acts session in many years, and we thank everyone for taking the time to come out and audition. If you were cast, expect to be contacted by your director shortly. If you weren't, don't fret - more acting opportunities are coming up soon.

"Anastasia as a Movie as a Musical" Sean - Sam Hoffman Mariah - Taylor Tessitore Anastasia - Karlie Fitzgerald Dimitri - Ryan Kelly Rubien - David Hunt Male Actor ("Mactor") - Eli Saracino Female Actor ("Factor") - Kerriann Kelleher Techie Y - Camille Arvisu Techie Z - Annie Tillis

"Novices" Pete - Elliot Raff Kate - Lucy Gamades

"Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You" Sister Mary Ignatius - Oriana Maurach Theo Thomas - Nathan Wilgeroth Diane - Alexa Benudiz Gary - David Olson Philomena - Danielle Hope Diamond Aloysius - Zack King

"Sure Thing" Bill - Ryan Chernin Betty - Kaitlyn Jones


Hanna Anderson

Claire Buesser

Danny Ehrenpreis

Joseph McLaughlin

Have great weeks!

Fall 2014 Cast List (and other ramblings)

Okay, go ahead and CTRL-F your name. When you're done, come back up here and read me.

Did you get cast? Let me be the first to offer a sincere, hearty congratulations! Stay tuned, as your directing team will contact you shortly to set up a first meeting.

If you did not get cast - I know it sucks. It's happened to me. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. Nothing I can say is going to make it better in this moment. But know this - just because you weren't cast, it doesn't mean you aren't a good actor, and it doesn't mean we didn't want you. This was literally our most competitive season in the better part of a decade, due to both a lower show count and an unprecedented turnout of auditioning talent, new and old. Know that even if you weren't cast, we appreciate and love you, and we want you to stick around. I've talked to so many folks who auditioned for Troupe their first semester, didn't get cast, and never came back -- not because they lost interest, but because they assumed we didn't want them, or that they lacked in ability! This couldn't be further from the truth. Inevitably, extremely talented people aren't going to make the cast list due to sheer differences in supply and demand. But we have way more opportunities available to you this semester - come have fun and make theater with us. I promise, you won't regret it.

Acting, writing and teching opportunities are available with no auditions or experience required October 3rd-4th for our 24 hour theater COMBAT event. If you're interested -- email me at stage@bu.edu, I'll add you to the list, and you'll be contacted as it gets closer. One Acts & Monologues Festival is also approaching, and with it, a plethora of new acting opportunities -- if you're on the email list, you'll receive more information in the coming weeks.

Finally, our TECH MEETING is September 14th (this Sunday) at 2 PM in "The Space" (check the "Facilities" tab for directions). I know, I know - I can sense that hesitation and insistence through the computer - "I'm an actor, not a techie." Stage Troupe's motto is "learning by doing" - if you've never tried tech before, there literally isn't a better time to start. I was exclusively an actor when I came to BU, and now I'm proficient in stage management, sound design, and producing -- not a bad thing to add to your résumé or portfolio. We'll teach you every element of whatever department interests you -- lighting, sound, set design, stage management, producing and more -- and help you grow as a techie, an artist, and a leader. We also love our techies - they actually make up at least half of our group and become absolutely integral to the show production process. I'm assuming some of you might be reading this, crestfallen, but on the fence. To someone who's been there - do it. Come check out the tech meeting. You'll be glad you did. And guess what? Once you're part of our family (and yes, Troupe is a family), it'll be time for spring auditions before you know it -- and then you've got another shot at getting that part. Life's too short to give up after one try.

I know this has been a trying week for all of us -- auditions are always stressful, no matter the result. Everyone be safe and enjoy your weekend.


Into the Woods

Narrator/Mysterious Man- Victor Kholod Baker- Andy Moeller Baker’s Wife- Kelly Duffy The Witch- Abi Oshins Cinderella- Ali Edwards Cinderella’s Prince/ Wolf- Elliot Hanson Little Red Riding Hood- Cameron Barney Jack- Nathan Wilgeroth Jack’s Mother- Brittany Martin Rapunzel’s Prince- Matt Melleby Rapunzel- Zoe Enscoe Cinderella’s Stepmother-Ara Butler Lucinda -Danielle Diamond Florinda/Granny- Brittany Kamson Cinderella’s Father- Joe Gambino Steward- Mikey Giordano Milky White- Claire Buesser

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Martha- Emily Prescott

George- Kyle Mitchell

Nick- Kyle Tague

Honey- Isabella Walpole


Marquis de Sade – Eli Brenna Jean – Paul Marat – Jeremy Oshins Charlotte Corday – Daniella Seidl

Herald – Paulina Ke

Coulmier – Sydney Charvat

Simonne Evrard – Melany Vázquez Heredia

Duperret – Michael Gobiel

Jacques Roux – Zack Kennedy

Rossignol- Hanna Eichen

Polpoch- Evan Creedon

Cucurucu- Abigail Kass

Kokol- Cory Azmon

Patient- Kaitlyn Jones

Patient- Kiko Macan

Patient- Rachel Smith

Patient- Zach King

Nurse- Alicia Winton

Nurse- Lucy Gamades

Guard- Ryan Kelly

Guard- Scott Backman

Fall 2014 Callbacks List

Hi Troupies! I hope you've enjoyed sweating all evening/refreshing this page relentlessly. After you've immediately scrolled down to see if your name is on this list, please READ THE REST OF THIS POST!

If your name is on one or more callback lists - fantastic, congratulations! Callbacks take place tomorrow, Thursday the 11th, from 5-10 PM, in PSY/SOC B51. The directing/creative team may email you additional instructions, so please check the email you provided on your audition sheet. Otherwise, please show up PROMPTLY AT 5 and expect to stay the entire time!

If you have an unavoidable conflict, please email stage@bu.edu IMMEDIATELY with the details of your conflict and when you expect to arrive. I will forward your email to the directing team, and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Finally, if you need to drop a callback, it's okay. You can drop one at any time while you're at callbacks - at the beginning, in the middle, or at the very end. Just let the relevant directing team know as soon as you do. Also note that if you are cast and then drop a show, you will not be permitted to audition for Stage Troupe for one semester.

If your name is NOT on any callback list - don't fret! This was our most competitive season in recent memory, but we still want you to be part of the Troupe family! Our tech meeting is coming up on September 14th at 2 PM in "The Space" near Raising Cane's - by all means, come and check it out... you may find a new passion in one of our technical departments!

Additionally, we have more acting opportunities coming up! COMBAT, our 24 hour theater event, is still looking for writers and actors - no auditions required. If you're interested, email stage@bu.edu, and I'll sign you up! The event takes place from 8 PM October 3rd to 8 AM October 4th for writers, and 8 AM to 8 PM October 4th for actors and technicians. Troupe has actually won an official Boston University award of excellence for this event, so don't hesitate to join us!

The Fall One Acts & Monologues Festival is also on the horizon later in the semester - additional information will be emailed out once we have details on our show lineup and audition details!

Now then, enough plugging. Without any further ado, the Fall 2014 Callbacks List...


Into the Woods


Abi Oshins

Ali Edwards

Alix Jansma

Ara Butler

Brittany Kamson

Brittany Martin

Cameron Barney

Claire Buesser

Chelsea Wolsel

Danielle Diamond

Emily Prescott

Isabella Walpole

Karlie Fitzgerald

Katie Aramento

Katie Logan

Kelly Duffy

MaryKate Hagerty

Pascal Serp

Sali Diakite

Taylor Tessitore

Zoe Enscoe


Andrew Velechanski

Andy Moller

David Olson

Eliot Hanson

Evan Creedon

Jeremy Oshins

Joe Gambino

Matt Melleby

Mikey Giordano

Nathan Wilgeroth

Raaid Arshad

Richard VonItter

Sean Burciago

Victor Kholod

Zach King

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Abi Oshins

Ali Edwards

Alix Jansma

Claire Buesser

Emily Prescott

Hanna Eichen

Isabella Walpole

Jenny Morris

Lucy Gamades

Morgan Lehofer

Taylor Tessitore

Toria Rainey

Zoe Enscoe


Daniel Reichling

David Olson

Eli Brenna

Eli Sarcino

Evan Creedon

Kyle Mitchell

Kyle Tague

Robby Finan



Abigail Kass

Ali Edwards

Alicia Winton

Audrey Wood

Cara Dwyer

Daniella Seidl

Danielle Diamond

Emily Prescott

Emily Zisko

Hanna Eichen

Isabella Walpole

Kaitlin Jones

Kelly Tapager

Lucy Gamades

Melany Vazquez Heredin

Pascale Serp

Paulina Ke

Rachel Smith

Sydney Chavat


Cory Azmon

Daniel Reighling

David Hunt

Eli Brenna

Evan Creden

Jeremy Oshins

Kiko Macan

Michael Gobiel

Ryan Kelly

Scott Backman

Zach King

Zack Kennedy