Fall 2015

Fall 2016 Cast Lists

Ah, it’s happened! After a full straight hour (or two) of refreshing this page, the cast lists have APPEARED! Thank you all for all your patience tonight! If you were cast, congratulations! You’ll be hearing from your new directors soon, so stay tuned!

If you were not cast, our hearts go out to you. This is a hard, hard feeling to sit with, and there’s little we can say to stifle it. But please try to understand that this in no way means that you’re not a good actor; this semester’s audition pool was huge and full of amazing talent, and so this entire week’s process was extremely competitive. Even if you were cast, we absolutely want you to stick around—there’s still plenty for everyone to do with Stage Troupe.

Opportunities are still available for people wanting to act, tech, and/or produce!

First off, our Tech Meeting is this Saturday, 9/17, at 1:00PM in “The Space.” Even if you’ve never teched before, our team of techie Troupies want to show you the ropes (and lights, and lumber, etc.)! We at Stage Troupe thrive with the mantra “Learning by Doing.” This is a great time to learn something new and still be a part of our Stage Troupe family. Tech is a crucial part of the theatre, and we would be nothing without the help of our techies. Hop on down to the tech meeting, even if you’re on the fence, and see what you might be interested in!

Another opportunity you have to help run our shows is to PRODUCE! Producing consists of the marketing, promotion, and ticketing elements of theatre! As a producer, you can learn how to dabble in graphic design, format show programs, and have your work spread across campus to promote our Fall 2016 season! If you’re interested in producing, you can fill out a producer form and email it to our Treasurer, Andy Moeller, at moellera@bu.edu.

And remember, if you still want to act this semester, we’ll be providing details for our One-Acts and Monologues Festival later in the semester. The Festival will take place in December, and it will provide a whole bunch of new opportunities for you to act, tech, and produce!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition this semester. We were blown away by all the new faces and all the amazing talent you guys brought to the audition rooms. We can’t wait to see more of you all throughout the semester!


The Addams Family Musical:

Morticia Addams: Danielle Diamond

Gomez Addams: Evan Creedon

Wednesday Addams: Rachel Smith

Pugsley Addams: Cassidy Donohue

Lucas: Nathan Wilgeroth

Mal: Esiri Madagwa Jr.

Alice: Ellie Lavelle

Fester: Andy Moeller

Grandma: Tori Jones

Lurch: Dylan Herina

Ancestors: Gwyneth Codd, Connor Gallacher, HwaYoun Kang, Jamey Miller, Elliott Pope, James Robson, Faith Reed, Maggie Skaza


Stupid F%&king Bird:

Con: Zachary Prescott

Dev: Jordan DeFilippo

Emma: Mary Kate Heagerty

Nina: Olivia Wiles

Mash: Tori Mueller

Trigorin: John Kinde

Sorn: Eli Saracino


Come Back, Little Sheba:

Doc: Chris Kuiken

Lola: Lauren Linn

Marie: Meaghan Collins

Turk: Nick Staffaroni

Mrs. Coffman: Becca DeGregorio

Bruce/Milkman: Ryan Kelly

Ed/Messenger: Bradley Noble

Elmo/Postman: Sophia Pouzyrev

Fall 2015 Callbacks

Alright, go ahead, rapidly scroll down and scour the page for your name. When you’re done, scroll back up and read this! If you were called back – congratulations! Callbacks will take place from 5PM – 10PM in CAS 316, TOMORROW, Friday 9/11. You are expected to stay for the entirety of callbacks, so if you have a scheduling conflict (or if you wish to drop a callback) please email stage@bu.edu with the conflict time and the shows that you were called back for. Keep an eye on your inboxes – most directors email those called back for their show.

For those who were not called back, we know. It really sucks. We’ve all been there. But this in no way shape or form means that you can’t be involved with Stage Troupe. If you have absolutely any interested in tech, I urge you to come to our Tech Meeting this Saturday, 9/12 at 4PM in “The Space.” Absolutely NO experience required!

If you really, truly just have an interest in being onstage keep an eye out for audition postings for our One Acts and Monologues Festival during the month of November!

Thank you again to everyone who came out the past three days to audition and break legs to those who were called back!


Seussical The Musical

Evan Creedon

Laura Davis

Victoria de la Llama

Lucas De Oliveira

Morgan DeMartis

Danielle Diamond

Maddie Dinndorf

Cara Dwyer

Ali Edwards

Daniel Ehrenpreis

Karlie Fitzgerald

Christy George

Michael Giordano

Michael Gobiel

Katie Iafolla

Kaitlyn Jones

Ryan Kelly

Victor Kholod

Zach King

Colleen King

Chandler Lane

Hali Letlow

Rishka Mehra

Katie Pond

Faith Reed

Diya Saigol

Linda Seminario

Abby Shannon

Taylor Strait

Katie Teran

Taylor Tessitore

Zachary Treichel

Ellie Vidmar



The Skriker

Danielle Hope Diamond

Nicole Ficher

Alec Gevarter

Alicia Giannetti

Grace Hoak

Kaitlyn Jones

Paulina Ke

Elina Kent

Colleen King

Simon Kienitz Kincade

Diya Saigol

Eli Saracino

Taylor Tessitore

Melany Vazquez Heredia

Nicole Weinroth

Emily Zisko



Hanna Anderson

Aisya Abu Bakar binti Azli

Cory Azmon

Daniel Ehrenpreis

Lucy Gamades

Michael Gobiel

Becky Ittner

Brittany Jenkins

Brittany Kamson

Zach King

Victor Kholod

Daniel Leary

Darien Long

Emily Prescott

Conner Reed

Chris Remillard

Daniella Seidl

Sarah Sosland

Nathan Wilgeroth


Really Really

Cory Azmon

Laura Davis

Zoe Enscoe

Daniel Ehrenpreis

Karlie Fitzgerald

Angelica Guarino

Michael Gobiel

Elliott Hanson

Becky Ittner

Kaitlyn Jones

Simon Kientz Kincade

Zach King

Victor Kholod

Ryan Kelly

Dan Leary

Shane O’Connor

Katie Pond

Daniella Seidl

Sarah Sosland

Taylor Tessitore

Nathan Wilgeroth

Emily Zisko

Executive Board Notes 9/6/15

Show Check-Ins Wit

  • Bridget
    • Ready for auditions – have picked sides


  • Tehya
    • Pretty much have a set design
    • Meeting with Tsai next Tuesday
  • Abby and Andy
    • Prepared audition and callback material
    • Have had awesome meetings with other creative team people
    • Most of the pit is done


  • Kyle
    • No scheduling issues for GM tonight
    • Has an audition plan

Summer Show Checkout

  • Karlie
  • It would be good to warn possible Summer Show directors that the process is definitely more of a marathon and less of a sprint
  • Definitely imperative to have strong director-SM relations
  • Jamie
    • Having a budget was super helpful
    • Need to make sure we pick a show that is sustainable on the tech side – because you’re doing it so much

E-Board Check-Ins


  • Going over GM #1 agenda


  • Waiting for Liquid Fun to confirm for COMBAT
  • We have Photonics for BUSTies
  • Thinking about One Acts in BUC


  • There was a problem with paying for rights
    • Called SAO and handled it
  • Had a meeting with producers Hanna and Corey about OrgSync
  • Training meeting with SAO on Tuesday
    • Michael and Ali are also going
  • Still trying to go through AB to get funding for Warren posters
  • Had meeting with SAO about SDRs
    • Now we’ll be using Amazon Prime and trying to order things in bulk
  • Put posters from old shows in Student Theater


  • 230ish people signed up for the email list at Splash
    • Sent them a GM reminder email on Sunday before GM
  • The Theater Now class visits are going well
  • Sent the existing membership an upcoming events email for Summer Show Revival and GM #1


  • Space Safety and Table Saw Safety workshops will happen the morning of Techstravaganza
  • Joining Techstravaganza with OB
    • Brittany and Jason are on board
  • Want to assign SMs and TDs next Saturday, 9/12
    • Applications deadline next Friday, 9/11
    • SMs need to email Jamie by next Friday expressing interest
  • Went and looked at the cyc
    • Don’t need to get a new one – we can just clean it
    • Liquid Fun will pay in installments
  • Tech form has been updated
    • They are due Tuesday, 9/15
  • Producers and tech lists will be cross-checked for conflicts
  • Tech lists will be post as soon as they are ready


  • Add Steve to e-mail list

Executive Board Meeting Notes 4/19/2015

This week's minutes: One Acts Checkouts

  • DHD/Andy: It was great! The playwright liked it!
  • Zoe: It went well. ("It was all good in the hood")
  • Ali: Stressful. It was harder than last semester. Perhaps related to morale? Feels we need to get out of this "it's only One Acts" mindset. Good production regardless.
  • Caitlin: TD keys returned. Show went up. Everything was beautiful. It happened. Thumbs up.
  • Karen: We got 40 people on Friday, 30 people on Saturday - above average numbers for a non-Student Theater festival. If producing is taken seriously, good numbers will result? Good training opportunity.


  • Went to a meeting this week with other theater groups and reps from SAO concerning spaces on campus for build, storage and performance. There will be a followup meeting. Will discuss in more detail with Eric.
  • We have to reregister the group (Joe is working on it)


  • BUSTies appears to be sorted out on all fronts.
  • "It's never over"
  • Rooms for summer show auditions have been reserved


  • Lots of BUSTies things are happening. EventBrite will be up soon.
  • Hosts are wonderful and are working their butts off.
  • Roasts will be due soon! Should be sent to Ali!
  • Nomination Committee will be taken care of tonight. Will contact directors and create the survey.
  • BUSTies base painting happens after the GM next week.
  • Ali will be reimbursed for trophy heads.
  • New board will be doing superlatives for old board.


  • Brittany and David have access to OrgSync. Reimbursements on the way.
  • BUSTies EventBrite will be approved shortly, then tickets may be purchased. Should be up by Tuesday.
  • Seussical rights are purchased.
  • Summer show needs a producer.
  • Rights will be purchased for summer show with Brittany.


  • BUSTies and Summer Show audition Facebook events are up.
  • Having issues with making events via the official BU Stage Troupe Facebook Page. Investigating.
  • bustagetroupe.com needs to be renewed by May 18th
  • BUSTies EventBrite is actually now up. $5 for members, $7 for nonmembers


  • Spring One Acts happened. Cart of pipe and drape is in The Space; will be moved back Wednesday.
  • Laramie will give back the chalkboard this week.
  • There were last minute OB and WM rentals.
  • Shakespeare left lights hanging, WM took care of it. The latter are currently in the theater.
  • Space Cleaning assignments are forthcoming.
  • Alison and Camille had an incoming TA meeting. Will speak to Eric.
  • Liquid Fun never paid for any rentals. Can we email them?
  • Neither did Vagina Monologues or Willing Suspensions. Contact them?

Show Order

  • Parents Weekend: Seussical the Musical (October 16th, 17th and 18th)
  • Staged Reading: The Skriker (October 29th, 30th, and 31st)
  • W;t (November 5th, 6th and 7th)
  • Really Really (November 19th, 20th and 21st)


  • Can we create a Troupe calendar with shared dates? (Show dates, GMs, space cleaning, special projects?) Yes. It'll be on the Troupe website, Karlie will manage it.
  • Can Master Carpenters get an official "assistant?" The next TA will evaluate.
  • Concerns about bias with the VPSP making a recommendation about the charity show. (Note: the VPSP currently makes a recommendation to the rest of the executive board; the board votes to approve or disapprove the show.)
  • Concerns about the staged reading being selected by the eboard. In the future, the membership should vote on it.
  • Concerns about executive board members representing themselves/the group on campus.


  • Can we do a survey on the membership? How do they feel about the group? What's working, what isn't?
  • We do have data on how many members we have and how many shows they worked on.
  • An open survey would be new, though.
  • Consider using GoogleSurvey as a way to better handle aggregate data?

Announcement of Staged Reading & Summer Show

Hello Troupies! The executive board, with the assistance of the incoming board, has determined our 2015 summer show and our Fall 2015 staged reading.

The summer show will be This Is Our Youth, by Kenneth Lonergan, directed by Emily Prescott.

The staged reading will be The Skriker, by Caryl Churchill, directed by Kyle Tague.

Congratulations! Stay tuned for more information on summer show acting, tech, and producing opportunities.

Fall 2015 Staged Reading Pitches

Hello membership! Here are the pitches we received for the Fall 2015 staged reading:

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon, directed by Daniel Ehrenpreis & Brittany Jenkins The Pillowman, by Martin McDonagh, directed by Karen Loewy The Skriker, by Carolyn Churchill, directed by Kyle Tague

Tomorrow during General Meeting #5, the pitching teams will have an opportunity to explain their shows to the membership. Members will then have an opportunity to ask questions about the pitches and offer their feedback to the executive board, who will make their selection following the conclusion of the GM. Take this time to check out the shows and gather your thoughts.

Don't forget that tonight is your last chance to see Private Lives! Tickets can be purchased at troupeprivate.eventbrite.com

Fall 2015 Pitch Season

Hello membership! For the second time, we will be releasing the main stage pitches received for our Fall 2015 season. Any dues paying member is encouraged to attend our Third General Meeting on March 22, 7 PM, in the Agganis Student Theater. At that meeting, you will hear the creative teams pitch their shows, as well as address any potential issues our reading committee came across in their evaluation. Then, you will have the opportunity to vote for the two mainstage shows you’d like to make up our Fall 2015 season. Keep in mind the Parents Weekend show is decided by the executive board and Dean of Students office; we will have made our selection by the time of the Third General Meeting, so you have a better picture of the season you are voting for. Additionally, keep in mind Staged Reading pitches are due April 1st, with one pitch being selected by the executive board. (This makes for a total of four shows - Parents Weekend, a staged reading, and two main stages.)

Remember that you are voting for a season, not just two shows you happen to like. And remember – democracy only works if people show up. No excuses: get there and vote!

Here are the shows that were submitted as main stages (in alphabetical order). Take advantage of the time you have from now until March 22nd to research the shows and ask the creative teams questions. An informed vote is a good vote!

Deathtrap - Kyle Tague The Pillow Man - Karen Loewy Really Really - Rachel Skalka Wit – Joseph McLaughlin

The following were submitted for consideration for Parents Weekend. The executive board will make a selection by the Third General Meeting on March 22nd.

Spring Awakening – Evan Creedon, Music Direction by Jessie Rosso

Finally, here are the pitches for Summer Show, which goes up for BU Orientation students over seven weeks throughout the summer. A summer show will be selected by the executive board before the end of the semester.

Betrayal - Aryeh Harris-Shapiro & Kyle Tague The Glass Menagerie - Katy Taylor This Is Our Youth - Emily Prescott Proof - Ali Edwards

Note: If you believe your pitch is missing, there’s a typo, or you notice any other sort of problem, please let me know. Have great weeks!