General Meeting #3 Recap

Spring Has Sprung!

Okay, not exactly, but the sun isn't setting at 4PM anymore, so I call that a win.
Anyway, hey! Thanks to all of you who came out to GM3—your attendance has greatly influenced the FUTURE of STAGE TROUPE. Whoa whoa whoa, that's fun, huh? If you couldn't make it to the meeting, no problem! We'll still keep you updated. Here's all that went down:
Fall 2017 Season
After a fun round of pitches, we are incredibly excited to announce the Mainstage Productions for our Fall 2017 Season!
The Flick
Written by Annie Baker
Directed by Lucy Gamades
Speech and Debate
Written by Stephen Karam
Directed by Sarah Sosland
Congratulations, directors! We're so excited to see more of what you have planned for the upcoming semester!
We will be re-opening pitches for our Family & Friends Weekend Show. If you are interested in pitching for F&F, please submit your pitch at 111 Cummington Avenue, Room B17, by Friday, March 24th, at 4PM!
E-Board 2017-2018 Nominations
We held formal Executive Board nominations for the 2017-2018 academic year! Here are the nominees thus far:
Christopher Remillard
Vice President
Evan Creedon
Cassidy Donohue
David Murauskas
Vice President of Special Projects
Abby Kass
Kobi Kassal
Andy Moeller
Lucy Gamades
HwaYoun Kang
Voting for the Executive Board will take place at our Fourth General Meeting on Sunday, April 2nd, at 7PM in The Student Theater. The candidates will have two minutes to deliver a speech, followed by a brief question-and-answer period for each position.
Remember, you must be present at the meeting in order to cast your vote! Additionally, you can still be nominated! Have another member nominate you and another to "second" the nomination at GM4 itself, and you will be entered into the election. If you are in the running, or are considering going this electoral race, you are both welcome and highly encouraged to reach out to the current E-Board Member holding the position you're after!
Our Technical Advisor position is selected differently than the rest of the E-Board, as it includes filling out an application and sending it in for review. Those interested can reach out to the current TA, Christopher Remillard, at chrisre@bu.edu for information. The TA Application will be due on Wednesday, April 12th!
Spring 2017 Theatre Showcase Auditions
We're gearing up for Stage Troupe's new Theatre Showcase, which will take place on April 21st and 22nd at 8PM in the Student Theater! If you have a monologue, musical number, or short scene that you and/or a friend would like to present in the Showcase, we want you to audition! You don't need to be completely off-book or performance-ready in order to audition. And, of course, if you want to perform but don't have any song or scene in mind, reach out to us, and we'll try to help you find something!
Auditions will be held on March 27th and 28th from 6-10PM. Keep your eyes peeled for a Facebook event and announcement of the location! We hope to see you there!
Summer Show 2017 Pitches
Will you be in Boston this summer? Looking to direct a show that could greatly influence both BU's and Troupe's first impressions to incoming freshmen? You should pitch for Summer Show! If you're interested, please fill out a Summer Show pitch form by Monday, April 3rd, at 4PM. Make sure you ffill out the form, seal it in an envelope, and drop it off at Eric Jacobsen's office in 111 Cummington Avenue, Room B17.
BUSTies 2017 Hosts
Move over, NPH. Stage Troupe has our hands on the best award-show hosts anyone could ask for. We're excited to announce that Lucy Gamades and Christopher Remillard are teaming up (surprised?) to host of this year's BUSTies! This, one of our favorite events of the year, will be on Tuesday, May 2nd, at 6:30PM. Mark you calendars; you won't want to miss the hosts, the roasts, the ghosts (will there be ghosts? You'll have to show up to find out.)!
Upcoming Production
HOLD UP! We have a show this weekend! Don't forget to come back down to the Student Theater this week for our next Mainstage Production!
Twelve Angry Jurors
Directed by Cassidy Donohue
March 23rd, 24th, & 25th at 8PM
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena
$8 General Admission, $7 Stage Troupe members
Have a great start to your week, Troupies, and we'll see you all at Twelve Angry Jurors this weekend! In the meantime...
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Don't slip on the ice (no, reallyI'm, like, insanely bruised),

Nathan Wilgeroth

Boston University Stage Troupe

Mainstage #3 Pitch for Spring 2017

Hello, Troupies! We're excited to announce the pitch for the third slot in the Spring 2017 season! By the close of yesterday's deadline, we received a pitch for:

The Fantasticks Book and Lyrics by Tom Jones; Music by Harvey Schmidt Director: Ellie Lavelle Music Director: James Robson

Thank you, Ellie and James, for your pitch! The Reading Committee will be taking a look at the show, and then the membership will submit their votes later next week!

If you would like to see the pitch for The Fantasticks, you may read it here. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for an online form on which the creative team will answer their questions via single-take video clips. We will provide access to the form on Wednesday, December 28th, and the membership will have 48 hours to submit their votes.

Again, thank you all so much for your patience with this transitional period. Regardless, we are thrilled to see what this creative team has to present for their pitch! Enjoy the beginning of your winter breaks, everyone, and safe travels to all!

General Meeting #3 Recap

🦃🍂HAPPY NOVEMBER, TROUPIES🍂🦃 A huge thanks to everyone who came out to this month's general meeting! You all played a huge part in deciding the future of Stage Troupe, and I'm so glad to know that our Spring 2017 season will consist of shows that best reflect our membership's interests.

For those of you who couldn't make it, no worries! We're a busy bunch, us BU students, but that doesn't mean we can't all stay informed. So if you missed out on Sunday's GM, or if you want a little refresher, here's your recap:

Spring 2017 Season Announcement

The membership has spoken! By popular vote, the Spring 2017 season has been decided and will be as follows.

Charity Show: God of Carnage Written by Yasmina Reza Directed by Maggie Skaza and Erin Mc Sweeney

Twelve Angry Jurors  Written by Reginald Rose Directed by Dan Leary

Avenue Q  Written by Jeff Whitty, Robert Lopez, and Jeff Marx Directed by Ellie Lavelle

Congratulations to our future directors! Here's to a fascinating Spring season!

Fall 2016 One-Acts & Monologues Festival

It's nearly time for our Fall 2016 One-Acts & Monologue Festival, which will be on December 9th and 10th at 8PM! The Festival will consist of the One-Act plays listed below as well as a selection of monologues and musical numbers, directed by Maggie Skaza and Erin Mc Sweeney, respectively.

10 Minutes to Save the World Written by Addy Davies Directed by HwaYoun Kang

Pappia Pia Written by Lauren Casabona Directed by Lauren Casabona and Paulina Ke

Jimmy the Antichrist Written by Keith J. Powell Directed by Brian Rollins

Auditions for our Fall One-Acts & Monologues Festival are THIS Monday and Tuesday, 11/14-15, from 6-10PM. You only have to come to one of these days, and you can show up and audition at any time throughout the 6-10 timeframe. 

If you are auditioning for Pappa Pia, please prepare a 16-32 bars of any song to be performed a cappella. If you are auditioning to perform a monologue or musical number, please come prepared with the selection of your choice (it does not need to be memorized). Otherwise, you do not need to prepare anything else for auditions! 

Please bring one [audition form] for each show you plan to audition for. In order to take part in the Festival, you must have [paid your dues] for the semester.

If you're looking to do anything besides perform on stage in the Festival, you're in luck—tech and producing opportunities abound for everyone! To tech for One-Acts, you may email our Technical Advisor, Taylor Tessitore, at ttess@bu.edu. To produce, you may email our Treasurer, Andy Moeller, at moellera@bu.edu!

Upcoming Shows

Before we plunge into the world of One-Acts, we have one final mainstage for the Fall semester:

Come Back, Little Sheba Directed by Christy George and Taylor Tessitore November 17th, 18th, and 19th at 8PM Buy your tickets and RSVP to the Facebook event!

Miscellaneous Housekeeping

  • Space Cleaning is projected to be on Sunday, December 11th. If you have participated in any show this semester, you must stop by and help us tidy up our build space. Your shows can be nominated for BUSTies only if the cast and crew have put in 40 collective hours of cleaning.
  • General Meeting #4 will also be on Sunday, December 11th! More details are to come, but make sure your calendar is cleared for our last meeting of the semester!
  • If you intend to bring up a concern during a Closed E-Board Meeting, please  be sure to let us know beforehand—send an email to stage@bu.edu so that we know what to expect and so that we may assess your concerns attentively.
  • SENIORS! Our Senior Divas night is going to be on Tuesday, December 13th! Start thinking about a fun lil' ditty to perform for BU student theatre's last evening together before finals and the Winter Break. Also, if you have any ideas for a charity to which to donate our Senior Divas proceeds, shoot an email stage@bu.edu and/or onbrdway@bu.edu!

Social Media

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Whew, you made it to the end of the email! Thanks for bearing with me; so much is going on in Stage Troupe, and you're a real trooper (I'm hilarious) for keeping up with it all. I hope you have a great week of auditions, and I'll see you all at Come Back, Little Sheba this weekend!

And, finally, have a happy Thanksgiving. We on the Stage Troupe E-Board are so incredibly thankful for all of you. We hope you feel like truly loved members of our family, and we wish you a peaceful few weeks ahead. I can say, on behalf of everyone on the E-Board, that we're always around to give you a great big hug if ever you should need one. What with all the hostility swarming around everywhere, we want you to know that you're safe and loved wherever fellow Troupies may be.

Gobble gobble,

Nathan Wilgeroth

Boston University Stage Troupe


One-Acts and Charity Show and Pitches—OH MY!

There's a whole lot of news swarming around this week, and I'm here to squeeze in another tidbit of information for you. It's time to announce the Charity Show and pitches for the Spring 2017 season as well as the one-act selections for this December's One-Acts & Monologues Festival! To start, here's a list of our Fall One-Acts & Monologues Festival productions:

10 Minutes to Save the World by Addy Davies; directed by HwaYoun Kang

Pappia Pia, written and directed by Lauren Casabona and Paulina Ke

Jimmy the Antichrist by Keith J. Powell; directed by Brian Rollins

We're also extremely excited to announce our Charity Show for the Spring 2017 Season:

God of Carnage by Yasmina Reza; directed by Maggie Skaza and Erin Mc Sweeney

And, finally, here are the shows that will be pitched to the membership at the next General Meeting for the Spring 2017 Mainstage Productions:

Arcadia by Tom Stoppard; proposed by Azanta Thakur

Avenue Q by Jeff Whitty, Robert Lopez, and Jeff Marx; proposed by Ellie Lavelle

Twelve Angry Jurors by Reginald Rose; proposed by Dan Leary

(EDIT 11/12: The Pillowman is longer going to be pitched for the Spring semester)

Yowza, what a huge load of information! Are you guys psyched? I'm psyched. For next semester, our season will include our Charity Show, two Mainstage Productions, and another One-Acts & Monologues Festival. It will be up to the entire Stage Troupe membership to vote on which of these above pitches will be chosen to take part in the upcoming season.

Please join us for our Third General Meeting on Sunday, November 13th, at 7PM in the Student Theater to hear more details about everything listed above. This meeting is super important, as we'll give you information about how to audition for our Fall One-Acts & Monologues festival, we'll tell you what to expect from Maggie and Erin's upcoming Charity Show, AND you'll get to take part in voting for the Spring's other two Mainstages!

See you there!

Spring 2016 One Acts, Monologues and Musical Numbers Festival Selections

Thank you to all who pitched for this year’s One Acts, Monologues and Musical Numbers Festival! We’re proud to announce the chosen works: Controlling Interest, by Wayne S. Rawley, directed by Brittany Kamson and Eli Saracino

Post-Its (Notes on Marriage), by Paul Dooley and Winnie Holzman, directed by Emma Cheevers

Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog, by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Zack Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen, directed by Zoe Enscoe and musically directed by Danielle Hope Diamond

One Acts will be held Friday, April 15th and Saturday, April 16th in the Student Theater at Agganis Arena and auditions will be held Tuesday, March 22nd and Wednesday, March 23rd from 6PM – 10PM, in SOC B63. Please come if you are interested in auditioning for any of these plays, a monologue or a song. Feel free to contact any of the One Acts directors or our Vice President of Special Projects, Danny Ehrenpreis, if you would like to read the show in advance or have any questions.

Pitches, Pitches and More Pitches!

Good evening, Troupies! Here are the Spring 2016 One Acts, Monologues and Musical Numbers Festival pitches: “Post-its (Notes on a Marriage)” proposed by Emma Cheevers “Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” proposed by Zoe Enscoe and Danielle Hope Diamond “Controlling Interest” proposed by Brittany Kamson and Eli Saracino

Here is the pitch for Summer Show 2016:

“Finding the Sun” by Edward Albee, proposed by Joe McLaughlin

Additionally, we have chosen Karen Loewy to be the Director of the Monologues and Musical Numbers for the Spring 2016 One Acts and Monologue Festival.

Again, please join us for our Third General Meeting of the semester this Sunday, March 20th at 7PM in CAS 316 to vote for our Fall 2016 Mainstage Season and nominate members for the 2016-2017 Executive Board. See you all there!


Fall 2016 Mainstage and Parents Weekend Pitches

Good afternoon, Troupies! Here are the Mainstage and Parents Weekend Show pitches for the upcoming Fall 2016 semester: Mainstage

Come Back Little Sheba by William Inge, proposed by Taylor Tessitore and Christy George

Parents Weekend Show

The Addams Family by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, proposed by co-directors, Lauren Casabona and Paulina Ke, and Music Director Daniel Stocker

As previously decided, we have structured our season to include 1 Parents Weekend Show, 2 mainstage productions, and a One Acts and Monologue Festival (in the Student Theater at Agganis Arena) - a total of 3 major productions - so we have decided to reopen show submissions to allow for further pitches.

The deadline for further mainstage and Parents Weekend Show submissions will be the same as the deadline for One Act submissions and Director of Monologue and Musical Number applications, Wednesday, March 16th at 3PM. Submissions will be due to 111 Cummington (the MCS building) in Room B17. Please contact an Executive Board member or email stage@bu.edu if you have absolutely ANY questions about the pitching process - we would love to chat!

Finally, please join us at our Third General Meeting on Sunday, March 20th to hear pitches from the director hopefuls, cast your vote on our fall season, and nominate candidates for your 2016-2017 Executive Board! Further information on location and time will be released soon. See you there!

Spring 2016 Mainstage and Charity Show Pitches

Good afternoon, Troupies! Here are the Mainstage and Charity Show pitches for the upcoming Spring 2016 semester: Mainstages

Come Back Little Sheba by William Inge, proposed by Taylor Tessitore and Christy George The Tragedy of MacBeth by William Shakespeare, proposed by Abby Kass The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, proposed by Bridget Baker The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, proposed by Victor Kholod Play it Again, Sam by Woody Allen, proposed by Daniella Seidl*

Charity Show

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead by Bert V. Royal, proposed by Karen Loewy

Please join us at our Third General Meeting on November 1st at 7PM in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena to hear pitches from the director hopefuls, cast your vote on our spring season and elect a new Vice President of Special Projects! See you there!

*Due to extenuating personal circumstances, the Executive Board has granted Daniella Seidl an extension to pitch a mainstage production