Fifth General Meeting Recap

Holy Finals, Batman!  Thank you so incredibly much to everyone who came out to our fifth and FINAL General Meeting of the year! It was great to see all of you before we plunge into these last couple of weeks of classes. If you weren't able to make it to GM5, then golly, you know the drill—a full recap is listed below!

Spring Has Sprung Last weekend, we completely finished off our Spring 2017 Season with a hilariously fun event, "Once Upon a Showcase!" A humungous congratulations to each and every one of you who participated in any production throughout our Season. It's because of all of your individual efforts that we are able to collaborate and put on such amazing theatre! Pat yourselves on your theatrical lil' backs, Troupies!

Technical Advisor for the 2017-2018 Academic Year VP-elect Evan Creedon has spoken, and the membership has overwhelmingly approved: our Technical Advisor for the upcoming academic year has hopped on Board! We're happy to announce that next year's TA will be Caitlin Fournier, a rising senior from Columbia, MD, who studies Sociology and Computer Science in the College of Arts and Sciences!

Everyone's so psyched to have Caitlin take on this immensely honorable leadership role. Congrats!

Family & Friends Weekend Show 2017
It's with great pleasure that we introduce our next production for Family & Friends Weekend!
Directed by Ellie Lavelle
Assistant Direction by Lara McCallister
Musical Direction by Jacob Hudgins

BUSTies 2017 While our Season may be over, that doesn't mean the fun has ended! We still have BUSTies, a Stage Troupe favorite, to take care of! BUSTies is an amazingly fun night of awards, laughs, and senior roasts—a perfect way to end the year and bid adieu to all the soon-to-be Troupe alumni. Not sold yet? There will also be DESSERT and COFFEE. So suit up in your fancy skirts and bowties, and b̶r̶a̶c̶e̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶s̶e̶l̶v̶e̶s̶ get pumped up for what your hosts, Chris n' Lucy, have prepared for you!

Tickets for BUSTies are $10 and can be purchased here.

And, of course, to stay up-to-date about BUSTies news, make sure to RSVP to the Facebook event here.

Space Cleaning All right, you rascals, theatre is messy, and so our Space needs tidying up at the end of every semester! We need all hands on deck to join us on Sunday, May 7th, to come down to The Space and help us reorganize and declutter. A Facebook event for Space Cleaning is in the works, so look out for it!

Remember, while we encourage all Troupies to lend a helping hand, we require anyone who worked on a mainstage this semester to clock in some time to help clean. We all made this mess together, and we gotta make sure everything is clean for next semester. Every mainstage show from this Season must contribute a collective 40 hours of service from the cast and crew. Our TA, Chris, will soon post a Google Form for you to sign up for as many hours of work your able to contribute. So, hey, clear your schedules for the 7th so that we can all clear The Space as efficiently as possible!

Summer Show 2017 The selection for this year's Summer Show is still in the works, but worry not! We're very close to making a decision, and we'll let you know the very second everything is finalized.

If you are going to be in Boston over the summer, WE WANT YOU! Please consider joining our Summer Show production so that we can put on a great, theatrical first impression to all the prospective Troupies who will come see us perform during Orientation! This is a great way to keep your theatre muscle active as well as to recruit new members for the Stage Troupe family!

Auditions for Summer Show will take place the first week of May. Stay tuned for a Facebook event with all the details!

If you're interested in being a Technical Director for Summer Show, please email Chris Remillard at chrisre@bu.edu.

If you're interested in being a Producer for Summer Show, please email Andy Moeller at moellera@bu.edu.

We hope all our Boston-based Troupies will join us for Summer Show!

Well, that's it for your final GM recap of the year! It's truly bittersweet, and I'm sad to stop sending you all these colorful, cheesily GIFed emails every month. But, hey, we've still got a month left until everything is truly over, and we clearly have a whole lot more to do with Troupe before we wrap up finals! Good luck with all your final projects and exams, kids. I believe in you and your GPAs. Of course, you can always keep the happiness alive by brightening up your social media feeds with all things Stage Troupe:

Like our Facebook page
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Study hard, sleep well, eat fruit, and know that summertime is waiting just around the corner.

Fall 2016 Cast Lists

Ah, it’s happened! After a full straight hour (or two) of refreshing this page, the cast lists have APPEARED! Thank you all for all your patience tonight! If you were cast, congratulations! You’ll be hearing from your new directors soon, so stay tuned!

If you were not cast, our hearts go out to you. This is a hard, hard feeling to sit with, and there’s little we can say to stifle it. But please try to understand that this in no way means that you’re not a good actor; this semester’s audition pool was huge and full of amazing talent, and so this entire week’s process was extremely competitive. Even if you were cast, we absolutely want you to stick around—there’s still plenty for everyone to do with Stage Troupe.

Opportunities are still available for people wanting to act, tech, and/or produce!

First off, our Tech Meeting is this Saturday, 9/17, at 1:00PM in “The Space.” Even if you’ve never teched before, our team of techie Troupies want to show you the ropes (and lights, and lumber, etc.)! We at Stage Troupe thrive with the mantra “Learning by Doing.” This is a great time to learn something new and still be a part of our Stage Troupe family. Tech is a crucial part of the theatre, and we would be nothing without the help of our techies. Hop on down to the tech meeting, even if you’re on the fence, and see what you might be interested in!

Another opportunity you have to help run our shows is to PRODUCE! Producing consists of the marketing, promotion, and ticketing elements of theatre! As a producer, you can learn how to dabble in graphic design, format show programs, and have your work spread across campus to promote our Fall 2016 season! If you’re interested in producing, you can fill out a producer form and email it to our Treasurer, Andy Moeller, at moellera@bu.edu.

And remember, if you still want to act this semester, we’ll be providing details for our One-Acts and Monologues Festival later in the semester. The Festival will take place in December, and it will provide a whole bunch of new opportunities for you to act, tech, and produce!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to audition this semester. We were blown away by all the new faces and all the amazing talent you guys brought to the audition rooms. We can’t wait to see more of you all throughout the semester!


The Addams Family Musical:

Morticia Addams: Danielle Diamond

Gomez Addams: Evan Creedon

Wednesday Addams: Rachel Smith

Pugsley Addams: Cassidy Donohue

Lucas: Nathan Wilgeroth

Mal: Esiri Madagwa Jr.

Alice: Ellie Lavelle

Fester: Andy Moeller

Grandma: Tori Jones

Lurch: Dylan Herina

Ancestors: Gwyneth Codd, Connor Gallacher, HwaYoun Kang, Jamey Miller, Elliott Pope, James Robson, Faith Reed, Maggie Skaza


Stupid F%&king Bird:

Con: Zachary Prescott

Dev: Jordan DeFilippo

Emma: Mary Kate Heagerty

Nina: Olivia Wiles

Mash: Tori Mueller

Trigorin: John Kinde

Sorn: Eli Saracino


Come Back, Little Sheba:

Doc: Chris Kuiken

Lola: Lauren Linn

Marie: Meaghan Collins

Turk: Nick Staffaroni

Mrs. Coffman: Becca DeGregorio

Bruce/Milkman: Ryan Kelly

Ed/Messenger: Bradley Noble

Elmo/Postman: Sophia Pouzyrev

Executive Board Notes 4/17/16

One Acts Check-Ins

  • Director: Brittany
    • Very happy overall
    • One Acts is best when done in the theater
  • Director: Danielle
    • Highly recommends musicals for One Acts
    • MDs should have a separate piano player
    • The Student Theater is thus far the best place for One Acts
    • Actors are people before they’re actors—make sure they are allowed to eat before warm-ups
    • Actors should be respected at warm-ups and shouldn’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to do
  • Director: Karen
    • It was very fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
  • TD: Devika
    • Went really well
    • Left the Space open after strike for American Idiot
    • Left lights, two ladders, gel frames, and wrenches for the people who are in the Student Theater next
    • Suggests getting a new makeup kit (or 2) and new foundation
    • A lot of lights aren’t working and many gel frames are bent/not usable
      • Suggests the next show in the Student Theater should get a bigger lighting budget to fix what’s broken
    • Has space/theater keys and will arrange something with whomever needs to pick them up
  • SM: Alba and Caitlin
    • Felt disrespected by some directors
    • Frustrating to have people argue against inconvenient call times
    • People should commit to tech week as if it were a mainstage
    • Some second-semester seniors checked out and didn’t set a good example
    • Because more people take on unfamiliar tech roles with One Acts, they should communicate more and ask for help when confused
  • Producing: Brittany
    • Had a hard time producing and directing at the same time. Disappointed not to have had more people sign up/participate


E-Board Check-Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Plans to meet with Danielle
    • Should look over contract with new board to recap the year and plan for next
  • VP: Alison
    • Tried to call someone to fix blue lights and slamming door, but got no response; will contact emergency facilities to get it done
  • VPSP: Danny
    • About to order 45 trophy heads for BUSTies, totaling about $130
    • Needs to set a date to make trophies with old/new Board (tentative: Tuesday, 4/26)
    • Will make a Facebook poll to see if the membership is interested in Troupe graduation cords.
    • Canceled SHOWcase due to conflicts and low interest
    • Had a successful roasting workshop and is offering individual meetings for BUSTies roasters
    • The audience really enjoyed One Acts, and the attendance was impressive
    • SAAD committee responses are overdue as of tonight
    • Sent out Nomination Committee poll—due Saturday 4/23
    • Tried to get information about the Summer Show timeline but didn’t get a response. Plans to reach out in-person, or Steve will contact someone
    • We should reserve a room in Photonics for next year’s BUSTies ASAP
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Will plan to make a detailed list for future Treasurers about everything they must do for BUSTies
    • Finally got all the Parent’s Weekend money back from SAO
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • In Las Vegas for the week - no check in
  • TA: Jamie
    • Courtney Bayruns sent us an explanation of what’s wrong with the sound board and how to deal with it
    • The dumpster has been reserved for Space Cleaning
    • American Idiot rented a lot of stuff, and they have been great to work with
    • A lot of lights are broken—plans to fix at Space Cleaning
    • Needs to find people to help build for Actively Moving Forward on 4/26
  • Eric
    • It will cost $200 to replace the amp in the theater
  • Paulina and Lauren
    • Got a choreographer for The Addams Family—Daniella Forero
  • Chris
    • Revised the amendment to the constitution according to E-Board’s requests


Executive Board Notes 3/27/16

Show Check Ins

  • Play It Again, Sam
    • Director: Daniella
      • Excited to see what happens when actors get onstage
      • Had a slight issue with costumes going into this week – figured it out
    • TD: Chris
      • Had build week and it was great
      • OB cleaned up The Space really well for us post-Bee
      • Had a challenging time with people dropping throughout the process – particularly affected costumes department
      • Might be good for us to have an incentive system in place so that people actually sign up for the GSU Link and Move-In
    • SM: Nicolette
      • Line notes have been a breeze – actors are totally on top of their lines
      • One of the ASMs is a little flakey – not sure how present they will be this week but we will see
    • Producers: Paulina and Karen
      • Photoshoot was very rough – everything that could have went wrong went wrong, but it ultimately turned out well
      • Profile videos are out
      • Started doing the lobby today
      • Karen is teaching assistant producer, Lauren, Photoshop
      • Called OO Shirts and cried and now the shirts will be in on time
  • One Acts
    • Director: Emma
      • Have yet to have a rehearsal but that’s because Nicolette is SMing Sam – things will kick into high gear next week
    • Director: Brittany
      • Had first read through with cast – in really good shape
      • Can’t really do anything this week because of Play It Again, Sam
    • Director: Danielle
      • Had a read through today and it was amazing
      • Planning on doing some rehearsals this week
    • Musical Numbers & Monologue Director: Karen
      • Scheduling rehearsals during the day this week
    • TD: Devika
      • Can’t be at Opening Night of One Acts because she is teching a non BU show
      • Going to meet with ATD Kevin after he gets back from Easter
    • Producer: Brittany
      • Sending Head Producer the guide because she has never produced before
      • Poster needs to be done by the end of this week
    • SMs: Caitlin and Alba
      • Had a meeting with Devika and Danny about what they will be doing throughout this process; they will be the liaison between each show’s directors and its actors in scheduling rehearsals and such
      • Will be emailing actors this week to get their schedules
      • Trying to figure out the responsibilities of each SM during tech week - who will be taking line notes, who will be backstage and who will be calling the show


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Excited to elect Baby Board
  • VP: Alison
    • Constitution changes will be talked about in closed board
    • Mediated One Acts with Jamie
    • Gave keys to Play It Again, Sam
    • Got One Acts some rehearsal spaces
  • VPSP: Danny
    • Ordered the two sheet cakes for BUSTies
    • Brittany gave him list of all the seniors in Troupe and a BUSTies budget
      • Will be sending the non-dues paying seniors in Troupe an email asking them to pay dues in order to get roasts/attend BUSTies
    • Have to discuss Summer Show deadline – E-Board will read the show before next week’s GM so we can decide what we want to do
    • One Acts is cast and tech/producers are assigned
    • Order of One Acts in festival will be discussed tonight with Devika
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • We’ve only received ¼ of the Parents Weekend money from last year – need to talk to SAO to get the other ¾
    • Got the Glass poster from marketing department
    • It was extremely difficult to find producers for One Acts
    • Gave Danny the budget for BUSTies
    • Will make the EventBrite for BUSTies within the next week
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • butv10 piece on Glass will be released tomorrow, says Alexa from the outlet
    • Made Sam Facebook event
    • Started making Secretary guide for next year’s Secretary
  • TA: Jamie
    • Had problems with SAO delivering wood for Play It Again, Sam
    • Woman from SAO’s Excellence in Student Activities Awards reached out to Jamie about building a set for the awards; Jamie will make a set design for her and will help her build it alongside her team
    • Going to meet with Student AMF about the “Before I die…” project
    • One Acts tech lists are finalized; very difficult to make lists, per usual
    • WM is building in The Space next week and they are renting stuff from us
    • Spelling Bee needs to pay us back for the lights
    • Making a new TA guide

Executive Board Notes 3/20/16

Show Check Ins 

  • The Glass Menagerie Check Out
    • Director: Victor
      • Everyone is happy
      • First time directors need to be very open to accepting help and vulnerable to the process
      • Good mix of professionalism, fun and seriousness throughout the process
    • TD: Caitlin
      • Gave keys back to Jamie
      • This time slot is hard (weekend after Spring Break) – no way to guarantee how many people will be at move in; people will inevitably have to double up on roles
      • Need to clean up the workshop – paint cabinet particularly
      • One of the strike felons is pitching a show for the Fall 2016 season – just an FYI
      • When doing a period piece, make sure that crew has resources to really understand that specific period and make sure tech is appropriate
      • Maybe don’t rig things to the electrics – very difficult to put up and take down
      • Directors need to be urged to not complete thank you notes during strike
    • Producer: Emma and Andy
      • Ticket numbers: Saturday sold out, Friday sold 65 tickets and Thursday sold 33 tickets
      • Communication between creative team and producers is necessary and was definitely not a problem on Glass
      • Only problems arose because of timing, post Spring Break
      • In the future, producer application needs to have dates on it to ensure that producers can fully commit to a show and can be held accountable for being at tech week
      • Definitely should get things done as far in advance as possible
    • SM: Alison
      • Show happened and everything went really well
      • Assistants were amazing
      • Victor was great – very communicative, inquisitive, and a pleasure to work with
  • Play It Again, Sam
    • Director: Daniella
      • Had a lot of individual rehearsals this week – ready to go into full runs during the coming week
      • Tech people will be at full runs this week
      • Had a line through when they returned from Spring Break – went unbelievably well
      • Might have a guest director this week
    • SM: Nicolette
      • First line through went really well
      • This week was mostly character work
      • Next week will be run throughs
    • TD: Chris
      • Build week is this week
      • Going to pick up wood order from Home Depot tomorrow
      • Build will be 6PM-10PM every night except Wednesday which will be 6:30PM-10PM
      • Move in will start at 11AM this coming Sunday – some crew members will be missing it due to Easter, but they will manage
    • Producers: Karen and Paulina
      • Poster, cover photo and digital poster are done
      • Digital poster is up
      • Christy came up with some really cool ideas for the lobby
      • T-shirts are ordered – unsure if they will come in on time
      • Went to SAO and most packages are in, a few are missing though
      • Going to distribute GSU link sign up
  • One Acts
    • Director: Brittany
      • Picked the sides for auditions already
    • Director: Danielle
      • Zoe is busy because she is producing Spelling Bee this week
      • Want to be able to accommodate Spelling Bee actors and crew – they can audition any time that is convenient for them
      • Still deciding whether or not they want to have auditionees sing from the show or not – leaning towards not from the show
    • Monologue and Musical Number Director: Karen and Daniel
      • Meeting on Monday to talk about what they’re looking for in auditionees


E-Board Check Ins

  • President: Michael
    • Received two late pitches after the second deadline had passed – accepted them, but only one pitch was submitted on time
  • VP: Alison
    • Need to get facilities to make the theater doors not slam and find out if they empty the new recycling bins
    • Had a lot of trouble with the sound system during The Glass Menagerie – need to think about seriously evaluating sound system in the theater; coordinating with Joe McLaughlin on it
    • Had a meeting with SAO with the rest of the theater community about scheduling the fall semester
  • VPSP: Danny
    • Reading Committee worked out
    • One Acts and the director of monologues and musical numbers have all been chosen
    • For the first time we are mounting One Acts that we need to pay royalties for
    • SHOWcase was really good and focused on One Acts
    • Sign ups for BUSTies and roasts begin be on April 3rd
  • Treasurer: Brittany
    • Going to send out Producer feedback for this show
    • Have shirts, stickers and cookies for tonight’s GM
    • Have to pick producers for One Acts soon because they will have to design a Warren poster
    • Need to pick up The Glass Menagerie poster from BU Marketing tomorrow
  • Secretary: Karlie
    • Coordinated with butv10 reporter, Alexa, this week – she came to Tuesday night of tech week and filmed b-roll of the show, backstage and interviewed cast, crew and E-Board members – piece will be coming out sometime this week
    • Need to make the Play It Again, Sam Facebook event either tonight or tomorrow
    • Still need to make The Space rules poster still
    • Will upload Glass production photos to Flickr and Facebook this week
  • TA: Jamie
    • Spelling Bee used the space this week but did not do so correctly
      • They are cleaning up today
      • They are in the theater this week; need to do the lights rental contract
      • Had to clarify how keys work with TD of Spelling Bee, Taylor
      • Spelling Bee is borrowing furniture and 2 flats; equal exchange for flats and platforms that we are using for Play It Again, Sam
    • In the future, TDs will have to rent a Uhaul truck and pick up their wood orders from Home Depot because it is to difficult and unpredicatable to navigate SAO's new system
    • Made the TA application – posted on the website
    • Play It Again, Sam will be building this week – they are ready
    • Sending Karlie tech feedback form for The Glass Menagerie to distribute to crew
    • Want to help out Actively Moving Forward make a “Before I Die…” wall – will reach out to AMF liaison; Karlie will try to pitch this story out
    • Willing Suspensions will be renting lights April 17th – 23rd
    • Wandering Minds wants to rent for BentApril 3rd – 9th
    • MC and TD of Play It Again, Sam were safety trained in The Space today – they are ready for build week
    • Worried about putting together a One Acts crew; currently see no one who is interested in being TD for it
    • Did the tech feedback for Dog Sees God - feedback was unanimously that TD and ATD were incredible leaders, and everyone really had a good time in the process

Fall 2016 Mainstage Pitches Addendum

Greetings Stage Troupe friends! We have a bit of news regarding our upcoming Fall 2016 Mainstage Season. We have accepted one additional pitch to be considered for Fall 2016 that will be presented at the Third General Meeting this Sunday, March 20th at 7PM in CAS 316. The pitch is as follows:

"Stupid Fucking Bird" by Aaron Posner, proposed by Conner Reed

We'll see you all at the General Meeting this weekend!

Executive Board Meeting Notes: February 1st, 2015

This week's executive board minutes: The Laramie Project

Show is cast!

Read-through being tentatively scheduled for tomorrow, barring any issues with snow.

Angels in America

Cast is beautiful; first read-through on Thursday? (Zoe is super busy due to rush week.)

Hail Satan!

Cast! Read-through today at 4.

Meeting with Jamie went great.

Private Lives

Cast the show! Read-through is on Tuesday. Rooms requests will be going to Eli.

Audition Process

Open communication is great! Consider using social media or texting to communicate about casting to prevent people from coming in during the callback process.

Snowpocalypse hurt total auditionees. We somehow made it work.

Staged reading priorities didn't hurt anything.

Producing Inquiry

Sarah needs assistant producers for Laramie.

We need to consider expanding producing budgets to account for inflation of costs in Warren posters. Digital signage does not appear to be effective.


"Coffee with the president" - email blast will happen in the next week or so. Opportunity to share ideas for Troupies in an intimate setting.


Rooms are ready for Laramie for the next month (with the exception of weekends.)

Directors: request rooms from Eli at least a day in advance; otherwise, you may not get a room.

Joe Gambino needs to email Eli about bystander training so he can sign up and attend.

Casting happened, proud of directors.

Heads of Production meeting on Saturday the 7th. Time? How about 5:00 PM in the Student Theater.


Assassins will begin tonight at midnight (following the delays from Snowpocalypse). Three clothespins to distribute still.

TA event stuff needs to be finalized: performers, hosts, donations, etc. If this sounds like you: email Celia at cgibson2@bu.edu.

Film the thing.


Don't get Warren posters.

Mac Rogers has been in touch, has a contract and we will pay him.

Link tables will be done this week. Producers will be done when enough applications come in.


Finally figured out how to get into the Stage Troupe Wordpress site. Use username "bustagetroupe."

Will update the widget and create Facebook events for TA event and 2nd GM (which is this Sunday!)


Stage managers will come as soon as she can get enough applications!

Tech deadline is Tuesday at 4 PM.

Random ladder open in The Space. Was someone working on the lights? Hm.


Lights in the space - still dark! (Sad.)

Fall season conversation happens today.

Fall Season Conversation

Not enough techies to do 4 full out main stages, especially with Parents Weekend. Concerns about top techie seniors graduating.

This season's format seems to work well. 1 Parents Weekend, 2 Main Stages, 1 Staged Reading?

Should the membership select the staged reading? Or should the eboard, like this semester?

WHAT IF: Joe had a great idea. Let the membership vote as a poll to gauge interest in membership desire. Eboard will have ultimate decision.

Town hall meeting made some members feel "really heard."

Casting procedure would probably be the same way as it operated this semester: auditions simultaneously, with priority for main stages/Parents Weekend.

Eric raises concerns about casting priority, especially with the gorilla of Parents Weekend. Board agrees staged reading should have the same priority (this semester was a special case).


1 Parents Weekend, 1 Staged Reading, 2 Main Stages, in that order.

The sitting eboard will determine the staged reading following the selection of the season's other main stages (which will be determined by the membership, per usual). Should a sitting eboard member have a main stage pitch selected, he or she will contribute in the meeting but abstain from the final vote.

Show voting for main stages is March 22nd. Staged reading town hall meeting and selection will be tentatively April 12th. Staged reading pitches will be due April 1st.

We should probably make sure the staged reading is considered under the purview of the Vice President (rather than the Vice President of Special Project). Potential amendment to the constitution should be drafted.

Staged Reading Pitches & Other Reminders

Hello membership! I am happy to announce the two pitches we received for the Spring 2015 Staged Reading. They are, in alphabetical order: Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes (Part 1), by Tony Kushner, pitched by Cara Dwyer

August: Osage County, by Tracy Letts, pitched by Emily Prescott

A reminder that both Cara and Emily will speak about their pitches at the 4th and Final General Meeting this Sunday at 7 PM in the Agganis Student Theater. We encourage you to attend and offer any thoughts, questions, or concerns you may have about the pitches. After the GM concludes, the executive board will convene and decide which pitch will be selected, with an announcement of the final season coming shortly thereafter.

Also remember that SPACE CLEANING is on Sunday the 7th from 11AM to 6PM in The Space. Each show needs to accumulate 40 cumulative hours of cleaning time to be eligible for BUSTies, which we will be voting on that evening at the 4th GM!

Finally, a reminder that our Fall 2014 One Acts and Monologues Festival goes up this Friday and Saturday, December 5th and 6th at 8PM in the Student Theater! The performance is free and first come served.

Have wonderful weeks!

Charity Show & One Acts Festival Announcements!

Hello membership! Our Vice President of Special Projects, Celia Gibson, met with the rest of the executive board this evening to approve both her 2015 Charity Show and Fall 2014 One Acts Festival selections.

We are thrilled to announce this year's Charity Show will be The Laramie Project, by Moises Kaufman and the Members of the Tectonic Theater Project, directed by Aryeh Harris-Shapiro.

Here are the selections for the Fall 2014 One Acts Festival:

"Anastasia the Movie as a Musical," written and directed by Michael Gobiel and Emily Prescott "Novices," directed by Abby Kass "Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All," by Christopher Durang, directed by Kyle Tague "Sure Thing," by David Ives, directed by Ali Edwards and Alison Parker

Stay tuned for more information about audition times and locations!

Spring 2014 Pitch Season

Hello membership! For the first time ever, we will be releasing the main stage pitches received for our Spring 2014 season. Any dues paying member is encouraged to attend our Third General Meeting on November 9th, 7 PM, in the Agganis Student Theater. At that meeting, you will hear the creative teams pitch their shows, as well as address any potential issues our reading committee came across in their evaluation. Then, you will have the opportunity to vote for the two mainstage shows you'd like to make up our spring 2014 season. (The Charity Show is selected by our Vice President of Special Projects, Celia Gibson.)

Remember that you are voting for a season, not just two shows you happen to like. And remember - democracy only works if people show up. No excuses: get there and vote!

Here are the shows that were submitted as main stages (in alphabetical order). Take advantage of the time you have from now until November 9th to research the shows and ask the creative teams questions. An informed vote is a good vote!

Hail Satan! (A Comedy in Two Acts) - Kyle Tague Private Lives - Joseph McLaughlin Romeo & Juliet - Celia Gibson A Streetcar Named Desire - Shoshana Koff

The following were submitted for consideration for the Charity Show. The show that is not selected will reenter the regular voting pool for your consideration.

The Laramie Project - Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Milk Milk Lemonade - Karen Loewy

Note: If you believe your pitch is missing, there's a typo, or you notice any other sort of problem, please let me know. Have great weeks!

New Year, New Season -- Welcome Back!

Ladies and gentlemen, thespians and ogres, gluten-free abiders and carefree omnivores -- it is at last 2013 and the start of a brand new semester and, my dear membership, we. are. BACK!

Get ready for a whole new season of opportunity. It's spring (well, winter) here with Stage Troupe, which means we've got four new mainstages and a new crop of special projects to get involved with!

Constant vigilance will be needed, because we have our First GM, Auditions, and our Tech Meeting coming up quick to start off the new semester! Read on to find out where/when/how to get involved.


Sunday, January 20th, 7PM
This is our first meeting back! You get to meet the Eboard and this season's directors and find out how to audition or apply for technical positions! We'll be discussing the variety of events we have coming up this spring and all of the ways you can get involved with Troupe, so don't miss out on this meeting and the chance to catch up with everyone!

Monday-Wednesday, January 21st-23rd, 6-10PM
Audition for any or all of our four mainstage productions this spring. Be sure to attend the GM and watch future emails for more information! Check the site for info and for audition forms. Callbacks will be held on January 24th.

Friday, January 25th, 6:30PM
This meeting is for anyone interested in holding a tech position this season! You get to hear from the directors more specifics about what they're looking for and you can find out about the different departments from our TA!


February 28; March 1-2
Written by Liz Duffy Adams
Directed by Celia Gibson & Juliette Vandame

March 21-23
Election Day
Written by Josh Tobiessen
Directed by Joe Reed

April 4-6
Written by Patrick Marber
Directed by Allison Crisostomo & Vishaal Reddy

April 18-20
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Marcus Doyle & Julie Kaminski

We are so excited and hope you're all ready for another utterly FANTASTIC season of Troupe!

A few reminders...

If you are interested in TDing this semester, particularly for the Charity Show, Or, please contact Andrew (smithand@bu.edu) immediately!

If you are participating in ASSASSINS, please bring $2 to the GM so you can get your target!

Don't forget, at our second GM on February 10th, we'll be holding our lottery for tickets to BOOK OF MORMON!

We'll be having a sign-up sheet for ANDREW'S ALL-AMERICAN AXE-STRAVAGANZA at the GM as well, so if you have an act in mind don't forget to put down your name!

ANYWAY. That's all for now. Don't forget to check the site (bustagetroupe.com) for information on the new season and keep an eye on the blog and our Twitter (@StageTroupe) for updates!

Keep the delight alive, dearest Troupies. See you all this Sunday in the Student Theater!

December Events

My dear membership:

First off—congratulations to the cast & crew of Picasso at the Lapin Agile! What a superb way to end our season of main stages.
Now, it's December and finals are creeping upon us, but we still have lots of events coming up to keep theatre in our hearts/minds/procrastinative inventories!
Don't forget—for anyone interested in PITCHING. Our deadline for Spring 2013 pitches is this WEDNESDAY, December 5th, at 3pm at 111 Cummington Mall. GET YOUR PITCHES IN ASAP!
Fall 2012 One Act & Monologue Festival
December 7th & 8th at 8pm in CAS 224
(join the Facebook event: http://www.facebook.com/events/138084543008955/)
The Final GM of the Semester
December 9th at 7pm in the Student Theater
- This is a hugely important meeting, so be sure to attend! We will be voting for the fall season BUSTies, which is our end of the year award ceremony. You definitely want your voice heard (and your hard work recognized!) We will also be voting on our final play for our Spring 2013 season, so we need our democratic masses to give us your opinions. Be there.
A Senior Divas Christmas (For Charity)
December 12th at 8pm in the Student Theater
- Some of our senior membership is putting together a Christmas concert to raise money for K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations). Join us!
December 15th at the Space
That's all for now, membership!


Were you huddled in your little British cafes actively refreshing FB/the website/Twitter to find out from your friends what our new season is? Did you not know where the heck SAR was and got too distracted by the freezing temperatures outside to ask? Did you just forget? Well, fortunately, I've got the lovely little recap for you all set you needy membership.

Here we go.

First off, Congratulations to the cast and crews of Little Shop of Horrors and Stop Kiss! Both were absolutely fantastic productions and started off our fall season right. Yay.

The New Vice President of Stage Troupe has been not only nominated, but chosen.

********THE NEW VP********

Vishaal Reddy


********HERE IS THE SPRING 2013 SEASON********

Charity Show:

Or, Written by Liz Duffy Adams Directed by Celia Gibson

*Looking for a Co-Director! Please contact Celia through email at cgibson1893@gmail.com

Closer Written by Patrick Marber Directed by Allison Crisostomo and Vishaal Reddy

Election Day Written by Josh Tobiessen Directed by Joe Reed

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Written by Edward Albee Directed by Marcus Doyle and Kaitlin Bresee ********ONE ACTS FESTIVAL********

Variations on the Death of Trotsky Written by David Ives Directed by Celia Gibson

Dismantling Camelot Written and Directed by Eli Brenna

Almost, Maine Written by John Cariani Directed by Michael Gobiel and Audrey Wood

AUDITIONS November 5th & 6th 6-10PM in CAS B18A

Performances are December 7th & 8th in CAS 224


We need a crew for One Acts! TD, ATD Stage Managers Props Costumes Sound Build & Set Dec? Possibly No lights

WE NEED YOU! Please contact Andrew at smithand@bu.edu


Let Lauren know if you want to participate!

****HOLIDAY MOVIE**** An end of the semester bonding event in the Student Theater! Watching holiday movies! Excitement!

********THE TECH SHOW******** Keep it in your mind. Keep it in your hearts. Sign-ups will be at the next GM! We have two more main stages this semester!

Mr. Marmalade November 15-17

Picasso at the Lapin Agile November 29-30; December 1st

And our NEXT GM is DECEMBER 9th, 7PM in the Student Theater!

Stay amazing, you lovely membership.


Hello membership! Our season is fast underway and Stage Troupe is proud to present our second main stage of the semester... STOP KISS

Written by Diana Son

Directed by Celia Gibson Technically Directed by Allison Crisostomo Produced by Dan Stevens

When Callie, a New York City traffic reporter promised to cat sit for Sarah, “some friend of an old friend of someone,” while she settles into her new apartment, Callie never expected the favor to grow into a deep and lasting friendship. When Sarah, a brand new Bronx school third grade teacher, moved to New York from her private Quaker school in St. Louis, she never expected a woman like Callie to stumble into her life. So, when the two share their first unexpected kiss one night on a street in the West Village, neither could imagine it would lead to a vicious attack ending with one of them in a coma. As the play jumps between small moments before and after this attack, Sarah and Callie struggle with the attraction they feel toward each other and what they must do in the wake of this unexpected disaster.

Stop Kiss opens in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Ave)

Thursday November 1 at 8pm Friday November 2 at 8pm Saturday October 20 at 8pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Activities Information Desk the week preceding the show with Convenience Points or credit card. They will also be available cash only at the door.

Prices $6 General $5 Members

Join the Facebook Event!

Check the website

Check out a fantastic production and support your fellow Troupies!

Cheers, membership!


Hey there, hallo, good afternoon, how are ya, etc. etc. you silly, soporific membership: There are so many delightful things coming up. There is much joy in which to partake, don't you think?

Allow me to break them down for you.


**8PM on Saturday, September 29th in the Student Theater**

Multigroup Combat! The Team Stage Troupe writing team shall meet at 8pm tonight and the director and actors will meet at 8am on Saturday to rehearse Troupe's entry into Combat.

If you're not participating, you all should definitely come watch a night of FREE, FUN theatre from Stage Troupe as well as our fellow groups on campus—OnBroadway, Liquid Fun, and Wandering Minds.



**SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th at 7PM in CAS 224**

You don't want to miss out on this meeting! If you have any interest at all in pitching a show for One Acts later this semester or for our Spring 2013 Season, you should come and learn about how to do that and also about reading committee! (What is that? Who knows. Find out at the meeting, silly). We have a bunch more announcements to share as well, so come!


The director for Picasso at the Lapin Agile will be holding another round of auditions for the role of Elvis! If you are not already cast in the season or if you missed out the first time, then come and audition for the role!

Auditions will be held this upcoming week:

Tuesday, October 2 from 6-10 in CAS 203 Wednesday, October 3 from 6-10 in CAS 221

We'll tell you more at the GM THIS SUNDAY! Don't forget that there's also KICKBALL on OCTOBER 7TH!

See you chauvinistic thespians laterz (like SUNDAY)

Fall 2012 CAST LIST!

Little Shop of HorrorsCrystal: Colleen Martorano Chiffon: Jacklyn Persuit Ronnette: Mia Sommese Seymour: Dylan Kaplan Audrey: Melissa D'Anna Mr. Mushnik: Corey Steinfast Orin: Carlton Welch The Plant/Wino #1/Voice Like God: Joe Reed Skip Snip/Radio Announcer: David Frankenfield Customer #1/Bernstein: Michael Gobiel Customer #2/Mrs. Luce: Stephanie Gray Homeless Woman/Patricia Martin: Caitlin Donahue

Stop Kiss Callie: Lauren Kolodkin Sarah: Rachel Wein George: Will Dowsett Peter: Eli Brenna Detective Cole: Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Mrs. Winsley/Nurse: Alexandra David

Mr. Marmalade Lucy: Jemma Douglas Larry: Kyle Tague Mr. Marmalade: Greg Nedeltscheff Bradley: David Olson George: Charlie Schumacher Emily/Sunflower: Amy Sullivan Sookie: Virginia Booth Man/Cactus: Vishaal Reddy

Picasso at the Lapin Agile Freddy: Joe McLaughlin Gaston: Keaton Goldsmith Einstein: David Fontana Sagot: Ilana Berman Schmendiman: Abi Oshins Germain: Katie Diekhaus Picasso: Andrew Smith Suzanne: Ramona Ostrowski A Visitor: Ryan Chernin Countess/Admirer: Meagan Antonellis

Fall 2012 CALLBACKS!

Little Shop of Horrors *Everyone called back for Little Shop, please look in your inbox for an email from the directors! IF you don't receive one, please email stage@bu.edu and we'll get it to you!

Men Nick Amadeo David Frankenfield David Olson Dan Stevens Vishaal Reddy Lee Condakes Jason Berger Carl Welch Corey Steinfast Shane Hennessey Joe Gambino Joe Reed Michael Gabiel Dylan Kaplan

Women Rachel Wein Claire Sutton Abi Oshins Katelyn Diekhaus Jessica Schaffel Cherie Gu Isabella Walpole Mia Sommese Colleen Martorano Leah Edwards Stephanie Gray Mollie Wasser Jacklyn Persuit Courtney Sonn Katie Iafolla Caitlin Donahue Melissa D'Anna

Stop Kiss

Men Charlie Schumacher Eliot Reiniger David Fontana Will Dowsett Matthew Sullivan Joe McLaughlin Andrew Smith Eli Brenna Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Vishaal Reddy Joe Gambino Matt Maguire

Women Melanie Adams Meagan Antonellis Virginia Booth Amy Sullivan Rachel Wein Alexandra David Lauren Kolodkin Ilana Berman Risa McNellis Kelsey Gold Katelyn Diekhaus Olivia Hathaway Shoshana Koff Isabella Walpole

Mr. Marmalade

Men Kyle Tague Matthew Sullivan Charlie Schumacher Dan Stevens Tomislov Macan Andrew Smith Keaton Goldsmith Harry Gustafson Gregory Nedeltscheff Corey Steinfast Vishaal Reddy Eliot Reiniger David Fontana David Olson Will Dowsett Ivaylo Gyurov

Women Isabella Walpole Maddy Fuller Arielle Dizon Courtney Sonn Amy Sullivan Cory Morano Jemma Douglas Kelsey Gold Rachel Wein Lauren Kolodkin Abi Oshins Karlee Fitzgerald Virginia Booth Ilana Berman Mariel Hathaway Cameron Barney

Picasso at the Lapin Agile

*The director of Picasso would like to see every male callback's best Elvis impression!

Men Corey Steinfast Eli Brenna Vishaal Reddy Keaton Goldsmith Andrew Smith Matthew Sullivan Joe McLaughlin Joe Gambino Charlie Schumacher Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Matt Maguire Will Dowsett David Olson David Fontana

Women Meagan Antonellis Danielle McPeak Katelyn Diekhaus Lauren Kolodkin Maddy Fuller Abi Oshins Ilana Berman Melanie Adams Cara Dwyer Ramona Ostrowski

Callbacks begin at 6PM in CAS 312. Please contact stage@bu.edu by 1PM if there are any time conflicts or if you'd like to drop your callback.

Stage Troupe - Welcome Back!

Salutations you lovely, lovely Membership, and Welcome Back! I hope all of you moving in are having a good time and enjoying being back on campus! The sweaty times and blue/yellow carts are worth it, truly. Most importantly, I'm sure you're all revved up to catch up with friends and dive head-first into the flurry of student activity, and Stage Troupe is ready too!

We have an enormous number of events to start off the semester! Read on to find out about 'em, and don't forget to mark your calendars!

***Upcoming Events***

September 2nd, 4PM SPLASH (Nickerson Field) SPLASH is BU's back-to-school event featuring hundreds of student activities. Come visit the Troupe booth and help promote the season/the group to the class of 2016 and find out more about everything in store for the semester!

September 9th, 7PM First General Meeting (CAS 224) Our first meeting of the year! Meet the directors of our fall season and find out how to audition or apply for tech positions. We'll also be discussing the various events we have planned for the semester and other ways to get involved with Troupe, so you definitely want to be there. It's the best way to meet the Eboard and the rest of the members too, so don't miss out!

September 10-12, 6-10PM Fall Semester Auditions (Monday & Tuesday in CAS B18A; Wednesday in CAS 312) Auditions will be held for all four mainstage productions this fall. Check out the GM and future emails for more information! Callbacks will be held on September 13th in CAS 312.

September 14, 6:30PM Fall Tech Meeting (The Space) This meeting is for anyone interested in tech positions for this season. You'll be able to find out about the different departments and apply for what you want to work on.

September 18, 6PM Ice Cream Social (BU Central) Meet and greet with new and old members of Troupe and, more importantly, enjoy free ice cream!

***Now here's a reminder of our fantastic fall season...Keep these dates in mind!***

October 19-21 Little Shop of Horrors Music by Alan Menken; Lyrics by Howard Ashman Directed by Allie Romano Assistant Director and Choreographer: Jake Delaney Musical Director: Tanner Knorr

November 1-3 Stop Kiss Written by Diana Son Directed by Celia Gibson

November 15-17 Mr. Marmalade Written by Noah Haidle Directed by Sam Hoffman Assistant Director: Ryan Chernin

November 29-30; December 1 Picasso at the Lapin Agile Written by Steve Martin Directed by Julie Kaminski

***Little Shop of Horrors is seeking MUSICIANS and PUPPETEERS***

Finally, Our Parents' Weekend musical, Little Shop of Horrors, is looking for musicians interested in being a part of the pit orchestra! They need acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, a pianist, and drum set. If you're interested or know anyone else who might be, contact the music director Tanner Knorr at tanner.knorr@gmail.com

Our Technical Advisor Andrew Smith would also like to remind the technicians pool that we will be needing puppeteers to handle our plants for Little Shop this season. It will be a special tech position, so if you secretly handle giant man-eating plants every day or if you're willing to try, keep that in mind as well when you head to the tech meeting!

All right, that's it for now m'dears. You'll be hearing from me again soon with Even More Goodness.

Keep up-to-date with all things Troupe by following our blog (bustagetroupe.com/blog) and our Twitter @StageTroupe, and don't forget to join our Facebook Group!

We're so excited to see everyone! Get ready for another SPECTACULAR season of Troupe!