fall 2011

BUSTies Winners 2012!

BUSTies WinnersFall 2011 and Spring 2012

Best Show, Fall: All My Sons Best Show, Spring: columbinus Best Director, Fall: Chris Hamilton, Bug Best Director, Spring: Chris Hamilton, columbinus Best Technical Director, Fall: Kirsten Fukayama, All My Sons Best Technical Director, Spring: Jimmy Ikeda, Speech & Debate Best Producer, Fall: Kelsey Gold, Bug Best Producer, Spring: Chris Hamilton, The Vibrator Play Best Ensemble Cast, Fall: The cast of All My Sons Best Ensemble Cast, Spring: The cast of columbinus Best Actor, Fall: Travis Cherry as Joe Keller in All My Sons Best Actor, Spring: Ryan Chernin as Loner/Dylan Klebold in columbinus Best Actress, Fall: Margot Mache as Hedda Gabler in Hedda Gabler Best Actress, Spring: Kaitlin Bresee as Diwata in Speech & Debate Best Supporting Actor, Fall: Adrian Burke as Chris Keller in All My Sons Best Supporting Actor, Spring: Albert Paez as Paul Zara in Farragut North Best Supporting Actress, Fall: Molly Bourque as Charlotte in A Little Night Music Best Supporting Actress, Spring: Fiona Bryson as Mrs. Daldry in The Vibrator Play Best Cameo Performance, Fall: Ilana Berman as Berta in Hedda Gabler Best Cameo Performance, Spring: Joe Reed as Ben in Farragut North Best Stage Management, Fall: Allison Crisostomo, Hedda Gabler Best Stage Management, Spring: Ally Edgar and Julie Kaminski, columbinus Best Set Design, Fall: Andrew Clark, All My Sons Best Set Design, Spring: Preston Weir, The Vibrator Play Best Set Decoration, Fall: Dani Freiberg, All My Sons Best Set Decoration, Spring: Brittany Haynes and Courtney Licata, The Vibrator Play Best Master Carpentry, Fall: Preston Weir, A Little Night Music Best Master Carpentry, Spring: Preston Weir, The Vibrator Play Best Lighting Design, Fall: Jake Shauli, Hedda Gabler Best Lighting Design, Spring: Shane Hennessey, columbinus Best Sound Design, Fall: Roman Perry & Mike Carollo, Hedda Gabler Best Sound Design, Spring: Sarah Kuranda, columbinus Best Costume Design, Fall: Katie Rangel & Katrina De Rosa, A Little Night Music Best Costume Design, Spring: Kim Curhan & Juliette Vandame, The Vibrator Play Best Hair/Make-up Design, Fall: Stephanie Gray & Emily Jo McKnight, Hedda Gabler Best Hair/Make-up Design, Spring: Lauren Kolodkin, The Vibrator Play Best Props Design, Fall: Vijayta Narang, Bug Best Props Design, Spring: Dani Freiberg and Kelsey Gold, The Vibrator Play Best Gore Execution, Fall: Dani Freiberg, Bug Best Projection, Spring: Sam Hoffman, Speech & Debate Best Special Project, Fall: Baby Talk: A Case Study in One Act, directed by Andrew Smith Best Special Project, Spring: Toy Story, directed by Dani Freiberg Best Actor in a Special Project, Fall: Chris Hamilton as Baby in Baby Talk Best Actor in a Special Project, Spring: Jimmy Ikeda as Sid in Toy Story Best Actress in a Special Project, Fall: Melinda Frimpong as Doris in Early Morning Best Actress in a Special Project, Spring: Molly Bourque as Ginny in For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

SAAD Executive Board Recipient: Danielle Freiberg SAAD General Membership Recipient: Chris Hamilton

Rookie of the Year: Cilicia Rios Unsung Hero: Kevin Ang

The Final Fall Recap

Thanks again to everyone who attended our final General Meeting
yesterday. We had an incredible turnout and it was a great way to end
the semester. Congrats as well to our four mainstages and our six One Acts for all being an immense success!

The show dates for next season are...

Columbinus, March 1st-3rd
Farragut North, March 22nd-24th
Speech & Debate, March 29th-31st
In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play, April 12th-14th

****BUSTies VOTING****
If you want to vote for BUSTies, but were sadly unable to attend the
meeting yesterday, you can absentee vote by emailing our VPSP Marcus
Doyle at doylem23@gmail.com

****TECH SHOW****
Tech show is a hilarious event where the techies act, the actors tech,
and the audience remains the same! If you are a techie who wants to
perform, email Dani at dsfreiberg@gmail.com specifying if you would
like a lead or ensemble role. If you are an actor who wants to tech,
email Dani specifying which tech position you would like to tackle.

****SHOW DVDS****
If you would like a copy of a show from this past season, or seasons of your past email our TA Dani at dsfreiberg@gmail.com

Stay gold.

Crazy weekend of ONE ACTS!!!!!

Bored this weekend and have nothing to do? Do you really want to go out, but don't have $11.50 to spend on a movie? Then come to Stage Troupe's Fall One Acts Festival!!

We have six short plays that will make you laugh, cry, and possibly cringe a little. There's demonic babies, talking books, killer grandmothers, psychotic couples, ambidextrous men, and suspicious meatloaf. If that doesn't catch your attention, I'm not sure what will. These plays are:

The Best Chef America Food Channel Cook Book - Directed by Julie Kaminski & Kelly Dickinson
Baby Talk: A Case Study in One Act - Directed by Andrew Smith
The Rumor - Directed by Celia Gibson
Early Morning - Directed by Travis Cherry & Margot Mache
Meat - Directed by Lauren Kolodkin
Small World - Directed by Marissa Cheifetz & Hanna Wasserman

The One Acts Festival is THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY AT 8PM!! They will be taking place in the Agganis Student Theater at 925 Commonwealth Avenue (in the alleyway between FitRec and the arena).

The best part about One Acts is.....IT'S FREE!!!! Just come, sit back and enjoy the show!!! It'll be an easy way to get your theater fix in.

So don't study for finals and come to the Student Theater this weekend! It'll be way better than that 3D movie you planned on wasting your money on anyway.



Come to our fourth and final General Meeting of the Semester!

Here we'll be reminiscing about the season and voting for BUSTies!!! BUSTies are like the
Tony's, but with classier trophies and better categories. It's an awards ceremony held at the end of every school year where we recognize our friends for all of the endless hard work they put in this semester.

Also, it's just nice for everyone to get together one last time before
we die over finals and head off for winter break. (I may bring candy again...) SO COME!!!


Space Cleaning is a fun day when all the Troupies congregate with loud music and some brooms and CLEAN THE SPACE. SPACE CLEANING IS MANDATORY. You don't have to stay the ENTIRE time, but in order for the show you worked on to qualify for BUSTies everyone from that show must collectively contribute 40 hours of cleaning time. YES. It sounds a little daunting, but it's really one of the best days of the year. DON'T SKIP IT. IT WILL BE SO MUCH FUN.

So we can all hang out/clean at the space all day, EAT, and then go to the GM.



Jimmy Ikeda TD

Molly Bourque ATD
Kathleen Daniels Stage Manager
Olivia Hathaway Assistant Stage Manager
Zoraida Cabrera Lights
Alex Williams Lights
Shane Hennessy Lights
Alex Patow Lights
Dani Freiberg Sound
Kat Pernicone Sound
Ilana Berman Sound
Maegan Maybach Costumes
Juliette Vandame Costumes
Emma Gluck Costumes
Alex Wagner Props
Kim Curhan Props
Mariel Hathaway Props
Arka Pain Build
Kevin Ang Build
Courtney Licata Hair/Makeup
Allison Macika Hair/Makeup
Abi Oshins Hair/Makeup
Caitlin Shawaker Hair/Makeup
Alec Nicholson Master Carpenter
Arka Pain Build
Kevin Ang Build
Meredith Lawrence Build
Elyssa Sternberg
Marcus Doyle
Dennis Li
Sharmin Rahman

But I think to him they were all my sons.

"There's nothin' he could do that I wouldn't forgive. Because he's my son. Because I'm his father and he's my son...Nothin's bigger than that."

This weekend don't miss our FINAL MAINSTAGE OF THE SEMESTER:

Written by Arthur Miller
Directed by Elise Roth and Mike Halpern
Technically Directed by Kirsten Fukayama

Performances will be held in the Agganis Student Theater at 925 Commonwealth Avenue
(right in the alleyway between FitRec and the Arena) on:
Thursday, November 17th at 8pm
Friday, November 18th at 8pm and
Saturday, November 19th at 8pm

Tickets are $6 for general admission and $5 for Stage Troupe Members and can be purchased at the Student Activities Desk on the second floor of the GSU, or at the door. This American classic is selling out fast so get your tickets while you can!

Set in 1947, in the Keller's backyard, Miller's Tony Award Winning Play emanates themes of family, trust, betrayal, and guilt "for God doesn't let a son be killed by his father." This incredibly moving show is a MUST SEE, so "be smart", take a break from your work, and come on over any night this weekend. You will not regret it.

Big time tonight!!

Acting/Directing Opportunities!


The Directors of the One Act 'Early Morning' are seeking one male to fill the role of Detective Diamantini in their show. The cast is only two people, it is a low time
commitment, and would be a great opportunity to explore a new acting role. If this
interests you, please come to THE SPACE on Tuesday, November 15th from 5pm-6pm to
audition! It will be a cold reading, so just print out an audition form and bring your best!

One Acts take place December 2nd-3rd so make sure you are FREE that weekend before you audition!


Interested in Directing, but a little nervous about the process/how to go about it? The Directors of 'Speech and Debate' and 'In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play' are looking for Assistant Directors! Each is searching for someone passionate about the piece (that has read it) with a strong vision who can help them throughout the process. If this excites you email:

Jimmy Blackmon (Speech and Debate) at jmkblackmon@gmail.com
Melissa D'Anna (In the Next Room) at mmdanna@bu.edu

Ask them any questions you may have/for copies of the scripts!!!
Melissa is also seeking a Dramaturg, so email her if this piques your interest as well.


I must teach myself never to say Hedda Gabler again.

They will come--with vine leaves in their hair to see one of the most renowned dramas of all time:

Written by Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Marcus Doyle
Technically Directed by Marissa Cheifetz

Performances will be held in the Agganis Student Theater at 925 Commonwealth Avenue (right in the alleyway between FitRec and the Arena) on:
Thursday, November 10th at 8pm
Friday, November 11th at 8pm and
Saturday, November 12th at 8pm

Tickets are $6 for general admission and $5 for Stage Troupe Members and can be purchased at the Student Activities Desk on the second floor of the GSU, or at the door. Tickets are going fast, so get them while you can!

This play has been performed thousands of times, but this productionis guaranteed to be more visually captivating and breathtaking than any you have ever seen. The story of a woman desperate to break free from societal constraints is suspenseful and moving all at the same time.

This is an incredible opportunity and you have THREE chances to watch it, so get on that "pleasure train" and see this inspiring piece of work.

"After this, I will be quiet."


Early Morning
Doris- Melinda Frimpong
Diamantini- Keaton Goldsmith

The Best Chef America Food Channel Cook Book
Andy- Melanie Adams
Pate- Kaitlyn Brunner

Dr. Essex- Lindsay Kopit
Smitty- Zak Eisenberg
Subject 1- Joe Gambino
Subject 2- Marisa Kent
Subject 3- Vishaal Reddy

Baby Talk
Baby- Chris Hamilton
Alice- Amy Sullivan
Psychiatrist- Allie Romano
Husband- Albert Paez

The Rumor
Chuck Bonner- Sam Hoffman
Chris Tingley- Roman Perry
Larry Wakefield- Jimmy Blackmon
PR Flack- Christina Clay
Reporter 1- Isabella Walpole
Reporter 2- Arielle Dizon

Small World
Man 1- Antonio Tombari
Man 2- Preston Weir
Man 3- Patrick Bryant
Woman 1- Kelly Duffy
Woman 2- Katie Diekhaus
Woman 3- Brittany Gutierrez


'Columbinus' Directed by Chris Hamilton (Proceeds going to GLSEN)
'In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play' Directed by Melissa D'Anna
'Speech and Debate' Directed by Jimmy Blackmon
'Farragut North' Directed by Molly Bourque

The other super exciting news of the evening...
The Best Chef America Food Channel Cook Book - Julie Kaminski, Kelly Dickinson
Baby Talk: A Case Study in One Act - Andrew Smith
The Rumor - Celia Gibson
Early Morning - Travis Cherry, Margot Mache
Meat - Lauren Kolodkin
Small World - Marissa Cheifetz, Hanna Wasserman

There are six one acts, multiple parts, and nothing to prepare so come and audition! BE SURE TO BRING AN AUDITION FORM FOUND HERE http://people.bu.edu/stage/members/forms.html
(E-Board does not have enough paper in their print quotas).

But seriously, audition. IT'S SO MUCH FUN and a FABULOUS opportunity to do something
small before the semester ends.

If you would like to TECH One Acts email our TA Dani at dsfreiberg@gmail.com, and if you would like to PRODUCE email our Treasurer Allie at alliero@bu.edu.



This meeting is incredibly important as we will be VOTING ON THE SHOWS FOR OUR SPRING 2012 SEASON as well as ANNOUNCING OUR FALL ONE ACTS!!

Auditions for One Acts are set to take place Monday, November 7th- Wednesday November 9th, and the details of how they work/where they are/what they entail will be discussed in greater detail at the meeting.

If you wish to tech One Acts please email our TA Dani Freiberg at dsfreiberg@gmail.com. If you would like to produce, email our Treasurer Allie at alliero@bu.edu. One Acts is a great way to get involved in something small at the end of the semester with all of your friends, so don't be shy!


This is a really fun game of cat and mouse involving all Troupies. You are given a target and you must eliminate that target by 'killing' them (with a clothespin). It's insane, fun, and crazy, so SIGN UP!!! The only way you can sign up is by attending our next GM. I repeat....IF YOU DO NOT COME TO THE GM YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY ASSASSINS (unless you bribe Marcus with a latte). You will regret it, I assure you.

The message of this email is simple...ATTEND OUR NEXT GENERAL MEETING THIS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH AT 7PM IN THE STUDENT THEATER!!!! It is the most important meeting of the semester where our democratic system is working at it's finest, but we NEED ALL OUR TROUPIES THERE! YOU get to decide what goes up next semester, YOU get to hear about other fabulous acting/teching/producing opportunities, and YOU get to run for your life in Assassins. I really don't see what could be a better way to procrastinate from your work.

We'll never really be safe again.

WATCH OUT!!! They're everywhere....

Looking for something frightening this Halloween weekend, but sick of the same old scary movies? Eager to see some live blood and gore? Then come check out Stage Troupe's Production of...

Written by Tracy Letts
Directed by Chris Hamilton
Technically Directed by Chris Gilmore

Performances will be held in the Agganis Student Theater at 925 Commonwealth Avenue (right in the alleyway between FitRec and the Arena) on:
Thursday, October 27th at 8pm
Friday, October 28th at 8pm and
Saturday, October 29th at 8pm

Tickets are $6 for general admission and $5 for Stage Troupe Members and can be purchased at the Student Activities Desk on the second floorof the GSU, or at the door. This show is going to be KILLER so it's best that you get them NOW!

It's an edge of your seat psychological thriller that can't be overlooked. Skip the haunted house or Paranormal Activity 3, and get immersed in the horror yourself. You know you're curious, and we guarantee you'll cringe.

Get scared.

Fall 2011 Tech Assignments!!!

A Little Night Music

Technical Director – Tom Murphy

Assistant Technical Director (ATD) – Jon Christianson

ATD – Shiran (Michelle) Chen

Stage Manager – Ally Edgar and Marissa Cheifetz

ASM – Macie Spear and Cilicia Rios

Set Designer – Marcus Doyle and Brittany Haynes

Ass. Set Designer- Sophia Michael

Master Carpenter – Preston Weir

Set Dec – Brittany Haynes

Ass. Set Dec – Meredith Lawrence, Allegra Thalef, Sarah Kotowski and Sophia Michael

Lighting Design – Mike Carollo

Ass. Lighting Design – Andrew Farrell, Morgan Wilday and Keithlyn Parkman

Sound Design – Roman Perry and Joe Gambino

Ass. Sound – Nick Boccuzzi and Drew Salad

Costumes – Katrina DeRosa and Katie Rangel

Ass. Costumes – Jacqueline Babitt, Veronica Beaudoin and Juliette Vandane

Hair and Makeup – Katy Meyer

Ass. Hair and Makeup – Jocelyn Ho, Christine O’ Connor and Cat Principe

Props – Jess Couture and Leora Klachkin

Ass. Props – Kim Curhan and Nicole Yetke

Build/Run- Dani Freiberg, Cameron Brody, Arka Pain, Julie Kaminski, Carling Monder, Kevin Ang, Kat Pernicone, Josh Howard, Melanie Adams, Phillip Kim, Xander Pinto


TD – Chris Gilmore

ATD – Hannah Wasserman

SM – Jordan Breyfogle and Brittany Gutierrez

ASM – Candace Phillips

Set Design – Preston Weir

Ass. Set Design – Sam Hoffman and Shiran (Michelle) Chen

Master Carpenter – Andrew Smith

Set Dec – Courtney Licata

Ass. Set Dec – Kelly Dickinson, Zoraida Cabrerra and Anna Tran

Lighting Design – Carling Monder

Ass. Lighting Design – Alex Williams, Drew Salad and Morgan Wilday

Sound – Rose Perriello and Sarah Kotowski

Costumes – Katie Rice

Asst. Costumes – Kyra Leonardi and Kim Curhan

Hair and Makeup – Arielle Dizon and Hannah Michlmayr

Ass Hair and Makeup – Allegra Thalef and Jocelyn Ho

Props – Vijayta

Ass Props – Cat Principe and Juliette Vandane

Gore – Dani Freiberg

Gore Team – Colleen Gamore, Allison Macika, Melanie Adams, Christine O’Connor, Katy Meyer and Abi Oshins

Build/Run – Caroline Thompson, Alec Nicholson, Kevin Ang, Keithlyn Parkman, Alex Sweeter, Phillip Kim, Jake Shauli and Clark

Hedda Gabler

TD – Marissa Cheifetz

ATD – Katie Rangel and Jessica Nguyen

SM – Allison Crisostomo

ASM – Lauren Kolodkin, Zoreida Cabrerra and Anna Tran

Master Carpenter – Chris Gilmore

Set Design – Courtney Licata

Ass. Set Design – Colleen Gamore

Set Dec – Courtney Licata

Ass. Set Dec – Allie Romano, Alex Williams, Keithlyn Parkman and Alex Sweeter

Lighting Design – Jake Shauli

Ass. Lighting Design – Jessica li, Rose Perriello and Carl Welch

Sound Design – Roman Perry and Mike Carollo

Ass. Sound Design – Travis Cherry and Cameron Brody

Costumes – Allison Macika and Veronica Beaudoin

Ass. Costumes – Sophia Michael and Hannah Michlmayr

Hair and Makeup – Emily Jo McKnight and Stephanie Gray

Ass. Hair and Makeup – Molly Bourque and Angela Mercurio

Props – Jenn Kole and Cilicia Rios

Ass. Props – Katie Rice and Drew Salad

Build/Run – Julie Kaminski, Christine O’Connor, Melanie Adams, Nicole Yetke and Jimmy Ikeda

All My Sons

TD – Kirsten Fukayama

ATD – Allison Crisostomo, Macie Spear and Dennis Li

Stage Manger – Katrina DeRosa and Kelsey Gold

ASM – Emily Jo McKnight and Kathleen Daniels

Set Design – Brittany Haynes and Clark

Ass Set Design – Charles Kolozsi

Master Carpenter – Xander Pinto

Set Dec – Cat Principe

Ass Set Dec – Kim Curhan and Allegra Thalef and Cilicia Rios and Lindsay Kopit

Lighting Design – Mike Carollo

Ass Lighting Design – Ally Edgar, Allie Romano and Sam Hoffman

Sound Design – Drew Salad

Ass Sound Design – Andrew Farrell and Anna Tran

Costumes – Melanie Adams and Katie Rangel

Ass Costumes – Juliette Vandane and Jacqueline Babitt

Hair and Makeup – Lauren Kolodkin and Brittany Gutierrez

Ass. Hair and makeup – Arielle Dizon and Nicole Yetke

Props – Dani Freiberg and Molly Bourque

Ass Props – Kyra Leonardi

Build/Run – Shane Hennessey, Morgan Wilday, Kevin Ang, Keithlyn parkman, Jon Christianson, Josh Howard, Chris Gilmore and Clark

Fall 2011 Cast List

A Little Night Music

Leah Edwards – Anne

Emily Richardi - Fredrika

Michael Aniolek - Henrik

Alia Gilbert - Desiree

Zack Eisenberg - Fredrik

Jon Mayer – Count Carl-Magnus

Molly Bourque - Charlotte

Georgia Ladd – Madam Armfledt

Shane Hennessey - Frid

Fiona Bryson - Petra

Danny Ferro – Liebeslieders Singers

Anthony Rinaldi – Liebeslieders Singers

Tavia Merchant – Liebeslieders Singers

Lauren Wittel – Liebeslieders Singers

Jessica Schaffel – Liebeslieders Singers

Jane Kelley - Osa

Amy Sullivan - Malla


Ali Irwin - Agnes

Dan Stevens - Peter

Allie Romano - RC

Navzad Dabu - Goss

Lindsay Kopit – Dr. Sweet

Hedda Gabler

Abi Oshins – Aunt Julie

Ilana Berman - Berta

Margot Mache - Hedda

Jessica Jimenez – Thea Elvsted

Vishaal Reddy – Judge Brack

Jimmy Blackmon – Eilert Lovberg

Allistair Johnson – George Tesman

All My Sons

Travis Cherry – Joe Keller

Stephanie Gray – Kate Keller

Adrian Burke – Chris Keller

Katie Diekhaus – Ann Deever

Andrew Smith – George Deever

Megan Gonsalves – Sue Bayliss

Greg Nedeltscheff – Dr. Jim Bayliss

Megan Bernatchez – Lydia Lubey

Keaton Goldsmith – Frank Lubey


Thank you to everyone who auditioned, we had such a fabulous turnout this week! There was such an immense amount of talent. If you were called back, CONGRATS! Tomorrow be sure to get here promptly at 6pm and check into CAS Rm. 226 so that the directors can get started right away!

If you weren't called back, don't worry! Be sure to come to our tech meeting this Friday, September 16th at 6pm at the Space!



Emily Richardi

Jess Schaffel

Jane Kelley

Jennifer Mandellam

Lauren Wittel

Amy Sullivan

Cory Morano

Abi Oshins

Tavia Merchant

Leah Edwards

Kim Curhan

Lindsay Meyer

Mara Mellstrom

Molly Bourque

Alia Gilbert

Katie Diekhaus

Georgia Ladd

Fiona Bryson

Victoria Edgar


Michael Aniolek

Jon Mayer

Danny Ferro

Chase Kolozsi

Zak Eisenberg

Shane Hennessey

Anthony Rinaldi

Zach Weiss

Jason Berger



Lindsay Kopit

Margot Mache

Ali Irwin

Jessica Jimenez

Allie Romano

Emily Bosco


Dan Stevens

Adrian Burke

Vishaal Reddy

Jimmy Blackmon

Navzad Dabu

Sam Hoffman

Andrew Smith

Keaton Goldsmith

Allistair Johnson



Alison Manning

Katie Diekhaus

Meagan Bernatchez

Lindsay Kopit

Alexis Lamper

Lauren Kolodkin

Abi Oshins

Ilana Berman

Ali Irwin

Isabella Walpole

Allie Romano

Jessica Jimenez

Margot Mache

Borah Coburn


Shane Hennessey

Jimmy Blackmon

Vishaal Reddy

Zak Eisenberg

Andrew Smith

Allistair Johnson

Keaton Goldsmith

Dan Stevens

Navzad Dabu



Alexis Lamper

Ali Irwin

Alison Manning

Allie Romano

Elyse Dupre

Emily Bosco

Jana Keller

Katie Diekhaus

Leah Calderon

Libby Wymer

Margot Mache

Meagan Bernatchez

Megan Gonsalves

Molly Bourque

Stephanie Gray


Adrian Burke

Alec Nicholson

Allistair Johnson

Andrew Smith

Dan Stevens

Greg Nedeltscheff

Jimmy Blackmon

Keaton Goldsmith

Michael Aniolek

Navzad Dabu

Shane Hennessey

Theodore Daly

Travis Cherry

Vishaal Reddy

Zak Eisenberg

Fall Semester Goodness

Dying to know when Stage Troupe events are happening? Check out our Calendar on our website, under the members section, to find out what will be keeping you busy this semester!

For more up to date info on workshops, group bonding activities, and other special projects, feel free to also check out our Google Calendar found at stagetroupe@gmail.com.
Don't forget you can also:
Add us on Facebook: Stage Troupe
Follow us on Twitter: @stagetroupe
Or email us: stage@bu.edu
Get ready for an amazing year!

Fall 2011 Season

Book by: Hugh Wheeler
Music by: Stephen Sondheim
Directed By: Ryan McPhee and Abigail Smith
Please join Stage Troupe in celebrating Parents Weekend 2011 with the production of this Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler masterpiece, recently revived on Broadway starring Academy Award winner Catherine Zeta Jones. With a breathtaking score including the staple “Send in the Clowns” and a book full of romance, comedy, and passion, A Little Night Music is sure to captivate an audience of students and parents alike.
It is the turn-of-the-century Scandinavia. Middle-aged Fredrik Egerman brings his young wife Anne to a play starring “the one and only” Desiree Armfeldt. It is soon revealed that Desiree and Frederik are in fact former lovers. The two begin to rekindle their romance, enraging Desiree’s current lover, a pompous Count. In her attempts to win Fredrik back, the actress has her sage mother invite the Egerman family to their county estate. This “Weekend in the Country” brings together Frederik, Anne, Desiree and the Count, as well as Fredrik's son, Desiree's daughter, the Count's scathing wife, and the Egermans' lusty maid. With the beautiful estate as a backdrop, love is discovered and reawakened, and the night smiles upon the young and the old.
Written By: Tracy Letts
Directed by: Chris Hamilton
Agnes is afraid. Afraid of her recently paroled abusive ex-husband, Jerry, afraid of the breathy, wordless phone calls that keep her up at night, afraid of sleeping alone in the seedy Oklahoma City motel room she's holed herself up in. Along comes Peter, a soft-spoken, thoughtful young man, who gives her the love and companionship she's desperately longed for. Then the bugs appear; tiny, nearly invisible bugs that crawl under your skin and feed on your blood. As Agnes and Peter's paranoia grows, dark character secrets are revealed, giving way to government conspiracies, pure psychological terror, and more bugs. Millions and millions of bugs.
Written by: Henrik Ibsen
Directed by: Marcus Doyle
Henrik Ibsen's Hedda Gabler has stood as the pinnacle of dark, psychological plays for more than a hundred years. It illustrates the story of a woman whose desires and motives outlay the expectations and restraints imposed on her by society. Her struggle for freedom and control over her life drives her to a desperate and expressive end. This play has been produced thousands of times with hundreds of interpretations, transcending the boundaries of time and culture, finding novel meaning as each generation explores the text and craft of Ibsen's masterpiece.
Written By: Arthur Miller
Directed By: Elise Roth and Mike Halpern
It is August 1947 in the backyard of the Keller residence, located in the outskirts of an American town. Joe Keller, a “man among men,” ran a machine shop during the war that turned out defective airplane parts, causing the death of countless young soldiers. Years later, Joe leads a successful life while his former business partner, Herbert Deever, is locked up behind bars. While Joe carries around this burden of guilt, his wife, Kate, is haunted by nightmares of their missing son Larry. Their other son, Chris, wishes to marry childhood neighbor Ann, his brother Larry’s lover and daughter of Herbert, much to the dismay of Kate. Following the arrival of Ann’s bitter brother George, Joe's terrible secret is unveiled and the Keller household is turned upside down.
Through the brilliant words of legendary playwright Arthur Miller, the problems of a post-war suburban American family are explored and reach an emotional climax that is electrifying in its intensity and powerfully raw in its sincerity.


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