spring 2011

BUSTies Winners!

Best Show, Fall: Rabbit Hole
Best Show, Spring: Dog Sees God
Best Director, Fall: Agatha Babbitt and Chris Hamilton, Rabbit Hole
Best Director, Spring: Gabrielle Krumins and Allison McDonough, Amadeus
Best Technical Director, Fall: Danielle Freiberg, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Technical Director, Spring: Danielle Freiberg, The Mousetrap
Best Producer, Fall: Alex Shuck, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Producer, Spring: Alex Shuck, Amadeus
Best Actress, Fall: Madeleine DiBiasi, Rabbit Hole
Best Actress, Spring: Molly Bourque, Dog Sees God
Best Actor, Fall: Jimmy Blackmon, Pterodactyls
Best Actor, Spring: Greg Nedeltscheff, Amadeus
Best Supporting Actress, Fall: Fiona Bryson, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Supporting Actress, Spring: Margot Mache, Amadeus
Best Supporting Actor, Fall: TIE-- Dan Stevens, Rabbit Hole and Greg Nedeltscheff, Pterodactyls
Best Supporting Actor, Spring: TIE-- Jordan Callais, The Mousetrap and Dan Stevens, Dog Sees God
Best Stage Management, Fall: Mike Halpern and Kat Pernicone, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Stage Management, Spring: Mike Halpern, Dog Sees God
Best Master Carpentry, Fall: Preston Weir, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Master Carpentry, Spring: Preston Weir, The Mousetrap
Best Set Design, Fall: Sarah Crozier and Danielle Freiberg, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Set Design, Spring: Sarah Crozier, Amadeus
Best Set Decoration, Fall: Kristin Myers, A Streetcar Named Desire
Best Set Decoration, Spring: Brittany Haynes, The Mousetrap
Best Costume Design, Fall: Rebecca Karsh, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Costume Design, Spring: Kelly Fanty, Ann Markwell, and Katie Rangel- Amadeus
Best Lighting Design, Fall: Carling Monder and Tom Murphy, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Lighting Design, Spring: Carling Monder, Amadeus
Best Sound Design, Fall: Peter Moriarty, Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Sound Design, Spring: Roman Perry and Elise Roth, Amadeus
Best Hair/Make-up, Fall: Adrien Smith, Hanna Wasserman, Brittany Gutierrez, and Hanna Ballon- Thoroughly Modern Millie
Best Hair/Make-up, Spring: Eden White, Angela Mercurio, and Emily Jo McKnight- Amadeus
Best Props Design, Fall: Danielle Freiberg, A Streetcar Named Desire
Best Props Design, Spring: Sophie Miller and Elise Greenberg, The Mousetrap
SAAD Winners: Kate Bischoff and Steve Marois
Rookie of the Year: Jon Christianson
Unsung Hero: Kirsten Fukayama

One Act Cast Lists

White Identity Play (directed by Allie Romano)
Father- Vishaal Reddy
Mother- Shilpa Reddy
Girl- Melanie Adams
Canadian Soil (directed by Kelly Dickinson and Julie Kaminski)
Alex-Sarah Crozier
Jed- Dan Stevens
Haddie- Adrien Smith
Lester- Marcus Doyle
A Growing Problem (directed by Kaitlin Bresee)
Frank- David Fontana
Helen- Maddie DiBiasi
Henry II (The Pot Plant) - Steve Marois
What Are You Doing in There? (directed by Chris Hamilton and Molly Bourque)
Mother- Elise Roth
Father- Andrew Smith
Leonard- Shane Hennessey

Tech Assignments for Spring 2011 Part IV


Director Allison McDonough
Director Gabrielle Krumins
Producer Alex Shuck
AP Nate Goldman
AP Allie Romano
AP Zoraida Cabrera
TD Adrien Smith
ATD Brittany Gutierrez
ATD Christopher Gilmore
SM Jordan Breyfoyle
Stage Manager Leora Klachkin
Asst. SM Sarah Kuranda
ASM Aamir Ashraf
Set Design/MC Sarah Crozier
Asst. Set Design Xander Pinto
Set Decorator Kelly Dickinson
Set Decorator Marissa Cheifetz
Set Dec Miriam Khan
Costumes Kelly Fanty
Costumes Ann Markwell
Costumes Katie Rangel
Hair/Makeup Eden White
Hair/Makeup Angela Mercurio
Hair/Makeup Emily Jo McKnight
Lights Carling Monder
Asst. Lights Victoria Kelman
Asst. Lights Shane Hennessey
Sound Roman Perry
Asst Sound Sound Elise Roth
Propmaster Vijayta Narang
Props Candace Phillips
Build/Run Andrew Smith
Build/Run Alex Williams
Build/Run Anna Diorio
Build/Run Kevin Ang
Build/Run Chris Inglin
Build/Run Phillip Kim
Build Preston Weir
Will Wheeler Jimmy Ikeda

Tech Assignments for Spring 2011 Part III

Dog Sees God:

Director Ally Edgar
Director Mike Carollo
Producer Steve Marois
AP Jennie David
AP Elise Roth
TD/Set Design Tom Murphy
ATD Sophie Miller
ATD Marissa Cheifetz
Stage Manager Mike Halpern
Asst. SM Emily Jo McKnight
ASM Zoraida Cabrera
ASM Alex Michael
MC Kirsten Fukayama
Set Designer Tom Murphy
Set Designer Marcus Doyle
Asst. Set Design Shane Hennessey
Set Decorator Allison Crisostomo
Set Decorator Anna Diorio
Asst. Set Dec Allie Romano
Costumes Miriam Bachman
Costumes Ann Markwell
Hair/Makeup Katie Rangel
Lights Jake Shauli
Lights Kayla Ring
Asst. Lights Alex Williams
Sound Sarah Kuranda
Sound Hanna Wasserman
Propmaster Rebecca Karsh
Props Charles Kolozsi
Build/Run Shane Hennessey
Build/Run Andrew Smith
Build/Run Phillip Kim
Build/Run M Williams
Build/Run Anna Carson
Build/Run Carling Monder
Build/Run Sarah Crozier

Tech Assignments for Spring 2011 Part II

The Mousetrap:

Director Kristin Myers
Director Maddie DiBiasi
Producer Marcus Doyle
AP Kara Andrew
AP Dan Stevens
AP Molly Bourque
TD Danielle Freiberg
ATD Kirsten Fukayama
ATD Allison Crisostomo
SM Veronica Pimentel
ASM Charles Kolozsi
ASM Molly Coyne
ASM Julie Kaminski
Co-Set Design/MC Preston Weir
Co-Set Design/Set Dec Brittany Haynes
Asst. Set Design Courtney Licata
Asst. Set Dec Alex Michel
Asst. Set Dec Anna Diorio
Costumes Rebecca Karsh
Costumes Jenn Kole
Costume Crew Kelly Dickinson
Costumes Elise Roth
Hair/Makeup Brittany Gutierrez
Hair/Makeup Sam Rochford
Hair/Makeup Melanie Adams
Lights Travis Holloway
Asst. Lights Jess Schaffel
Sound Jake Shauli
SOund Jimmy Blackmon
Props Sophie Miller
Propmaster Elise Greenberg
Asst. Props Chris Inglin
Asst. Props Kevin Ang
Build/Run Jon Christianson
Build/Run Josh Howard
Build/Run Christopher Gilmore
Build/Run Cathy Kirch
Build/Run Caroline Thompson
Build/Run Phillip Kim
Build/Run Xander Pinto
Will Wheeler Jimmy Ikeda

Tech Assignments for Spring 2011

The Last 5 Years:

Director Kelsey Gold
Musical Director JD Roger
Rehearsal Piano Marcus Doyle
Producer Ljubica Gavrilovska
AP Lauren Fragoza
AP Kayla Ring
AP Hanna Wasserman
TD M Williams
ATD Jon Christianson
ATD Carling Monder
Stage Manager Tyler Brewer
Stage Manager Marissa Cheifetz
Asst. Stage Man Allison Crisostomo
Master Carpenter Adrien Smith
Set Design Miriam Khan
Asst. Set Design Leora Klachkin
Set Decorator Kat Pernicone
Set Decorator Courtney Licata
Costumes Emily Jo McKnight
Hair/Makeup Alex Michel
Lights Jan P Kaim
Lights Mike Carollo
Lights Tom Murphy
Sound Cathy Kirch
Sound Ann Markwell
Propmaster Mike Halpern
Asst. Props Anna Carson
Build/Run Kevin Ang
Build/Run Shane Hennessey
Build/Run Corinne Oplinger
Build/Run Roman Perry
Build/Run Angela Mercurio
Build/Run Preston Weir
Build/Run Brittany Haynes

Spring 2011 Season Cast Lists

The Last 5 Years:

Jamie- Joe Pratolongo
Cathy- Kaylynn Bancroft
The Mousetrap:
Trotter- Andrew Smith
Giles- Teddy Daly
Mollie- Lauren Kolodkin
Miss Casewell- Maggie Scull
Christopher Wren- Jordan Callais
Paravicini- Chris Behmke
Metcalf- Vishaal Reddy
Mrs. Boyle- Allie Romano
Dog Sees God:
CB- Adrian Burke
Beethoven- Dan Stevens
Matt- Xander Pinto
Van- Roman Perry
Van's Sister- Becca Savoy
CB's Sister- Molly Bourque
Trisha- Elizabeth McMahon
Marcie- Kaitlin Bressee
Salieri- Greg Nedeltscheff
Mozart- Jimmy Blackmon
Constanze- Agatha Babbitt
Venticelli I- Ali Irwin
Venticelli II- Marcus Doyle
Empress Josephine- Margot Mache
Van Swieten- Phil Silberman
Chamberlain Von Strack- Jon Christianson
Director Orsini Rosenberg- Zak Eisenberg
Kappelmeister Bonno/Majordomo- Steven M. Marois
Valet/Priest- Chris Hamilton
Cook/ Teresa Salieri- Kate Bischoff
Katarina Cavalieri- Emily Harmon
Congratulations to all who have been cast, and thank you to all who auditioned! Please remember that the Tech meeting is tomorrow at 7pm in the Space!

Callback List Spring 2011

The Last 5 Years:

-Joe Pratolongo
-Jack Moriarty
-Marcus Doyle
-Tom Schrank
-Jason Berger
-Jordan Callais
-Kaylyn Bancroft
-Jess Schaffel
-Fiona Bryson
-Anna Kim
-Molly Coyne
-Ann Markwell
-Hannah Rex
-Sophie Miller
The Mousetrap:
Allie Romano
Georgia Ladd
Stephanie Grey
Sophie Miller
Maggie Skull
Molly Bourque
Agatha Babbitt
Ljubica Gavrilovska
Kate Bischoff
Emily Nicaise
Emily Bosco
Lauren Kolodkin
Elise Roth

Quinn Donnelly
Timothy Shivers
Jason Berger
Ted Daly
Xander Pinto
Vishaal Reddy
Roman Perry
Chris Behmke
Andrew Smith
Eliot Reiniger
Dan Stevens
Jordan Callais

Dogs Sees God:
Adrian Burke
Andrew Smith
Alexander Pinto
Vishaal Reddy
Zak Eisenburg
Roman Perry
Steve Marois
Dan Stevens
Matthew Acosta
Jimmy Blackmon
Teddy Daly
Chris Weisman
Chris Bemhke
Becca Savoy
Alissa Brown
Molly Bourque
Hannah Shrader
Beth Brodsky
Ali Irwin
Melissa D'anna
Candice Ju
Margot Mache
Maggie Scull
Kate Bischoff
Kaitlin Bresse
Elizabeth Mcmahon
Mary Robinson
Jessica Schaffal
Jon Christianson
Patrick Bryant
Eliot Reiniger
Mike Halpern
Zak Eisenberg
Carlton Welch
Greg Nedeltscheff
Andrew Smith
Tyler Brewer
Phil Silberman
Jimmy Blackmon
Dan Stevens
Liam Wang
Steve Marois
Tom Shrank
Matthew Bouchard
Alexander Pinto
Chris Hamilton
Marcus Doyle
David Fontana
Vishaal Reddy
Amarisa Robinson
Maggie Scull
Libby Wymer
Kate Bischoff
Emily Harmon
Agatha Babbitt
Ann Marknell
Emily Bosco
Ali Irwin
Lauren Kolodkin
Margot Mache
Sarah Crozier

URGENT: Weather vs. Auditions

Hello all you talented thespians!

If you have been watching the weather today you may have seen that there is a big ol' storm headed our way Wednesday/Thursday. You may have also noticed that we are holding auditions on Wednesday. In the event that BU is closed due to weather on Wednesday, it is Stage Troupe's policy to also close (and BU won't let us use the facilities which means you would have to audition outside...). THEREFORE: We are strongly encouraging all able-bodied auditioners to audition TONIGHT (Tuesday) in lieu of tomorrow. This will make our/your lives all easier and happier in the event that it is stormy and disgusting and BU closes down. So hopefully we'll see most of you tonight in CAS 211 from 6-9pm!

As an addendum, if BU is cancelled on Wednesday the e-board is coming up with a contingency plan and you all will be notified immediately concerning further auditions/callbacks. As always, if you have any questions, please email stage@bu.edu, tweet at us, or comment on the blog.

Stay Warm and Dry!

Adrien Smith, Secretary

Spring 2011 Audition Questions/Breakdowns

The Last 5 Years: 1 man and 1 woman

1)If you have seen the show before, are you on Jamie or Cathy's side and why?
2) If you haven't seen the show, what is your take on divorce?
3) Males: Can you sing in a Jewish man voice? If not, are you willing to try?
The Mousetrap: 5 men and 3 women
1) Do you feel comfortable performing in an accent? Can you do any at all?
2) If you were going to commit a murder, what is your preferred murder weapon and how would you use it?
Dog Sees God: 4 men and 4 women
1) Who is your favorite Peanuts character? What is your favorite memory from the show or comic strip.
2)Males: do you have any piano/musical ability? If not, would you be willing to learn?
Amadeus: 7 men and 6 women
1) Would you be willing to play a minor role and/or a silent character?
2) Do you speak any foreign languages? (not necessary for the show)
3) Do you play any instruments? (not necessary for the show)
4)If you could write an opera about anyone who would it be? Why? What would you title it?
Auditions will be in CAS room 211 from 6-9pm Monday through Wednesday