spring 2012

BUSTies Winners 2012!

BUSTies WinnersFall 2011 and Spring 2012

Best Show, Fall: All My Sons Best Show, Spring: columbinus Best Director, Fall: Chris Hamilton, Bug Best Director, Spring: Chris Hamilton, columbinus Best Technical Director, Fall: Kirsten Fukayama, All My Sons Best Technical Director, Spring: Jimmy Ikeda, Speech & Debate Best Producer, Fall: Kelsey Gold, Bug Best Producer, Spring: Chris Hamilton, The Vibrator Play Best Ensemble Cast, Fall: The cast of All My Sons Best Ensemble Cast, Spring: The cast of columbinus Best Actor, Fall: Travis Cherry as Joe Keller in All My Sons Best Actor, Spring: Ryan Chernin as Loner/Dylan Klebold in columbinus Best Actress, Fall: Margot Mache as Hedda Gabler in Hedda Gabler Best Actress, Spring: Kaitlin Bresee as Diwata in Speech & Debate Best Supporting Actor, Fall: Adrian Burke as Chris Keller in All My Sons Best Supporting Actor, Spring: Albert Paez as Paul Zara in Farragut North Best Supporting Actress, Fall: Molly Bourque as Charlotte in A Little Night Music Best Supporting Actress, Spring: Fiona Bryson as Mrs. Daldry in The Vibrator Play Best Cameo Performance, Fall: Ilana Berman as Berta in Hedda Gabler Best Cameo Performance, Spring: Joe Reed as Ben in Farragut North Best Stage Management, Fall: Allison Crisostomo, Hedda Gabler Best Stage Management, Spring: Ally Edgar and Julie Kaminski, columbinus Best Set Design, Fall: Andrew Clark, All My Sons Best Set Design, Spring: Preston Weir, The Vibrator Play Best Set Decoration, Fall: Dani Freiberg, All My Sons Best Set Decoration, Spring: Brittany Haynes and Courtney Licata, The Vibrator Play Best Master Carpentry, Fall: Preston Weir, A Little Night Music Best Master Carpentry, Spring: Preston Weir, The Vibrator Play Best Lighting Design, Fall: Jake Shauli, Hedda Gabler Best Lighting Design, Spring: Shane Hennessey, columbinus Best Sound Design, Fall: Roman Perry & Mike Carollo, Hedda Gabler Best Sound Design, Spring: Sarah Kuranda, columbinus Best Costume Design, Fall: Katie Rangel & Katrina De Rosa, A Little Night Music Best Costume Design, Spring: Kim Curhan & Juliette Vandame, The Vibrator Play Best Hair/Make-up Design, Fall: Stephanie Gray & Emily Jo McKnight, Hedda Gabler Best Hair/Make-up Design, Spring: Lauren Kolodkin, The Vibrator Play Best Props Design, Fall: Vijayta Narang, Bug Best Props Design, Spring: Dani Freiberg and Kelsey Gold, The Vibrator Play Best Gore Execution, Fall: Dani Freiberg, Bug Best Projection, Spring: Sam Hoffman, Speech & Debate Best Special Project, Fall: Baby Talk: A Case Study in One Act, directed by Andrew Smith Best Special Project, Spring: Toy Story, directed by Dani Freiberg Best Actor in a Special Project, Fall: Chris Hamilton as Baby in Baby Talk Best Actor in a Special Project, Spring: Jimmy Ikeda as Sid in Toy Story Best Actress in a Special Project, Fall: Melinda Frimpong as Doris in Early Morning Best Actress in a Special Project, Spring: Molly Bourque as Ginny in For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls

SAAD Executive Board Recipient: Danielle Freiberg SAAD General Membership Recipient: Chris Hamilton

Rookie of the Year: Cilicia Rios Unsung Hero: Kevin Ang


I understand it's pouring outside...but for those who missed the Final General Meeting of  the year, YOU MISSED A GOOD ONE. Here's the rundown:
First, a hearty congratulations to all involved in 'The Vibrator Play' and the One Acts Festival this weekend!! They were both hysterical and wonderful and we can't imagine a better end to the semester!

Next, a HUGE congratulations is in order to our newly appointed Technical Advisor Andrew Smith! The new E-Board is now complete and we're so excited to see them do their thing in the upcoming year (although I'm not ready to give up my mailing duties just yet....)
BUSTies this year is in the SMG Ballroom on May 2nd!! The cost for BUSTies is $5, and if  you were not at the General Meeting tonight, then you MUST find Allie Romano and Chris Hamilton at some point during the week to get your money to them! NO MONEY WILL BE TAKEN AT THE DOOR. They will be letting you all know of their availability during the week, so keep an eye on the Facebook group!

If you were unable to vote for BUSTies and want to send in an absentee ballot, the deadline to do so is TONIGHT at midnight to Chris Hamilton at cham611@bu.edu.
***Summer Show***
Staying in Boston for the summer and are eager to act? Then audition for summer show! The summer show is 'No Exit' Written by Jean-Paul Sarte and Directed by Chris Hamilton. Auditions will be Monday, April 23rd in CAS 223 and Tuesday, April 24th in CAS 312 from 6pm-9pm. Be sure to print out an audition form beforehand, found here: http://people.bu.edu/stage/members/forms/Audition-Form.pdf

If you want to TECH for summer show then email Danielle Freiberg at dsfreiberg@gmail.com.
***Space Cleaning***
In order for your show to qualify for BUSTies, each show must put in at least 40 hours of  Space Cleaning time! That's right on Saturday, April 28th ALL techies/actors must come to the space and do some major revamping. It's fun and a great way to spend time with friends so don't skip it!

Stage Troupe T-Shirts are in!! If you purchased one in the beginning of the semester or want to buy one (they are super awesome) then email stage@bu.edu! They're only $15!

Stay dry and stay happy!


The end of the year is fast approaching, but there is still much to be discussed and so 
much going on that simply cannot be overlooked!!

We have the final General Meeting, BUSTies, and Summer Show Auditions, so PLEASE read this entire message!!!


So sad, I know. But, at the meeting you'll be able to vote for BUSTies Awards! BUSTies, as you made have heard, is our annual end of the year shindig where we embarrass our loved ones and commemorate our friends for all of the hard work they did this past year! This year it will be on May 2nd in the SMG Ballroom.

It's our little way of saying thank you to everyone for all they have
accomplished, so be sure to come to the General Meeting tomorrow to
cast your vote for these super cool awards!!! (They're a sight to see
as well...)

***BUSTies is $5*** Allie Romano and Chris Hamilton will be accepting
money at the General Meeting tomorrow, BUT NOT AT THE DOOR TO THE

***Summer Show Auditions***

Staying in Boston this summer, and looking to perform?? Do you want to get prospective freshmen excited about theater at BU?!? Then audition for Summer Show! Summer Show this year is 'No Exit' Written by Jean-Paul Sarte and Directed by Chris Hamilton. It's a really fun process where you get to perform for 8 weeks throughout the summer to each Orientation Group! It's an incredible opportunity, especially if
you're on campus and looking for ways to get involved.


Be sure to print out an audition form beforehand, found here:

That's all for now!!! Be sure to come to the General Meeting tomorrow
to get all the info you need about our awesome events and to cast your vote for all your friends!

And...if you haven't seen One Acts TONIGHT IS THE LAST NIGHT YOU WILL

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming,

Plans for the Weekend....

Did you really wanna take that cute girl on a date, but realized that your mom forgot to put money in your bank account? Did you just waste your entire paycheck on pizza and forgot to save some for a night out with friends?? ....WELL FEAR NOT!!!

This weekend do not miss the Stage Troupe Spring One Acts Festival!!!! (Otherwise known as 'He Can't Go out There because of the Blizzard as reported by the Southern Belle on the News')

I think the title pretty much says it all, but we have poor presidential imposters, creepy couples, an abundance of glass cocktail stirrers, and really bipolar newscasters. If that doesn't sound intriguing, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS.

These spectacular One Acts are:
He Can't Go Out There!- Written by Kelly Dickinson and Directed by Julie Kaminski
The Blizzard- Directed by Celia Gibson
For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls- Directed by Travis Cherry
Exposition News- Written and Directed by Joe Gambino

All performances will be held at 8pm on Friday, April 20th and Saturday, April 21st in Jacob Sleeper Auditorium. The best part about One Acts is...IT'S FREE!!! So you don't even have to worry about messing up that date night.

So come out, sit back, and enjoy the show!! You'll be sure to enjoy every minute of it!

Have you ever had this sensation?!?

"It's always Wednesday, I find. Smack in the middle of the week. With nothing to look forward to, but...."

Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Melissa D'Anna, Assistant Director Marissa Cheifetz
Technically Directed by Kirsten Fukayama
Produced by Chris Hamilton

Performances will be held at the Agganis Student Theater at 925Commonwealth Avenue (right in the alleyway between FitRec and theArena) on:
Thursday, April 12th at 8pm
Friday, April 13th at 8pmSaturday,
April 14th at 8pm

Tickets will be $6 for General Admission and $5 for Stage Troupe Members.

IN THE NEXT ROOM OR THE VIBRATOR PLAY takes place during the dawn of electricity, and thanks to "Benjamin Franklin and his electrical key" a new invention has been manufactured to help cure "hysteria" in women. This radical invention is know as....the VIBRATOR.

Soon women (and men) from all over are visiting the renowned scientist Dr. Givings, and are beginning to experience sensations they have never felt before. With just the flick of a switch emotions reach new heights and new life has emerged. Yet, this play isn't just about the perks of technology, it is also about love, something Thomas Edison could never invent!

This insanely hilarious production is one you must see to believe!! Get ready for the excitement and the passion and see what all the BUZZ is about!

At the THURSDAY performance, Good Vibrations will have a booth set up in the lobby of the Student Theater complete with antique vibrators and catalogs of their merchandise. ALONG WITH THAT, they will be holding a $2 raffle at intermission (you must be $18+ to enter) with prizes ranging up to $150 in cash value!!! (Maybe someone will get a nifty piece of machinery for "home use...")

For more information on this amazing store, check them out at goodvibes.com, on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter @GoodVibesToys!! And be sure to check out this show any of the other two nights as well!

"Why don't you come see me in the operating theater. The electricity is back on..."

The Next Technical Advisor

The new 2012-2013 Stage Troupe Executive Board has been elected, and now it is time to decide upon the last person to fill the final spot. That vital position is the Stage Troupe Technical Advisor.

Are you a dedicated technician who wants to better serve the Stage Troupe community? Do you think you are qualified to assign tech positions, as well as attending to all major technical aspects of each of our productions? Then apply to be the next Technical Advisor!!

The application is quite simple, if you are interested email the incoming Vice President, Kelsey Gold at kels2131@gmail.com to retrieve the updated application. All applications are due NO LATER than Friday, April 20th at 5:00pm, again sent to Kelsey Gold.

The next Technical Advisor will be announced at our final General Meeting on Sunday, April 22nd. Being on E-Board is such a rewarding experience, so don't think twice about applying. You could have so much to offer the Troupies of Tomorrow!!


"Why can't we ever talk about anything real in school?!? Why is everybody so nervous?"

This weekend do not miss the super hilarious and highly entertaining...

Written by Stephen Karam
Directed by Jimmy Blackmon, Assistant Director Allison Crisostomo
Technically Directed by James Ikeda
Produced by Hanna Wasserman

Performances will be held at the Agganis Student Theater at 925 Commonwealth Avenue (right in the alleyway between FitRec and theArena) on:
Thursday, March 29th at 8pm
Friday, March 30th at 8pm
Saturday, March 31st at 8pm

Tickets will be $6 for General Admission and $5 for Stage Troupe Members.

SPEECH & DEBATE is about the escapades of three high school misfits who attempt to bring down their drama teacher for preying on teenage boys. Solomon is the wannabe reporter who is always in search of the next big story. Diwata is the drama queen who sits in her room blogging while strumming on her casio board, complaining about how she wasn't cast in the school musical. Then there's Howie, the recent school transfer who just wants to be left alone. Together then create their very own Speech and Debate club where absurdity ensues and hidden secrets are unearthed.

This ridiculous dark comedy is one show you absolutely MUST SEE!!! Do you enjoy Monoblogs, AOL chat rooms, and Rick Santorum jokes?!?! Then this show is perfect for you! Tickets are selling quickly so get them NOW!!

Check these out for some laughs:




"If you aren't here to join the Speech & Debate team, then I'm going to have to ask you to leave!"


Congrats to all who were cast!!! If you were no cast, fear not!!! You can still tech! Just email our TA Danielle Freiberg at dsfreiberg@gmail.com.

"For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls" Directed by Travis Cherry

Amanda-Carroll Cole
Lawrence-Keaton goldsmith
Ginny-Molly Bourque
Tom-Marcus Doyle

"Exposition News" Directed by Joe Gambino

Anchor #1 -Vishaal reddy
Anchor #2-Allie Romano
Intern-Angelino Placanico

"The Blizzard" Directed by Celia Gibson

Neil- Alex Verlage
Jenny- Lauren Kolodkin
Salin-Jimmy Ikeda
Natasha- Lindsay Kopit

"He Can't Go Out There" Directed by Julie Kaminski

Jenna- Isabella Walpole
Rick- Chris Hamilton
Mrs. Padmore- Christina clay
Lou- Arielle Dizon
Dave/Abe- Chase Koloszi

I'll become the headline instead of the Governor.

"There's only one thing I value in this world, Steve, and that's loyalty. Without it you're nothing and you have no one. And in politics it's the only currency you can count on."

This weekend don't miss Stage Troupe's production of...

Written By: Beau Willimon
Directed by: Molly Bourque
Technically Directed by: Tom Murphy
Produced by: Ryan McPhee

Performances will be held at the Agganis Student Theater at 925 Commonwealth Avenue (right in the alleyway between FitRec and theArena) on:
Thursday, March 22nd at 8pm
Friday, March 23rd at 8pm
Saturday, March 24th at 8pm

Tickets will be $6 for General Admission and $5 for Stage Troupe Members.

FARRAGUT NORTH centers around Stephen Bellamy, an ambitious, charming press secretary who is at the height of his career. Yet, in the midst of a tight presidential primary race, Stephen receives a phone call that changes everything. Quickly, the attention is turned on Stephen, drowning out their message and causing him to question who he can trust, including himself.

Willimon's work is an intense, fast-paced political thriller that you must see! This play provides insight into not only the minds of those behind the scenes on high-profile campaigns, but of mankind as well. I guarantee this show will keep you on the edge of your seat, right til the very end, so don't miss it!

Tickets for Saturday are almost gone, so I encourage you to get your tickets for Thursday and Friday as soon as possible!

"Thank you very much. I won't be taking questions."

Post-Spring Break GM!

Hello there fellow theater lovers. If you missed tonight's General Meeting because you were still busy tanning, then I'm very sorry because it was SUPER exciting. Luckily, I'm here to recap so here goes...
First and foremost a hearty congratulations to 'columbinus!' I laughed, I cried, and enjoyed every minute of it, but am sad that it's already over. =(

Parents Weekend
Directed by Allie Romano
Choreographed by Jake Delaney
Book and Lyrics by Howard Ashman
Music by Alan Menken

Directed by Sam Hoffman
Written by Noah Haidle

Directed by Julie Kaminski
Written by Steve Martin

Directed by Celia Gibson
Written by Diana Son

EXPOSITION NEWS- Written and Directed by Joe Gambino
THE BLIZZARD- Directed by Celia Gibson
HE CAN'T GO OUT THERE- Directed by Julie Kaminski

One Acts auditions will take place next Monday, March 26th-Tuesday, March 27th at 6pm in CAS.If you would like to tech for One Acts, email Danielle Freiberg at dsfreiberg@gmail.com. Also, if you feel like producing feel free to email Allie Romano at alliero@bu.edu specifying your interests!!

Congrats to our BUSTies hosts Jimmy Blackmon and Andrew Smith!!! (No one is safe...)If you are a senior who would like to be roasted at BUSTies you MUST email Chris Hamilton at cham611@bu.edu by April 1st. That goes for underclassman who wish to roast their "loved" ones as well. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Are you someone who wants to benefit Stage Troupe?!?! Do you want to get involved?!? Then run for Executive Board! E-Board noms are continuing until the voting General Meeting on April 1st at 7pm in CAS 314. If you wish to run, you must prepare a speech as to why you would be right for the position of your choice.
If you would like to run for TA you must fill out the application on our website (under the 'Forms and Resources' tab) at a later date. If you have any questions about ANY of the roles on E-Board feel free to ask any of us. WE DON'T BITE I PROMISE.

I'm fairly certain I didn't forget anything...but be sure to keep checking your emails for all of the AMAZING shows we've got coming up!! So stay tuned!


It's coming...sooner than you think...it's...IT'S...


Where the techies act, the actors tech, and the audience stays the same!!! Come watch your trusted run crews, Stage Managers, TDs, sound designers (etc) perform a beloved classic. On the flip side, watch your 'dramatic' friends attempt to turn on a light board. (cue the apocalypse)Either way the night is sure to be amusing!

The show is a secret...but what we can tell you is that it is based on a movie WE ALL KNOW, AND ALL LOVE. So be excited!

The performances will be held:
Friday, February 17th at 8pm and MIDNIGHT
Saturday, February 18th at 8pm

The best part about tech show (besides seeing all of your friends onstage) is that it's FREE!!! So there is NO EXCUSE not to come.

So don't spend $13 on a 3D movie and another $7 on popcorn. Watch a LIVE MOVIE FOR FREE with all of your friends!



Looking for something to do this weekend, but you aren't sure what??? Then come to the Freiberg-Free-For-All!!!! This is a super awesome event where we celebrate our lovely TA Danielle Freiberg, and we help raise money for our charity show, 'columbinus!'

There will be cake contests, trivia, skits and more!! Admission is ONLY $5, and when you get there you'll receive five Stage Troupe dollars to enter raffles for REALLY AMAZING PRIZES and to bid on.....pie-ing the E-Board (AHHH!!!)We'll also get a super special sneak peek of 'columbinus!!' (Performances will be held March 1st-3rd at 8pm in the Student Theater)

All proceeds from our charity show will go to the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network or (GLSEN). Here's a little more info...

"The Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network strives to assure that each member of every school community is valued and respected regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression.

We believe that such an atmosphere engenders a positive sense of self, which is the basis of educational achievement and personal growth. Since homophobia and heterosexism undermine a healthy school climate, we work to educate teachers, students and the public at large about the damaging effects these forces have on youth and adults alike. We recognize that forces such as racism and sexism have similarly adverse impacts on communities and we support schools in seeking to redress all such inequities."

SO COME OUT!!! It's going to be so much fun and all proceeds go to a wonderful cause. If you still want enter the cake-baking contest, feel free to email stage@bu.edu!!



Everyone's tech assignments have been posted, and now it's that time to get a little
extra hands on experience!! Are you in a position you know nothing about? Do you always
hang lights, but want to learn a little more about another department?? Here's your
chance! Here's a message from our Technical Advisor Danielle Freiberg with more info....

Hey guys so we will be doing workshops this week starting Saturday! The schedule is
below. This year we are doing something a little different, not only will all the
workshops be going through the basic steps and some tips of how to do that department,
but we are going to go a little more in depth about how to conceptualize designs and
access that planning side of you and the creative side. As prep for all the workshops
please read the play 'Zoo Story'. I have digital copies of it so just email that you will
be participating in a workshop and I will send it to you (dsfreiberg@gmail.com). It is
very short and a great play. We will be using that as a working piece to give you some
structure on how to go about designing.

Set Design: 5:30-7:30 Saturday 2/4 in the Space
Stage Management: Tuesday 9pm in the Space (this one can be moved if many cannot make it)
Sound: TBA
Lights: Thursday 2/9 6-8pm in the student theater
Props: Friday 2/10 6pm in the Space
Set Decoration: Monday 2/13 5:30-8pm in the space

Stage Troupe's motto is "learning by doing" so come out and get a feel for these great
tech departments. NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

All the tech, all the learning, all the EXCITEMENT!!!

Spring 2012 TECH CREWS!!!!!


TD- Jon Christianson
ATD- Alex Williams
Producer- Marcus Doyle
Assistant Producer- Jennie David
Assistant Producer- Vic Kelman
Assistant Producer- Cameron Brody
Stage Manager- Ally Edgar
Stage Manager- Julie Kaminski
Assistant Stage Manager- Sam Hoffman
Assistant Stage Manager- Celia Gibson
Master Carpenter- Xander Pinto
Set Dec- Abi Oshins
Set Dec- Jenna Blinkinsop
Set Dec- Michelle Chen
Set Dec- Colleen Gilmore
Co Head Costumes- Jackie Babitts
Co Head Costumes- Kelsey Derby
Assistant Costumes- Brendan Canfield
Lighting Designer- Shane Hennesey
Assistant Lights- Carling Monder
Assistant Lights- Keithlyn Parkman
Projector- Morgan Wilday
Sound Designer- Sarah Kuranda
Assistant Sound- Mariel Hathaway
Assistant Sound- Katie Wurtzel
Makeup/Hair Designer- Stephanie Gray
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Cherie Gu
Prop Master- Jess Couture
Assistant Props- Kevin Ang
Assistant Props- Brie Garcia
BUILD/RUN- Jordan Breyfogle
BUILD/RUN- Allison Crisostomo
BUILD/RUN- Marissa Cheifetz
BUILD/RUN- Preston Weir
BUILD/RUN- Alec Nicholson

Farragut North

TD- Tom Murphy
ATD- Celicia Rios
Producer- Ryan McPhee
Assistant Producer- Brie Garcia
Assistant Producer- Dennis Li
Co Stage Manager- Kathleen Daniels
Co Stage Manager- Kelsey Gold
Assistant Stage Manager- Olivia Hathaway
Co Set Designer- Brittany Haynes
Co Set Designer- Dani Freiberg
Assistant Set Design- Sam Hoffman
Master Carpenter- Kirsten Fukayama
Head Set Dec- Dani Freiberg
Assistant Set Dec- Cherie Gu
Assistant Set Dec- Jillian Nichols
Assistant Set Dec- Keithlyn Parkman
Assistant Set Dec- Caitlin Shawaker
Assistant Set Dec- Paige Parrack
Head Costumes- Katrina DeRosa
Assistant Costumes- Molly Coyne
Assistant Costumes- Arielle Dizon
Lighting Designer- Carling Monder
Assistant Lights- Brendan Canfield
Assistant Lights- Morgan Wilday
Assistant Lights- Meredith Lawrence
Sound Designer- Kelly Dickenson
Assistant Sound- Jordan Breyfogle
Assistant Sound- Mariel Hathaway
Co Makeup/Hair Designers- Caroline Olsen
Co Makeup/Hair Designers- Lauren Kolodkin
Prop Master- Jenn Kole
Assistant Props- Brittany Gutierrez
BUILD/RUN- Alec Nicholson
BUILD/RUN- Annie Maroon
BUILD/RUN- Kat Pernicone
BUILD/RUN- Katy Meyer
BUILD/RUN- Xander Pinto

Speech & Debate

TD- Jimmy Ikeda
ATD- Andrew Smith
Producer- Hanna Wasserman
Assistant Producer- Marissa Cheifetz
Assistant Producer- Hannah Shrader
Stage Manager- Zoraida Cabrera
Assistant Stage Manager- Katie Diekhaus
Assistant Stage Manager- Dennis Li
Set Designer- Clark
Assistant Set Design- Alex Williams
Master Carpenter- Clark
Head Set Dec- Courtney Licata
Assistant Set Dec- Emma Gluck
Assistant Set Dec- Michelle Chen
Assistant Set Dec- Alex Williams
Assistant Set Dec- Jenna Blinkinsop
Head Costumes- Juliette Vandane
Assistant Costumes- Patrick Bryant
Lighting Designer- Jake Shauli
Assistant Lights- Carl Welch
Assistant Lights/Projectionist-Sam Hoffman
Sound Designer- Ilana Berman
Assistant Sound- Katie Wurtzel
Assistant Sound- Kevin Ang
Head Makeup/Hair Designer- Arielle Dizon
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Emily Jo McKnight
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Alexis Lamper
Prop Master- Vijayta Narang
Assistant Props- Kim Curhan
Assistant Props- Joe Gamibino
BUILD/RUN- Shane Hennesey
BUILD/RUN- Morgan Wilday
BUILD/RUN- Jordan Breyfogle
BUILD/RUN- Caroline Thompson
BUILD/RUN- Katy Meyer
BUILD/RUN- Kathleen Daniels

In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play

TD- Kirsten Fukayama
ATD- Hanna Wasserman
Producer- Chris Hamilton
Assistant Producer- Dan Stevens
Assistant Producer- Vishaal Reddy
Assistant Producer- Joe Gambino
Stage Manager- Katrina DeRosa
Assistant Stage Manager- Celicia Rios
Assistant Stage Manager- Emily Richardi
Set Designer- Preston Weir
Assistant Set Design- Arka Pain
Assistant Set Design- Courtney Licata
Master Carpenter- Preston Weir
Co Head Set Dec- Courtney Licata
Co Head Set Dec- Brittany Haynes
Assistant Set Dec- Jillian Nichols
Assistant Set Dec- Abi Oshins
Assistant Set Dec- Amy Fox
Assistant Set Dec- Keithlyn Parkman
Head Costumes- Juliette Vandane
Head Costumes- Kim Curhan
Assistant Costumes- Olivia Hathaway
Assistant Costumes- Mariel Hathaway
Lighting Designer- Alex Williams
Assistant Lights- Allie Romano
Assistant Lights- Jim Zheng
Assistant Lights- Molly Bourque
Sound Designer- Cameron Brody
Sound Designer- Sarah Kuranda
Assistant Sound- Meredith Lawrence
Head Makeup/Hair Designer- Lauren Kolodkin
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Cherie Gu
Assistant Hair/Makeup- Brie Garcia
Prop Masters- Dani Freiberg
Prop Masters- Kelsey Gold
Assistant Props- Katie Wurtzel
BUILD/RUN- Jon Christianson
BUILD/RUN- Arka Pain
BUILD/RUN- Jordan Breyfogle
BUILD/RUN- Kathleen Daniels
BUILD/RUN- Xander Pinto


For those who have not already seen...CAST LISTS ARE NOW POSTED ON THE BLOG!!! Congrats to everyone who was cast, it's going to be a phenomenal season!
***TECH, TECH, TECH!!!***
If acting isn't really your thing, but you still are really eager to be involved, then TECH!! Tonight at 6:30pm at the Space (949B Commonwealth Ave/Akimbo Road in the alleyway behind Cane's)we'll be having our Spring 2012 Tech Meeting!! Here you can listen to needs of each show and find out what interests you.
Stage Troupe's motto is "learning by doing," so no previous experience is required to tech, just sign up!
Remember you MUST BRING $5 to be able to Tech for Stage Troupe. Then you'll receive your nifty membership card and be an official Troupie! If you already paid your dues at auditions, then you are all set.
If you can't make the tech meeting, fear not! Just email our Technical Advisor Danielle Freiberg at dsfreiberg@gmail.com with your attached technical form. Technical forms can be found under the 'Forms and Resources' Tab on our website. http://people.bu.edu/stage/members/forms.html
VPSP Elections are this Sunday, January 29th at 7pm in CAS 314!! We need everyone to come out and vote, so don't forget! There will also be sign-ups for our super awesome Special Projects!
The Spring 2012 Season is already underway! Let's make it a great one.

Spring 2012 CAST LISTS!!!!!

Ilana Berman (Faith)
Ryan Chernin (Loner/Dylan Klebold)
Joe Gambino (AP)
Vishaal Reddy (Jock)
Charlie Schumacher (Prep)
Dan Stevens (Freak/Eric Harris)
Isabella Walpole (Perfect)
Leni Zneimer (Rebel)

Farragut North
Travis Cherry- Stephen Bellamy
Albert Paez- Paul Zara
Meagan Bernatchez- Molly
Allie Romano- Jane Duffy
Carroll Cole- Ida Horowicz
Joe Reed- Ben
Keaton Goldsmith- Frank/Waiter

Speech & Debate
Kaitlin Bresee- Diwata
Adrian Burke- Solomon
Matt Ballew- Howie
Nadia Silver- Reporter
Melinda Frimpong- Teacher

In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play
Emily Jo McKnight- Mrs. Givings
Fiona Bryson- Mrs. Daldry
Alec Nicholson- Leo
Andrew Smith- Dr. Givings
Becca Savoy- Elizabeth
Zak Eisenberg- Mr. Daldry
Trish Garrity- Annie

Spring 2012 CALLBACKS!!!


Matthew Ballew
Ryan Chernin
Ryan Collins
Joe Gambino
Shane Hennessey
Sam Hoffman
Vishaal Reddy
Charlie Schumacher
Miles Sherman
Dan Stevens

Illana Berman
Kaitlin Bresee
Carroll Cole
Katie Diekhaus
Elyse Dupre
Melinda Frimpong
Lauren Kolodkin
Lindsay Kopit
Allie Romano
Isabella Walpole
Leni Zneimer

Farragut North

Adrian Burke
Albert Paez
Allistair Johnson
Andrew Smith
Charlie Schumacher
Dan Stevens
Keaton Goldsmith
Joe Reed
Shane Hennessey
Travis Cherry
Vishaal Reddy
Zak Eisenberg

Allie Romano
Carroll Cole
Elyse Dupre
Isabella Walpole
Kaitlin Bresee
Lindsay Kopit
Meagan Bernatchez
Nadia Silver
Sophie Miller
Stephanie Gray

Speech & Debate

We would like everyone called back to sing a few bars of any song of your choice. There are a few moments of singing in Speech & Debate, but there is no requirement that the characters be good singers. Don’t worry about this at all, don’t even feel like you need to practice, we just want to hear how you would sing in the shower/car/mirror with a hairbrush microphone.

Sam Hoffman
Dan Stevens
Matthew Ballew
Ryan Chernin
Eliot Reiniger
Adrian Burke
Greg Mitrokostas

Kaitlin Bresee
Katie Diekhaus
Sarah Tamarkin
Nadia Silver
Emily McCormack
Abigail Smith
Melinda Frimpong
Jess Couture
Becca Savoy
Allie Romano
Meagan Bernatchez
Christine Calabrese
Elise Wilson
Leni Zneimer

In the Next Room or The Vibrator Play

Leni Zneimer
Becky Sotello
Victoria Kacprzak
Alexis Lamper
Fiona Bryson
Jane Kelley
Chrissie Chinebuah
Jessica Jimenez
Caitlin McGuire
Christina Clay
Emily Bosco
Trish Garrity
Becca Savoy
Abi Oshins
Elyse Dupre
Abigail Smith
Emily Jo McKnight

Bernardo Vargas
Jake Delaney
Theodore Daly
Zak Eisenberg
Allistair Johnson
Alec Nicholson
Andrew Smith
Shane Hennessey
Antonio Tombari
Keaton Goldsmith
Vishaal Reddy
Ryan Chernin
Sam Hoffman
Eliot Reiniger

AUDITIONS and other FUN Stuff!!!

Thanks to everyone who came to our First Spring Semester General Meeting!! It was great to see old faces and new ones and we can't wait to get started! For those who found the trek to 1019 in the snow a bit daunting, here's what you missed:


Auditions are this week!!! Auditions will be held:
Monday, January 23rd from 6pm-9pm in CAS 316
Tuesday, January 24th from 6pm-9pm in CAS 316
Wednesday, January 25th from 6pm-9pm in PSY B45

Our Spring Season is?.

Written by Stephen Karam
Directed by Chris Hamilton
March 1st-3rd in the Student Theater

Farragut North
Written by Beau Willimon
Directed by Molly Bourque
March 22nd-24th in the Student Theater

Speech & Debate
Written by Stephen Karam
Directed by Jimmy Blackmon, Assistant Directed by Allison Crisostomo
March 29th-March 31st in the Student Theater

In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play)
Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Melissa D'Anna, Assistant Directed by Marissa Cheifetz
April 12th-14th in the Student Theater

Auditions are all cold readings, so no preparation is needed. Just show up and give it everything you've got!!

To audition, you must pay $5 and please print out an audition form beforehand found here:


Callback lists/Cast lists will be posted on the blog so keep an eye out!


Do you have a passion for power tools?? Are you really eager to learn how to work a sound board or hang lights??? Then come to the tech meeting this Friday, January 27th at 6:30pm at the Space (right in the alleyway behind Cane's). Learn about the tech needs for our four great mainstages and see what position you want to tackle!

You must be a dues paying member to join, so remember to bring your $5 to the tech


Where the techies act, the actors tech, and the audience remains the same!! We need
actors to man the ship!! So, if you are an actor who wants to try teching email Dani
Freiberg at dsfreiberg@gmail.com. Tech show will be taking place Friday, February 17th and Saturday, February 18th.


For those who were nominated for VPSP, elections will be held Sunday, January 31st at 7pm in CAS 313. You must prepare a speech and have the right to rescind your
nomination/nominate someone else by Sunday evening.


Wanna host an amazingly awesome charity event? Or do you have a skit/act you want to
share with the membership?!?! Email stage@bu.edu to let us know how you want to
participate! All proceeds go to the charity Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network(GLSEN).


For those who are ready to play, you have until this Sunday, January 31st to pay your $2, and then the battle begins. Email our lovely VP Stephanie Gray at segray09@gmail.com for more info/any worries you may have about being killed...

We have a busy week ahead of us, but it's going to be FANTASTIC!! Stay tuned for Special Projects updates and other ways you can get more involved in Stage Troupe.

As always you can:
Email us: stage@bu.edu
Visit our website: people.bu.edu/stage
Follow us on Twitter: @stagetroupe
Add us on facebook: 'Stage Troupe'

Spring 2012 Season!

Excited for the Spring Semester? Check out our four fantastic mainstages right here, and get ready for our first General Meeting on Sunday, January 22nd!!


Written By: Stephen Karam
Directed by: Chris Hamilton

On April 20, 1999, in Littleton, Colorado, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into Columbine High School and massacred 12 of their classmates and a teacher before turning their guns on themselves. The entire country was shocked and horrified, and filled with unanswered questions: Why did they do it? Who is responsible? How did they pull it off? The United States Theater Project muses on all of these questions in their explosive first play, columbinus. Composed of interviews of parents, survivors, and community leaders, police evidence, and recordings from the killers themselves, columbinus blends fact and fiction to take a brutally honest, often tragic look at the trials and tribulations of adolescence. Authors Stephen Karam and PJ Paparelli see the play as a “theatrical discussion” that brings to light the pain and insecurity of the American teenager, so that we can work to prevent the hate and fear from manifesting itself into another deadly attack.

All proceeds go to the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

Performances will be held March 1st-3rd at 8pm in the Student Theater.

Written By: Beau Willimon
Directed by: Molly Bourque

At the ripe-age of 25, Stephen Bellamy is at the height of his career. Charismatic, over-confident, and with an impeccable campaign record, Stephen is the envy of the political arenaand there is no stopping him. Now the press secretary in a heated presidential primary race, the White House is just within reach, until Stephen receives a phone call that changes everything. Soon the campaign, his career, and his sanity are put on the line, paving the way for irrational judgements and unpredictable outcomes. Packed with scandal, deceit, and backroom politicking, Farragut North is a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat right til the very end. Behind the idealistic speeches and grand promises, this play unveils the true motives of not only our nation’s prominent officials, but of mankind as well. Willimon’s work is a timely story about human nature, our innate lust for power, and the lengths we are willing to go to attain it.

Performances will be held March 22nd-24th at 8pm in the Student Theater.

Written By: Stephen Karam
Directed by: Jimmy Blackmon

Assistant Director: Allison Crisostomo

A sex scandal has rocked the city of Salem, Oregon, and three high school misfits find themselves allied, for better or worse, as they attempt to bring down a teacher who preys on his students. The mayor’s been seducing underage boys in chat rooms, and after the newspaper publishes an exposé, sixteen year old wannabe journalist Solomon makes it his goal to take down another closeted pedophile—one who walks the halls of his high school. He seeks help from Diwata, who, on her blog, claims to have dirt on the drama teacher (but may just be angry she wasn’t cast in Once Upon a Mattress). She directs him to Howie, an openly gay transfer student from Portland who only wants to finish his senior year without anyone noticing he exists. Under the cover of a speech and debate team, these three very different teens band together in an attempt to take down the teacher, but in the process they each bring to the surface their own deeply guarded secrets. A dark comedy with five characters, Speech & Debate is a fast paced, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny examination of three people trying to straddle the line between adult ambition and adolescent bravado.

Performances will be held March 29th-31st at 8pm in the Student Theater.


Written By: Sarah Ruhl
Directed by: Melissa D'Anna

Assistant Director: Marissa Cheifetz

In a seemingly perfect, well-to-do Victorian home, proper gentleman and scientist Dr. Givings has innocently invented an extraordinary new device for treating “hysteria” in women (and occasionally men): the vibrator. Adjacent to the doctor’s laboratory, his young and energetic wife tries to tend to their newborn daughter—and wonders exactly what is going on in the next room. When a new “hysterical” patient and her husband bring a wet nurse and their own complicated relationship into the doctor’s home, Dr. and Mrs. Givings must examine the nature of their own marriage, and what it truly means to love someone.

Performances will be held April 12th-14th at 8pm in the Student Theater.