spring 2013

BUSTies 2013 Winners

BUSTies WinnersFall 2012 and Spring 2013

Best Show, Fall: Little Shop of Horrors Best Show, Spring: The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Directors, Fall: Allie Romano and Jake Delaney, Little Shop of Horrors Best Directors, Spring: Marcus Doyle and Julie Kaminski, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Technical Director, Fall: Marissa Cheifetz, Mr. Marmalade Best Technical Director, Spring: Katy Meyer, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Producer, Fall: Hannah Shrader, Little Shop of Horrors Best Producer, Spring: Sam Hoffman, Closer Best Actor, Fall: Dylan Kaplan, Little Shop of Horrors Best Actor, Spring: Adrian Burke, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Actress, Fall: Jemma Douglas, Mr. Marmalade Best Actress, Spring: Ilana Berman, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Supporting Actor, Fall: Carl Welch, Little Shop of Horrors Best Supporting Actor, Spring: Andrew Smith, Closer Best Supporting Actress, Fall: Ilana Berman, Picasso at the Lapin Agile Best Supporting Actress, Spring: Kaitlin Bresee, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Cameo Performance, Fall: Ryan Chernin, Picasso at the Lapin Agile Best Cameo Performance, Spring: Eli Brenna, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Stage Management, Fall: Marissa Cheifetz, Little Shop of Horrors Best Stage Management, Spring: Katie Diekhaus, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Set Design, Fall: Courtney Licata, Mr. Marmalade Best Set Design, Spring: Marcus Doyle, Closer Best Set Decoration, Fall: Abi Oshins, Mr. Marmalade Best Set Decoration, Spring: Marcus Doyle, Closer Best Master Carpentry, Fall: Andrew Smith, Little Shop of Horrors Best Master Carpentry, Spring: Andrew Smith, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Lighting Design, Fall: Shane Hennessey, Mr. Marmalade Best Lighting Design, Spring: Jake Shauli, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Sound Design, Fall: Sarah Kuranda and Taylor Hartz, Little Shop of Horrors Best Sound Design, Spring: Kelly Dickinson, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Costume Design, Fall: Katie Rangel, Little Shop of Horrors Best Costume Design, Spring: Katie Rangel, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Hair/Make-up Design, Fall: Lauren Kolodkin and Arielle Dizon, Little Shop of Horrors Best Hair/Make-up Design, Spring: Emily Jo McKnight and Stephanie Gray, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Props Design, Fall: Kim Curhan, Mr. Marmalade Best Props Design, Spring: Molly Bourque and Jenn Kole, The Tragedy of Hamlet Best Projection, Spring: Sarah Kuranda, Closer Best Actor in a Special Project, Fall: Andrew Smith as Trotsky in Variations on the Death of Trotsky Best Actor in a Special Project, Spring: Shane Hennessey as Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite Best Actress in a Special Project, Fall: Ilana Berman as the Fish in COMBAT Best Actress in a Special Project, Spring: Melinda Frimpong for her monologue

SAAD Executive Board Recipient: Stephanie Gray SAAD General Membership Recipient: Julie Kaminski

Rookie of the Year: Michael Gobiel Unsung Hero: Shoshana Koff

GM RECAP: The New TA! BUSTies! Constitutional Amendments!

At last we've reached the final GM Recap. It has been a year of incredible shows and events for Stage Troupe and we're so sad to see its end, but the future is already here and if we can't keep moving forward, where do we go?
If you missed the GM, shame on you, but fear not. I have what you need right here.
Let's get to the recap.
Congratulations to Closer, The Tragedy of Hamlet, and our One Act & Monologue Festival for their fantastic productions!
*****Constitutional Amendments*****

We have voted through some new constitutional amendments. The constitution will be updated and re-uploaded to the website for everyone's perusal.

All changes will be in place at the change of the board, which is graduation day in May! Get ready for the new year, Troupies!

****The New TA****
The future Eboard is now and officially COMPLETE. Congratulations to Marissa Cheifetz, our new Technical Advisor!
Steady on, new Eboard. You're going to be fantastic.
****Summer Show Auditions & Info****
Our Summer Show, The Birthday Party, will be holding auditions on THURSDAY & FRIDAY in the Student Theater from 6-9PM.
If you are interested in teching for Summer Show, send Andrew an email detailing your top three choices for department and your experience after the cast list goes up Friday night. smithand@bu.edu.
Here's more information about the show from Marcus! Remember, he's still looking for an assistant director so email him if you're interested. darcus@bu.edu
In the quiet and simply English seaside boardinghouse of Petey and Meg Boles, it is longtime resident Stanley Webber's birthday and everyone seems to know but him. Harold Pinter's The Birthday Party is an darkly absurd and witty play about one man's resistance against subjugation in his fading existence. In the random assortment of strangers, party games, and corn flakes, Pinter explores the ambiguous relationship we all have with truth and reality. This is the play most examined and celebrated in Pinter's deeply complex and provocative cannon. a play of contemporary excellence and relentless investigation to prove human nature stands as the only law that rules us.
Mandatory Show Dates: June 12, 19, 26. July 10, 17. Revival in early September
Should there be an issue yet your desires to audition are unyielding, circumstances can be discussed at auditions freely. Please come!
6 parts, 4m, 2f.
Meg, woman in her sixties, a pleasant hostess, insistently compassionate and largely aloof, her life is cushioned in delusion.
Petey, man in his sixties, Meg's husband and a faithful deck chair attendant on the nearby beaches; he is surprisingly the more astute observer of the plot.
Stanley, man in his late thirties, the only guest at the boardinghouse, unkempt, lazy and smug as everyone else celebrates his special day.
Goldberg, man in his fifties, one of the men that arrives later in the day, suave, poetic, and clearly dangerous as he and his partner work to take Stanley away.
McCann, a man of thirty, an Irish man that arrives with Goldberg, not as socially fluent and engaging, more of a brute.
Lulu, girl in her twenties, a bright personality in contrast to the dry and masculine weight of the play; childish, flirtatious, and fickle.
The drawing room and kitchen of an English seaside boardinghouse. Furnished with a dining table, chairs, a reading chair or loveseat, floor rugs, side tables and boards, lamps, a room that looks extremely lived in, worn away from use and overuse. Strongly realistic in design, creative and abstract in decor that speaks to the aesthetics of delusion and menace.
Simple and straightforward, with minimal costume changes as the events happen in only twenty-four hours. The looks of each character speaks to the person that they want people to see them, the dishonesty of appearance.
The transgression of one day and the following morning, the bleak English weather, and a couple scripted blackouts are the only requirements allotted for lights, the rest is fun.
No scripted cues, endless opportunities.
Working with Set to fill the room with things here and there, a couple key props that need to be destroyed in the performance, i.e. a toy drum that gets stepped through, glasses that get crushed.
Realistic, simple and fresh.
Come attend an awesome night of awards and celebrate one incredible year of  theatre with us as we honor our seniors and enjoy each other's company (and some excellent desserts!). Dress in cocktail attire!
BUSTies is $5 to attend, so if you haven't paid Allie yet, she, Hanna, Lauren, and Celia will be holding office hours to pay for BUSTies this week. Look out on the FB group and the blog for where/when to find them. Allie will be in the GSU on Monday from 3-5 and Tuesday from 5-6. Pay her!
You definitely don't want to miss out on such a fun evening. It's BUSTies. Just go to it. 
That's all, my dears. You'll be hearing from me just a few more times this week before the end.


Spring has at last properly arrived in Boston and 'tis truly beautiful out. Go enjoy it. Incredibly important things are happening this weekend, my dear membership. Don't miss out on our remaining moments together!

This SUNDAY beginning at 12PM is the most cathartic time of year: SPACE CLEANING!

Space Cleaning is that time where we all gather together and clean up the Space after another busy, crazy season. We break things. there's music. It's fun! AND the MOST IMPORTANT THING about it is the fact that EACH SHOW THIS SEASON MUST HAVE 40 HOURS OF SPACE CLEANING IN ORDER TO QUALIFY FOR BUSTIES. Come do your part. Come when you can. Come for an hour if that's all you can offer. Come for a few hours if you're able. Be sure to sign in with your name and which shows you worked on (your hours count for allllll of them). DO IT. IT'S MANDATORY. (plus it's actually fun. so there's that)

Also coming up this SUNDAY beginning at 7PM is our FINAL GM!

Finishing off the year in the Student Theater, the Final GM is where we VOTE on BUSTies as well as complete the new Eboard. We also have some important constitutional amendments to vote on, so you absolutely should not miss it. Have a voice in your future, my dear membership. Care. Commit. Do your duty. It's our last meeting to close out one crazy year. Be there.

**WE WILL ALSO BE ACCEPTING MONIES FOR BUSTIES ATTENDANCE! Don't forget--it's $5 to attend the event. We encourage you all to pay at the GM! Please please please do so**

So we've got a weekend full of Troupe and a nice long final Troupe Sunday! Come be a part of it as we reach the end of classes. Take that break you deserve and spend it with your fellow Troupies. It's your last chance before BUSTies next Wednesday!


Greetings, membership. The season is at last coming to a close. Come celebrate theatre by attending our last show. One Acts Poster 1


The One Acts

Mary Just Broke Up With This Guy Written by Garth Wingfield Directed by Celia Gibson

The Audition Written and Co-Directed by Eli Brenna Co-Directed by Kyle Tague

The Philadelphia Written by David Ives Directed by Aryeh Harris-Shapiro

With monologue performances from

Katie Diekhaus Melinda Frimpong Vishaal Reddy Andrew Smith

Technically Directed by Kirsten Fukayama Produced by Kim Curhan

Performances will be held in the Jacob Sleeper Auditorium (JSA) in CGS on April 26 & 27 (Friday and Saturday!) beginning at 8pm. Attendance is free.

Feel free to direct any questions to stage@bu.edu!

Join the Facebook Event

Check the page

Don't miss out on a fantastic production and be sure to support your fellow Troupies!

Cheers, membership!

Announcing Summer Show: Audition Dates & Info

Greetings membership! I am pleased to write to you with happy news today. We have at last picked our 2013 summer show! This year's show will be The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter directed by Marcus Doyle. Marcus is also seeking an assistant director, so if you're interested, please contact him at darcus@bu.edu.

Synopsis: At a sleepy seaside boarding house in England, the humdrum routine of corn flakes, newspapers and naps is interrupted by the appearance of two mysterious strangers. They become guests at longtime tenant Stanley's surprise birthday party which, after a few glasses of whiskey, party games and a mysterious blackout, turns into a deliciously impalpable nightmare. As excuses and alliances hastily shift, so does the truth in Harold Pinter's riveting dark-comic masterpiece. (Steppenwolf Theatre Company)

Cast breakdown: Petey, a man in his sixties Meg, a woman in her sixties Stanley, a man in his late thirties Lulu, a girl in her twenties Goldberg, a man in his fifties McCann, a man of thirty

You'll get to hear a bit more about it at our final GM which is coming up this Sunday at 7pm in the Student Theater.

Auditions for the show will be held next week! Join us on Thursday, May 2nd and Friday, May 3rd from 6-10PM in the Student Theater.

Auditions for summer show work the same as our mainstages. If you are here for the summer, you should seriously consider auditioning! Summer show is a unique experience with Stage Troupe that allows us to show incoming freshmen what we can do and often reach a broader audience than our typical seasons.

Come be a part of it! It's going to be fantastic.

Don't forget, we've got our Spring One Act & Monologue Festival this weekend, so come out and see the show! We've ALSO got SPACE CLEANING & the FINAL GM on Sunday for our last Troupe Sunday of the semester! Hooray!

As ever, remain wonderful, remain committed.

Cheers, all.



Get there. It's times like these when art is especially necessary. Support your fellow Troupies who've been working hard on something truly astonishing.

Be safe, be alert, and come together in celebration of theatre.

Peace, all. Thank you for your patience. Please be aware that if the situation changes, we will update as soon as possible.


If you have purchased a ticket for tonight's performance, your ticket will admit you to either Saturday performance (2PM or 8PM). If you purchased a ticket for Friday night and are unable to attend the show on Saturday, we will be happy to reimburse you. Please contact stage@bu.edu to arrange this.
FYI, if you have RESERVED tickets or are expecting to purchase AT THE DOOR for either the 2PM or 8PM performances tomorrow, please arrive as early as possible to secure your tickets.
This is all assuming that we will be able to open tomorrow. Keep on the lookout for updates from us regarding Saturday's performances.
Remain safe, my dear membership, but furthermore remain strong and keep moving forward.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Greetings membership. Where has the semester gone? We have at last arrived at our FINAL MAINSTAGE HamletPoster

Directed by Marcus Doyle and Julie Kaminski Technically Directed by Katy Meyer Produced by Hanna Wasserman

Summoned back home to attend his father’s brief funeral and celebrate his mother’s new marriage, Hamlet tackles his depression in face of a home stripped of familiarity. Shadows in the halls of Castle Elsinore bring Hamlet before a vision of his own dead father, and he is spurned to avenge him who was unjustly murdered by his brother, Claudius, Hamlet’s now new father-in-law and King. Deeply conflicted and contemplative, Hamlet searches inside his own scholar and soul for the philosophical end to his immoral responsibility to his late father. Amongst all the vile and rank in men, Hamlet takes it upon himself to cleanse the “unweeded garden” of his home, and drives the play to its tragic conclusion. Arguably Shakespeare’s greatest play, Hamlet exposes the torturing insecurities in man, and “to hold, as ‘twere, the mirror up to nature,” Shakespeare provokes humanity at its core in our brutal and expressionistic production.

The Tragedy of Hamlet opens in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Ave)

Thursday April 18 at 8pm Friday April 19 at 8pm Saturday April 20 at 2pm and 8pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Activities Information Desk the week preceding the show with Convenience Points or credit card. They will also be available cash only at the door. For reservations, please contact Meredith Lawrence at mlawrenc@bu.edu.

Prices $6 General $5 Members

Facebook Event

Site Page

Don't miss out on a fantastic production and be sure to support your fellow Troupies!

Cheers, membership!

Reopening Summer Show Pitches!

Hallo strangers. We have decided to open up our summer show pitches once more to the membership. If you know you'll be here in Boston over the summer and you have a show in mind, get to the website and fill out a pitch form!

Do it quickly. Pitches will be due THIS FRIDAY, April 12th at 5PM to Lauren Kolodkin. She will be accepting pitches at the Espresso Royale Cafe across from the GSU/Marsh. If you cannot make this deadline, email her (kolodkin@bu.edu) and we will work it out!

Summer show is a fantastic opportunity to show off Stage Troupe to the incoming freshman class. It's also a fun time working on a show without the pressures of a semester of school. If you're in Boston, I would seriously consider pitching or working on it!

In other reminders, don't forget about the Troupe trip to Book of Mormon this Tuesday. If you bought a ticket, you should have already received an email about it. We'll be meeting at 6:15PM at Marsh Plaza and heading over to the Boston Opera House together. Again, if you have questions please contact Lauren.

This Friday, April 12th, is also the deadline for TA APPLICATIONS. If you think you have what it takes to lead our future tech and be on Eboard, fill out an application and send it to our VP-Elect, Emily Jo McKnight (ejmck626@gmail.com)

Cheers, membership! Keep resisting artless heathens.

It's been getting CLOSER, and now it's arrived

Greetings membership. It is, all of a sudden, time for our third mainstage. Closer Poster

Directed by Allison Crisostomo and Vishaal Reddy Technically Directed by Kirsten Fukayama Produced by Sam Hoffman

Closer examines the intersecting lives of four adults in London. Dan is a writer attempting to finish a novel, but in the meantime supports himself by writing obituaries. One day he chances upon Alice, a beautiful young American expatriate, working as a stripper. She immediately falls for Dan and he, initially, is enchanted by Alice, but while she inspires his writing, her neediness begins to wear. Anna is a photographer hired to take Dan’s portrait for the dust jacket of his book; her easy confidence immediately attracts him, but while the two flirt, Dan accidentally introduces Anna to Larry, a charmingly bourgeois dermatologist, whom she marries. Dan can’t get Anna out of his mind, but when he leaves Alice and he and Anna become lovers, he’s frustrated that she is reluctant to leave Larry for him. Closer explores the explosive emotional and sexual dynamic between these four characters, and the importance of intimacy, love, desire, and trust in a relationship.

Closer opens in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Ave)

Thursday April 4 at 8pm Friday April 5 at 8pm Saturday April 6 at 8pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Activities Information Desk the week preceding the show with Convenience Points or credit card. They will also be available cash only at the door.

Prices $6 General $5 Members

Join the Facebook Event

Site Page

Don't miss out on a fantastic production and be sure to support your fellow Troupies!

Cheers, membership!

GM RECAP: The New Eboard//One Act & Monologue Tech List

It is the beginning of the end, you faithful, wonderful membership. My days emailing you are indeed numbered. If you missed the GM, shame on you, but fear not. Troupe's leaders of tomorrow (tomorrow...tomorrow...tomorrow...) have been chosen, and you are in capable hands, my dear membership.

Let's get to the recap.

Congratulations to Or, and Election Day for their fantastic productions!

*****The NEW EBOARD*****

President: Ilana Berman Vice President: Emily Jo McKnight Vice President of Special Projects: Lauren Kolodkin Treasurer: Hanna Wasserman Secretary: Cilicia Rios

Congratulations, baby board. The future is yours.

BUT WAIT. The board is missing one incredibly important member. The TA of Stage Troupe is not an elected position, but one to be applied for! If you think you have the right technical sense for Troupe and you want to be on the executive board, fill out an application (found on the website under Members > Forms and Resources, TA Application) and send it to our new VP Emily Jo McKnight at ejmck626@gmail.com.

The Eboard is NOT COMPLETE without the TA, so if you've a passion for Troupe and an understanding of tech, consider applying. The membership is counting on YOU.


If you are interested in being on the SAAD committee, sign up with Lauren (kolodkin@bu.edu)

Please treat the Space with respect. Clean up after yourselves and put things back where they belong.

We will be having a Master Carpenter/Build Workshop later this semester. Sign up on the sheet or by contacting Andrew (smithand@bu.edu).


The list has been posted on the blog! Check it out: http://bustagetroupe.com/blog

****Coming up****

SUMMER SHOW Pitch Deadline is this Tuesday, March 26th. Pitches are due to 111 Cummington by 3PM

CLOSER is previewing the show at BU Hunger Relief's Fundraising Event on Wednesday, March 27th from 7-9PM in BU Central. Closer will be performing at 7:30, so come and support your fellow Troupies and our third mainstage!

CLOSER runs April 4-6 at 8pm in the Student Theater. Don't miss out on

We're going to go see BOOK OF MORMON on Tuesday, April 9th. Get ready for a fantastic bonding experience!

ROASTS! The deadline is April 17th. If you need help, contact Lauren (kolodkin@bu.edu)

Spring 2013 One Act & Monologue TECH LIST!

TD – Kirsten FukayamaATD – Lauren Kolodkin ATD – Julie Kaminski Producer – Kim Curhan Stage Manager – Marissa Kristy Stage Manager – Shoshana Koff Head Set Dec – Emma Gluck Assistant Set Dec – Karen Loewy Costumes – Emily Jo McKnight Sound – Allison Crisostomo Makeup/Hair Designer – Courtney Licata Prop Master – Kevin Ang BUILD/RUN – Joe McLaughlin BUILD/RUN – Camille Arvisu BUILD/RUN – Risa McNellis



Written by Josh Tobiessen

Directed by Joe Reed Technically Directed by Hanna Wasserman Produced by Joe Gambino

In the dark comedy Election Day, what starts as a normal day for Adam devolves into a terrible, bizarre day. The play focuses around Adam, an average guy whose politically active girlfriend, Brenda, attempts to get him to go vote for a particular mayoral candidate. Things get complicated, however, when Cleo, Adam’s sex-starved, cat-loving half-sister; Edmund, an eco-terrorist attempting to create an election day stir; and Jerry Clark, a candidate for mayor, all show up at Brenda’s apartment and wreak havoc. People are kidnapped, bags of marijuana are consumed and cars are blown up as hilarity ensues.

Election Day opens in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Ave)

Thursday March 21 at 8pm Friday March 22 at 8pm Saturday March 23 at 8pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Activities Information Desk the week preceding the show with Convenience Points or credit card. They will also be available cash only at the door.

Prices $6 General $5 Members

Join the Facebook Event

Check the website page

Don't miss out on a fantastic production!

March & April Upcoming Events and Deadlines!

Mark your calendars, you silly membership. We've got something coming up every week right up until BUSTies. Are you prepared for the insanity?!
***Election Day***
Our second mainstage of the season opens this week! Performances run March 21st, 22nd, and 23rd at 8pm in the Student Theater. Don't miss out.
In the dark comedy Election Day, what starts as a normal day for Adam devolves into a terrible, bizarre day. The play focuses around Adam, an average guy whose politically active girlfriend, Brenda, attempts to get him to go vote for a particular mayoral candidate. Things get complicated, however, when Cleo, Adam’s sex-starved, cat-loving half-sister; Edmund, an eco-terrorist attempting to create an election day stir; and Jerry Clark, a candidate for mayor, all show up at Brenda’s apartment and wreak havoc. People are kidnapped, bags of marijuana are consumed and cars are blown up as hilarity ensues.
This SUNDAY, March 24th at 7PM in CAS 214 we get to exercise our right to vote yet again—COME HELP DECIDE THE NEW EBOARD TO USHER IN THE TROUPE OF TOMORROW (TOMORROW TOMORROW TOMORROWW).
Remember, you can still be nominated right up until we begin voting. If you've an interest in being on Eboard, come check us out at Eboard meetings (Sundays at 6PM in IT!) and get a friend to nominate you!
March 26th. Get all materials to 111 Cummington by 3PM.
Summer Show is a FANTASTIC opportunity for Stage Troupe to do a show for incoming Freshmen and get people excited to join! If you're staying in Boston, consider pitching or working on the show! Keep in mind that the summer show must be put on without a budget (similar to our charity show) and that the commitment is every Wednesday of Orientation.
***Preview CLOSER***
March 27th 7PM in BU Central
The cast of Closer will be previewing the show at BU Hunger Relief's fundraising event! Come support your fellow Troupies and catch a sneak peek of our third mainstage!
Which is all in anticipation for the show's run on April 4th, 5th & 6th.
That's all for now! Keep your eye on the blog and Twitter and Facebook for more updates.
Don't forget to come see ELECTION DAY next weekend! Come vote at the GM! Get those summer show pitches done!
Cheers, you wondrous beings. Soldier on—we shall conquer the future with artistry.


Don't Miss The Charity Show Or, THIS WEEKEND!

Greetings membership. The time has come and our season is about to begin with our Charity Show, Or, opening this week. OR,

Or, Production Poster

Written by Liz Duffy Adams

Directed by Celia Gibson and Juliette Vandame Technically Directed by Stephanie Bont Produced by Marcus Doyle

Or, takes place (mostly) during one night in the life of Aphra Behn, poet, spy, and soon to be first professional female playwright. Sprung from debtors’ prison after a disastrous overseas mission, Aphra is desperate to get out of the spy trade. She has a shot at a production at one of the only two London companies, if she can only finish her play by morning despite interruptions from sudden new love, actress Nell Gwynne; complicated royal love, King Charles II; and very dodgy ex-love, double agent William Scott – who may be in on a plot to murder the king in the morning. Can Aphra resist Nell’s charm, save Charles’ life, win William a pardon and launch her career all in one night? Against a background of a long drawn-out war and a counter-culture of free love, cross- dressing, and pastoral lyricism, the 1660s look a lot like the 1960s in this neo-Restoration comedy.

Or, opens in The Student Theater at Agganis Arena (925 Commonwealth Ave)

Thursday February 28 at 8pm Friday March 1 at 8pm Saturday March 2 at 8pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Activities Information Desk the week preceding the show with Convenience Points or credit card. They will also be available cash only at the door.

All proceeds will go to benefit Americans for the Arts (http://artsusa.org)

Prices $6 General $5 Members

Join the Facebook Event

Check the website

Come join us for the start of our main season and support your fellow Troupies on this beautiful show that celebrates everything we love--art.

Cheers, membership!


First off, congratulations to everyone involved in our TECH SHOW. It was a hilarious production and a successful night, so thank you! Aaand more thanks goes to everyone who came to Andrew's All-American Axe-Stravaganza: A Charity Event for Charity! We raised $706 for our Charity Show and Americans for the Arts, which is AMAZING. Thank you, membership.

Tonight was the night! You voted and the results are in and now I have the pleasure of announcing our...

*****FALL SEASON*****

Parents Weekend: The Drowsy Chaperone Book by Bob Martin and Don McKellar Music and lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison Directed by Hanna Wasserman Musically Directed by Lee Condakes

Equus Written by Peter Schaffer Directed by Eli Brenna

Eurydice Written by Sarah Ruhl Directed by Celia Gibson and Lauren Kolodkin

Alice in Wonderland Adapted from the novel by Lewis Carroll by the Manhattan Project Directed by Michael Gobiel and Audrey Wood

Congratulations to the directors! Next season is sure to be fantastic.

BUT, that doesn't mean our Spring Season is even close to being over. We have so much in store in the coming weeks, so mark your calendars and get ready...

*****ONE ACTS*****

The Philadelphia Written by David Ives Directed by Aryeh Harris-Shapiro

The Audition Written and Directed by Eli Brenna

Mary Just Broke Up With This Guy Written by Garth Wingfield Directed by Celia Gibson

Auditions for One Acts are in ONE WEEK on March 4th & 5th from 6-10PM in CAS B27.

We are also opening up our One Act Festival to MONOLOGUES, so if you have one prepared or want to work on one for the show, come to auditions with it and show us what you got!

The One Acts Festival will be April 26th & 27th in the Jacob Sleeper Auditorium.

If you are interested in tech, please email Andrew Smith (smithand@bu.edu) after the cast list goes up with your tech experience and interests.


Our annual award show is coming up on May 1st and we are pleased to announce our HOSTS for the event: Greg Nedeltscheff and Ryan Chernin!

More information will be out soon, but if you are ROASTING a senior, be sure to come to the ROASTING WORKSHOP next Sunday (March 3rd) at 2PM in ZISKIND.

*****SUMMER SHOW*****

If you are staying in Boston for the summer and want to be involved in our SUMMER SHOW, pitches for it are due on March 26th at 111 Cummington. Fill out the form found on the website!

*****EBOARD VOTING!*****

Our next meeting, March 24th at 7pm in a location TBA, we will be voting on our new Executive Board! We will be accepting nominations right up until voting happens, so if you're interested at all and didn't get a chance to get nominated this time, don't fret!

Don't forget, if you're nominated, we encourage you to come and talk to our current Eboard! There's no better resource than those of us doing the jobs and we obviously love Troupe enough to talk about it forever, so don't be shy!

*****COMING UP**** Our Charity Show Or, opens this week!

Tickets will be sold at the Activities Information Desk in the GSU for $5. Come to the show Thursday, Friday, or Saturday at 8PM in the Student Theater. All proceeds will go to Americans for the Arts, so come out and see a wonderful show and support something we all love--the arts!


Was there a Nemo-nic blast from the icy north that hindered your passage to the Student Theater? Did the soporific cocoon you inhabited for the 48 hours of the storm swell up and take you whole? Hello, can you hear me?
Regardless, if you missed the meeting I've got a lovely little recap of all of the utterly IMPORTANT things coming up this month. Pay close attention, my dear membership, and keep these events and deadlines in mind.
First of all, congratulations to our casts and crews! We're so excited that things are already underway and we are fast approaching our first show of the season.

Interested in directing? Never done it before? Done it a million times? Want experience? Have a show you want to see Troupe do?

We have so many opportunities available if you want to direct/pitch a show! There's a lot of information here, my dear membership, so CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

If you want to pitch a show for next semester (or for ONE ACTS!), here's what you need to know!

- Be a dues paying member ($5) - Have a show you know and want to pitch - Make sure the rights are available - Get the script, make 2 copies - Download and fill out the pitch form from the website (http://bustagetroupe.com/members/forms-and-resources/) - Put all of that (the scripts and the form) into a manila envelope and bring it to 111 Cummington Mall labeled with "Stage Troupe" and this address:

ATTN: Eric Jacobsen 111 Cummington Mall Rm B17


(This is incredibly soon, so please please please if you're thinking at all of pitching and want help getting started, contact the board! We're here to help)
If you have any questions about the pitching process, please contact stage@bu.edu and we'll help you out. The Pitching Meeting is the next GM in two weeks, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 24TH at 7PM in the STUDENT THEATER. The pitches will be pitched and the membership shall vote and find out the next season that same day! Yay, democracy!

If you would like to be on READING COMMITTEE for the pitches (you CANNOT do this if you are pitching), then please email Lauren at kolodkin@bu.edu.

Pitches for ONE ACTS work the same as mainstage pitches and are due the same day, so don't forget! One Acts are the perfect way to try directing for the first time or to even see your own work on stage (we encourage student-written productions!).

ONE ACTS AUDITIONS are March 4th & 5th ONE ACTS will go up on April 26th & 27th

Pitches for PARENTS WEEKEND work just a little bit differently. You still have to submit the scripts and the Parents Weekend form (found on the same page!), but the membership will not be voting on this pitch, the Eboard will select the Parents Weekend Show for next semester and announce it at the next meeting.

****HOSTS/SM for BUSTIES****
We are looking for hosts for BUSTies! If you want a chance to take control of the greatest award show ever (mostly due to the fact it gets more candid than Jodie Foster at the Golden Globes), then email Lauren at kolodkin@bu.edu. You'll get a chance to pitch your BUSTies ideas at our next Eboard meeting (February 17th at 6pm in IT).
This year's board's term comes to an end in May! Sadly, this means many of us have to leave you, BUT this also means that you all get a chance to run to be a part of Stage Troupe's Eboard next year! If you have a million and one ideas to improve the group or you think you can provide a sane voice, come to an Eboard meeting (they're every Sunday at 6pm in IT at 111 Cummington!) and check out what we do. If you're interested in specific positions, come talk to us! We'd love to have a chat about our jobs. If you have general questions, just email stage@bu.edu!
Eboard nominations will occur at our next GM (February 24th). Don't miss out.
You definitely don't want to miss out on a weekend of pure Troupe tradition coming up.
First, we have the TECH SHOW both at 8PM and later at MIDNIGHT this Friday, February 15th in the Student Theater.
Come support the techies and find out the secret on opening night! Tech Show is a fun opportunity we do every spring where everyone can try something new! The midnight show is a special performance, so come prepared for a fantastic time! Best way to do it (I highly recommend...) is to double-feature it. Watch it once at 8, chill, then come back and see it again! You'll laugh, you'll laugh again, and it'll be an awesome night. Do it. It's free.
Then, on Saturday, February 16th at 8pm we have Andrew's All-American Axe-Stravaganza: A Charity Event for Charity in the Student Theater.
Our TA Event/Charity Fundraiser is a night filled with skits and a sneak preview of Or, and auctions and cakes and pieing of the Eboard and all sorts of merriment. There will be a "most patriotic" dress contest, so wear some red, white & blue and come out to enjoy a Troupe night and support the Charity Show. It's $5 to attend, and bringing lots of extra cash is DEFINITELY encouraged as there will be opportunities to bid on a plethora of fabulous items...including dinner with Dean Elmore, giftcards to awesome places, and the last of our tickets to BOOK OF MORMON!
That's all for now, folks! We've got lots of deadlines coming up so keep alert and don't be afraid to ask questions. The website is a great, quick resource (bustagetroupe.com), otherwise, follow @StageTroupe on Twitter and join the Facebook group, and don't forget you can always email stage@bu.edu.
Don't forget to come out to our events this weekend! See you there!
We have our next GM coming up very quickly on February 24th 7pm in the Student Theater.

Upcoming Events & Deadlines!

Greetings, membership! Our spring season is underway and we have a number of fantastic events coming up quickly, so be sure to add 'em to your calendars and DON'T MISS OUT! First off, we have our annual Charity Fundraiser in honor of our TA:

***Andrew's All-American Axe-Stravaganza: A Charity Event for Charity***

This SATURDAY beginning at 8PM in the Student Theater.

Bring $5 for a fabulous evening filled with awesome displays of talent from the membership, bid on a variety of items night of BOOK OF MORMON!), pie the Eboard (yikes), participate in the cake-making contest, watch Allie & Vishaal kiss, and MORE. Seriously, it's a FANTASTIC night spent to help our Charity show and Americans for the Arts, so bring lots of money and show your support all while having fun with Troupe! There will be a prize for the most patriotic-ly dressed attendee, so wear your red/white/blue! (please don't bring your own axe...)

FB Event: http://www.facebook.com/events/512840545421804/

**Don't forget, if you are participating in the cake-making contest to arrive at 7:50PM (before the event!). If you are performing during the event, please check in with either Andrew or Lauren when you arrive, (preferably around or before 8pm).


This SUNDAY at 7PM in the Student Theater

This is a VERY IMPORTANT meeting! We will be holding a LOTTERY for tickets to BOOK OF MORMON (its Boston opening night, April 9th). Bring $47 to the meeting and submit your name for the lottery and we will hold a drawing to see who will be able to go. (IF YOU SUBMIT YOUR NAME, BUT DO NOT HAVE MONEY ON SUNDAY, YOU WILL FORFEIT YOUR SPOT! SO PLEASE BRING IT!!). Guys, these tickets are going, at its cheapest, for like $150. SO I'D GO IN FOR THE LOTTERY IF I WERE YOU. Also at this meeting is PITCH INFORMATION, so if you're interested in directing, COME TO THIS MEETING. This will be for ONE ACTS and FALL (PARENTS WEEKEND & the MAINSTAGES). Get there.

Finally (for now), we have our ***TECH SHOW***

February 15th & 16th at 8PM (with an additional performance at MIDNIGHT) in the Student Theater

A fun tradition in Stage Troupe where the techies act, the actors tech, and the audience remains the same! The show is a secret until opening night and is FREE, so come out and enjoy a fun, memorable night!


...coming up on FEBRUARY 19th.

If you're interested AT ALL in pitching, but don't know how to get started, PLEASE come talk to us! Any one on the board will be more than happy to help you out. There are tons of resources available including our own Mugar Library or, you know, Barnes & Noble. To find out more about our pitching process, come to the GM this Sunday at 7 in the Student Theater! DON'T FORGET, THIS PITCH PROCESS INCLUDES PARENTS' WEEKEND, so consider that if you want to pitch a show for TSAI.

That's all for now! Keep your eye on the blog and Twitter and Facebook for info about more workshops and all kinds of ways to stay involved with Troupe this semester! Don't forget to come out to our fundraiser this weekend! Bring your friends!

Happy days, all. Keep sane, maintain joy, and go on to truly better this world with your art.

Spring 2013 Tech Lists!

Or, TD – Stephanie Bont ATD – Paige Herrmann Producer – Marcus Doyle Assistant Producer – Vishaal Reddy Assistant Producer – Allison Crisostomo Assistant Producer – Kim Curhan Stage Manager – Shoshana Koff Assistant Stage Manager – Meredith Lawrence Assistant Stage Manager – Camille Arvisu Set Designer – Andrew Smith Assistant Set Designer – Noelle Kichura Master Carpenter – Kirsten Fukayama Head Set Dec – Courtney Licata Assistant Set Dec – Jillian Nichols Assistant Set Dec – Andrew Velichansky Assistant Set Dec – Emily Jo McKnight Assistant Set Dec – Daniel Espinoza Lighting Designer – Courtney Bayruns Assistant Lights – Andria Sharma Assistant Lights – Monique Avila Sound Designer – Theodore Daly Assistant Sound – Annie Tillis Head Costumes – Katie Rangel Assistant Costumes – Katina Karvan Assistant Costumes – Emma LeBlanc-Medeines Head Makeup/Hair Designer – Lauren Kolodkin Assistant Hair/Makeup – Abi Oshins Assistant Hair/Makeup – Olya Sheikina Prop Master – Jon Christianson Assistant Props – Meg Boeni Assistant Props – Ben Moll BUILD/RUN – Risa McNellis BUILD/RUN – Asia Alsgaard BUILD/RUN – David Frankenfield BUILD/RUN – Andrew Smith BUILD/RUN - Kevin Ang

Election Day

TD – Hanna Wasserman ATD – Allison Crisostomo ATD – Emmanuel Dollinger Producer – Joe Gambino Assistant Producer – Kevin Ang Assistant Producer – Stephanie Takeuchi Assistant Producer – Rachel Wein Assistant Producer – Aubrie Sanchez Stage Manager – Marissa Cheifetz Assistant Stage Manager – Marissa Kristy Assistant Stage Manager – Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Set Designer – Sam Hoffman Assistant Set Designer – Shannon Keane Master Carpenter – Xander Pinto Head Set Dec – Colleen Gilmore Assistant Set Dec – Daniel Ehrenpreis Assistant Set Dec – Joe McLaughlin Assistant Set Dec – Veronica Priest Assistant Set Dec – Arabi Moorthy Assistant Set Dec – Samantha Sweig Lighting Designer – Shane Hennesey Assistant Lights – Tehya Saylor Assistant Lights – Christian Schlachte Sound Designer – Sarah Kuranda Assistant Sound – Kevin Ang Assistant Sound – Kyle Tague Head Costumes – Stephanie Gray Assistant Costumes – Kathryn Vaz Assistant Costumes – Mary Kate Young Head Makeup/Hair Designer – Melanie Adams Assistant Hair/Makeup – Allie Romano Assistant Hair/Makeup – Cara Dwyer Prop Master – Paige Herrmann Assistant Props – Michael Gobiel Assistant Props – Emma LeBlanc-Medeines BUILD/RUN – Chris Gilmore BUILD/RUN – Arka Pain BUILD/RUN – David Olson BUILD/RUN – Christine Mikeska


TD – Kirsten Fukayama ATD – Shoshana Koff Producer – Sam Hoffman Assistant Producer – Clarisse Bidad Assistant Producer – Olivia Paris-Kornikwicz Assistant Producer – Elyssa Sternberg Stage Manager – Cilicia Rios Assistant Stage Manager – Daniel Ehrenpreis Assistant Stage Manager – Lexie David Set Designer – Marcus Doyle Assistant Set Designer – Jamie Lin Master Carpenter – Chris Gilmore Head Set Dec – Marcus Doyle Assistant Set Dec – Andrew Velichansky Assistant Set Dec – Tyler Boudreaux Assistant Set Dec – Jackie Babitts Lighting Designer – Meredith Lawrence Lighting Designer – Courtney Bayruns Assistant Lights – Theodore Daly Assistant Lights – Nicole Milani Assistant Lights – Courtney Licata Projectionist – Sarah Kuranda Sound Designer – Kelly Dickinson Assistant Sound – Joe McLaughlin Head Costumes – Juliette Vandame Assistant Costumes – Monique Avila Assistant Costumes – Kathryn Vaz Head Makeup/Hair Designer – Arielle Dizon Assistant Hair/Makeup – Molly Kafka Assistant Hair/Makeup – Mary Kate Young Prop Master – Melanie Adams Prop Master – Kim Curhan Assistant Props – Alison Parker Assistant Props – Angelina Hulbert Photographer – Kim Curhan BUILD/RUN – David Frankenfield BUILD/RUN – Marissa Cheifetz BUILD/RUN – Christine Mikeska BUILD/RUN – Andria Sharma

The Tragedy of Hamlet

TD – Katy Meyer ATD – Camille Arvisu Producer – Hanna Wasserman Assistant Producer – Cilicia Rios Assistant Producer – Jane Kelley Assistant Producer – Meredith Lawrence Stage Manager – Katie Diekhaus Assistant Stage Manager – Angelina Hulbert Assistant Stage Manager – Kyle Tague Assistant Stage Manager – Stephanie Takeuchi Stand-in Stage Manager – Aubrie Sanchez Set Designer – Arka Pain Assistant Set Designer – Lucas Stegman Master Carpenter – Andrew Smith Head Set Dec – Abi Oshins Assistant Set Dec – Jim Zheng Assistant Set Dec – Mary Kate Young Assistant Set Dec – Lucas Stagman Assistant Set Dec – Tehya Saylor Lighting Designer – Jake Shauli Assistant Lights – Annie Tillis Assistant Lights – Veronica Priest Projectionist – Allison Crisostomo Sound Designer – Kelly Dickinson Assistant Sound – Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Head Costumes – Katie Rangel Assistant Costumes – Noelle Kichura Assistant Costumes – Cara Dwyer Head Makeup/Hair Designer – Stephanie Gray Head Makeup/Hair Designer – Emily Jo McKnight Assistant Hair/Makeup – Meg Boeni Assistant Hair/Makeup – Arabi Moorthy Assistant Hair/Makeup – Arielle Dizon Prop Master – Jenn Kole Prop Master – Molly Bourque Assistant Props – Kevin Ang Assistant Props – Ben Moll BUILD/RUN – Arka Pain BUILD/RUN – Nina Becker Jobim BUILD/RUN – Jon Christianson BUILD/RUN – Joe McLaughlin BUILD/RUN – Daniel Espinoza Dramaturge – Lauren Kolodkin