Spring 2015 One Acts Selections and Auditions

Hello Troupies! I hope you've been enjoying your spring break. Here are the selections for Spring 2015's One Acts Festival: The Last Man on Earth, by Eitan Loewenstein, directed by Ali Edwards Time Game, by Ellen Lee, directed by Danielle Hope Diamond & Andy Moeller Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson, by Rich Orloff, directed by Zoe Enscoe

Auditions will take place this coming Monday and Tuesday, March 16th and 17th, from 5-10 PM in PSY/SOC B63. (A reminder to bring your own audition sheets - one for each show you will be auditioning for).

If you cannot make it to auditions for any reason, including participation in Angels in America: please speak to the directors you would like to audition for, and they will do their best to accommodate you.

We will also be accepting auditions for monologues. Please bring a copy of your monologue and be prepared to discuss and/or perform it (unmemorized).

A reminder that this year's One Acts & Monologues Festival takes place on April 17th and 18th.

Fall 2015 Pitch Season

Hello membership! For the second time, we will be releasing the main stage pitches received for our Fall 2015 season. Any dues paying member is encouraged to attend our Third General Meeting on March 22, 7 PM, in the Agganis Student Theater. At that meeting, you will hear the creative teams pitch their shows, as well as address any potential issues our reading committee came across in their evaluation. Then, you will have the opportunity to vote for the two mainstage shows you’d like to make up our Fall 2015 season. Keep in mind the Parents Weekend show is decided by the executive board and Dean of Students office; we will have made our selection by the time of the Third General Meeting, so you have a better picture of the season you are voting for. Additionally, keep in mind Staged Reading pitches are due April 1st, with one pitch being selected by the executive board. (This makes for a total of four shows - Parents Weekend, a staged reading, and two main stages.)

Remember that you are voting for a season, not just two shows you happen to like. And remember – democracy only works if people show up. No excuses: get there and vote!

Here are the shows that were submitted as main stages (in alphabetical order). Take advantage of the time you have from now until March 22nd to research the shows and ask the creative teams questions. An informed vote is a good vote!

Deathtrap - Kyle Tague The Pillow Man - Karen Loewy Really Really - Rachel Skalka Wit – Joseph McLaughlin

The following were submitted for consideration for Parents Weekend. The executive board will make a selection by the Third General Meeting on March 22nd.

Spring Awakening – Evan Creedon, Music Direction by Jessie Rosso

Finally, here are the pitches for Summer Show, which goes up for BU Orientation students over seven weeks throughout the summer. A summer show will be selected by the executive board before the end of the semester.

Betrayal - Aryeh Harris-Shapiro & Kyle Tague The Glass Menagerie - Katy Taylor This Is Our Youth - Emily Prescott Proof - Ali Edwards

Note: If you believe your pitch is missing, there’s a typo, or you notice any other sort of problem, please let me know. Have great weeks!

Spring 2015 Cast List

If you got cast - congratulations. Check your emails, expect something from your directing team immediately - given the lost time they'll want to get started as soon as possible. If you didn't get cast - understand that you are very talented, and sometimes there just aren't enough parts to fill. Please consider auditioning for us again - we'll be having auditions for One Acts & Monologues Festival later this semester.

Additionally, if you have any interest in teching or producing, we'll be having our Spring 2015 Tech Meeting TOMORROW at 11 AM in "The Space" (near Cane's Chicken). No experience is necessary, and attending doesn't signify commitment - just come here about the amazing opportunities our season can offer you. It's a great way to learn and add something awesome to your resume or portfolio.

Phew. Alright, here we go, guys.

The Laramie Project

Moises Kaufman: Cory Azmon

Greg Pierotti: Jeremy Oshins

Amanda Gronich: Emily Zisko

Leigh Fondakowski: Ilana Berman

Stephen Belber: Eli Saracino

Barbara Pitts: Paulina Ke

Andy Paris: Simon Kienitz Kincade

Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

Roy M. Cohn: Benjamin Moll

Joseph Pitt: Dan Koski

Harper Pitt: Ali Edwards

Louis Ironson: Nathan Wilgeroth

Prior Walter: Cody Sloan

Hannah Porter Pitt / Ethel Rosenberg: Emily Prescott

Belize / Mr. Lies: Ayush Kumar

The Angel / Emily / Sister Ella Chapter: Zoe Enscoe

Henry / Martin Heller: Andy Moeller

Hail Satan!

Tom: Idine Mousavi

Angie: Kaitlyn Jones

Charlie: Kyle Mitchell

Kristen: Jessie Torrance

Marcus: Eli Brenna

Natalie: Cameron Barney

Private Lives

Elyot: Ryan Chernin

Amanda: Brittany Martin

Victor: Nick Palodmi

Sybil: Sarah Sosland

Louise, the Maid: Rachel Skalka

Spring 2015 Season & Pitches for Staged Reading

Hello membership! For those of you who missed the voting period or news about our 3rd General Meeting (and shame on you), here is our Spring 2015 Season:

The Laramie Project (Charity Show), by Moises Kaufman, directed by Aryeh Harris-Shapiro Private Lives, by Noel Coward, directed by Joseph McLaughlin Hail Satan!, by Mac Rogers, directed by Kyle Tague

(Note: the above season order is not final.)

However! Our season is not yet complete. In addition to three mainstages, the executive board is restarting an old Stage Troupe tradition: the staged or semi-staged reading, which will go up in the Student Theater. For those unaware, a staged/semi-staged reading refers to a performance of a play without advanced technical elements. This means the production will have a directing team, a cast, a producing team, and a stage management team - but nothing else. It will be up to the directing team if there will be blocking or simple-to-acquire props, hence "semi-staged." The show will also not be memorized and will be performed with scripts in-hand, hence "reading."

There are many advantages to reintroducing the staged reading. It will provide expanded acting opportunities without putting additional stress on our current technical resources - it is in essence a "fourth show" without a crew. By not including technical elements, we have the special opportunity to put on a play that would not otherwise be possible in our Student Theater space (something to keep in mind when selecting a play to pitch). Does your favorite show require a three-story set or expansive fire effects? This may be a great opportunity to see it performed! In addition, by distilling the performance down to exclusively acting and performance, this show will have a unique opportunity to forge an intense, focused director-actor relationship and deep exploration of the chosen text.

Interested in pitching? Great! Download the "Staged Reading Pitch Form" (which will be available under "Forms & Resources" shortly), fill it out, and email the completed form along with a .pdf copy of the script to our president, Abi Oshins, at The pitch deadline is December 3rd at 5 PM. Following that deadline, pitches and directing teams will be announced on this blog. On December 7th, following the 4th General Meeting and Space Cleaning, we will have a "town hall meeting" in which directing teams will briefly describe their show and vision and how it would work as a staged reading. Interested members may offer their thoughts and concerns. Following this meeting, the executive board will collectively make a selection to be posted later that evening.

Keep in mind the executive board is looking for a show that will translate well to a staged reading. In addition, we look favorably upon shows that have robust cast sizes and  reasonable gender ratios. (Keep in mind we currently only have an 18-actor season for our mainstages). Finally, consider pitching a show that is well-established and has good public awareness: a staged reading can be a hard sell, and we want people to see and enjoy our work. A more established work will more likely draw an audience.

Interested in acting in this staged reading? Auditions will be held one week following main stage auditions next semester. Actors cast in a main stage are asked to not audition in order to give the rest of our acting base additional opportunities.

That's about it. Have questions, comments, concerns? Feel free to email or raise them at any open executive board meeting (Sundays at 6 PM). Have great weeks!