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Executive Board Meeting 12/14/14 Notes

In the interest of keeping the membership informed, we as an executive board have decided to begin publishing the "minutes" from our open executive board meetings. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email! 12/14/14


  • Reminder email about upcoming auditions to those new members who did not get cast last semester
    • Abi will write the draft – the list (shared by Kyle on Google Drive) will be split up between executive board members


  • Show order will be decided today


  • Senior Diva Showcase happened, was "a good time for all"


  • Went to SAO
  • Made sure almost every reimbursement went through
  • Karen’s reimbursement will take a little longer due to it costing more than $175
  • Talked to SABO – going to need to give them the Home Depot gift card and reexamine that policy
  • Laramie Project rights are secured
  • Full-year dues members have been recorded in a list
  • Rights for Angels in America and for Private Lives; those rights need to be secured ASAP
  • New shirt design is ready and advertising for orders will begin by first GM


  • Chose Assistant Director, Zachary King
  • Stop requesting us on YouDo - that is for eboard only


  • Spoke with WM and OB TAs about “loving the space.”
  • Three strike policy: if a group violates Space Safety Protocols 3 times, a fee of ~$50 will be incurred; potentially a “security deposit” sort of idea. 5 infractions revokes the group's Space usage/rental privileges.
  • We shall see how much the dumpster for Space Cleaning costs
  • Marat/Sade will finally return the tub and chairs to Emerson tomorrow
  • Tech signups for Spring 2015 have begun!


  • Lights in the space – still dark.
  • When are we meeting next year?
    • Target Monday the 19th of January, 6PM, IT building

Show Order

  • Aryeh raises concerns about tech show / Laramie conflicts
    • Camille clarifies her tech show will be less "involved" than last year's, will consider Laramie first

Angels in America: Auditions and Tech clarifications

  • Auditions – when do they happen?
    • Auditions: same week, Cara will determine her cast after main stage directors determine their casts. Unanimous vote!
  • Tech
    • Cara determines her tech list after Camille puts up the initial draft
      • Camille will provide help if necessary or requested
      • Cara will initially receive a stage manager and a producer
    • Integrate office hours idea with Angels?


  • Polarization of people who really want to do tech versus everyone else
  • Jamie’s Ideas to Improve this Situation
    • 1) Recruit tech people at auditions?
    • 2) On audition form: are you interested in tech?
    • 3) Get feedback from crews. Google form?

Show Order

  • Miraculously, no conflict. Order is:
    • Laramie Project
    • Angels in America
    • Hail Satan!
    • Private Lives