Fall 2018 Season Announcement

On behalf of Stage Troupe's E-Board, we thank you all for your patience and understanding as we dealt with the unusual challenges this round of show selection has presented us with. We wish to communicate the selection process by which our season was decided so as to maintain transparency and hopefully clear up some questions you might have about this lengthy process. 

When the original vote for the mainstage show was held, the majority of the membership voted for Clue Onstage directed by Taylor House. Unfortunately, Stage Troupe was unable to secure the rights to produce Clue Onstage due to the fact that, unbeknownst to us, a professional production has announced a national tour of Clue Onstage. Due to the shortage of time between now and the beginning of the semester, E-Board decided unanimously and after much discussion that, given that rights could be secured, Stage Troupe should produce Hair as a Special Project rather than as a mainstage. 

To be clear: as per Stage Troupe's constitution, Hair was not eligible to become a mainstage show due to the fact that the pitch did not receive the majority of the membership's vote. We wish to emphasize that E-Board made every effort to adhere to the results of the vote, but the unforeseen circumstances regarding rights access were insurmountable. Furthermore, because the show was selected by Troupe's E-Board rather than by the membership, it must be produced as a Special Project instead.

Ultimately, Stage Troupe successfully obtained the rights to Hair, thus granting us the opportunity to add it to our fall 2018 season. Given the acquisition of rights, our confidence in the creative team, and the limited amount of time that inhibits us from potentially reopening pitches, E-Board has decided that Hair is an excellent addition to Stage Troupe's fall 2018 season. So without further ado, we proudly present the third production—a Special Project—to round out Stage Troupe's fall 2018 season:

Hair: the American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

Directed by Syd Romo
Music Directed by Ben Colgan
Choreographed by Arielle Kimbarovsky


We understand that this unusual situation might create some confusion, and we on E-Board assure you that we are here to support and communicate with you to the best of our ability. Please direct any and all questions, concerns, or thoughts you wish to share to stage@bu.edu. Once again, thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this crazy process! We are very excited for our fall season and we hope you are, too!

Executive Board Notes 8/6/18

Summer Show: No Exit

  • Director: David M.
    • Upcoming rehearsals to teach bellboy blocking and refresh for next show
  • TD: David G.
    • No issues to report!
  • Producer: Rachel R.
    • SAO has the reimbursement checks for people
  • SM: Ariana T.
    • Checked in with David to discuss the show, rehearsal process, etc.
    • Working on planning rehearsals around conflicts to prepare for next show
    • For the show on 8/29: some creative team members aren't able to attend; need to figure out some people to fill in for them

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba
    • Approved a bunch of events on Orgsync (auditions, boards, etc.)
    • Meeting with Ariana to talk about COMBAT
  • VP: Erin
    • Reserved all the rooms for the semester
  • VPSP: Ariana
    • Thinking about and planning COMBAT: talking with Alba and planning to invite all five groups to participate
    • BUT Formal: looking at setting a date
    • Proposed shirts for SPLASH!
    • Talked to Summer Show creative team re: revival show time
  • Treasurer: Chrissy
    • The Nerd: DPS still has not received payment: called DPS
    • OrgSync and withdrawal requests approved for Footloose; materials should be here/on their way - contacting Eric
    • Footloose producer app now closed
    • Connecting with OB treasurer, Kobi K.
  • Secretary: Kim
    • Sending outreach emails to other groups on campus from Babatunde for Footloose
    • Communicating with other theatre groups to coordinate semester calendars
    • Posted first director Sunday spotlight
  • TD: Alicia
    • TD guide has been updated; will send to Kim to put on website
    • F&F SM app has been uploaded; apps due 8/12
    • Talked to Ruby; set a date and times for general tech meeting (9/15)
    • Video conversation w/ F&F TD Jake to talk about Troupe, TDing, Footloose, etc.
    • Might not bring in a set designer for F&F
    • In touch with Playwrights re: scheduling and navigating conflicts

Fall 2018 Season Announcement Postponed

As you might have already noticed, we have not yet announced our finalized fall 2018 season due to unforeseen circumstances; this announcement will be postponed until further notice. Just to clarify: The only show that is still pending is the second main stage of the season. Footloose and The Nerd remain part of the season as planned!

 We know it can be frustrating or unnerving to wait for so long, and we are grateful for your patience and your understanding. We apologize for the delay but we promise to let you know as soon as possible! Until then, feel free to reach out to a member of E-Board with questions and try to relax. Need a distraction? Keep an eye on our social media for Sunday Spotlight posts for our season directors and announcements about our first events of the school year! Thanks for hanging in there!

Executive Board Notes 7/24/18

Summer Show: No Exit

  • SM: Ariana T.
    • No show this week; just having meetings to work on scheduling

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba
    • Been to SAO a lot
    • Should finally be ALL set with SAO for Footloose
    • Coordinating with other groups on scheduling and reserving first GMs
  • VP: Erin
    • No longer in France!
    • Booked audition rooms, coordinated with OB
    • Put in request for Student Theater reservations
  • VPSP: Ariana
    • Summer Show has been laid back what with no show this week; mostly just meeting to debrief and plan
    • Someone requested to borrow the Student Theater piano
  • Treasurer: Chrissy
    • Been to SAO a lot
    • Next to Normal Drum rental reimbursement has finally been approved
    • Going to call DPS on Thursday to confirm that they have received payment for The Nerd
    • Updated Footloose Orgsync events
    • No Exit reimbursements have all been completed
    • Producer app went out today!
  • Secretary: Kim
    • Posted her own Sunday spotlight post
    • Created voting google form—sent to Eric and Steve
    • Sent out emails to membership with voting procedure details, promoted on social media
  • TD: Alicia
    • Assigned an F&F TD! Jake is going to do great! Will meet with him this week to acquaint him with Troupe processes and begin planning
    • Created an F&F SM application—sent to Kim
    • Emailed Playwrights contact, extending the line of communication for this upcoming year
    • working with Footloose directors to complete WWN list, which is mostly done

Executive Board Notes 7/12/18

Summer Show: No Exit

  • Director: David M.
    • Taylor was amazing!
    • A bummer that so few people showed up, but that was somewhat expected
  • TD: David G. 
    • No complaints or concerns
    • The run was lovely!
    • Thank you to Alba for stepping in for Emma!
  • Producer: Rachel R.
    • Sent new production shots to Kim
  • SM: Ariana T.
    • Was missing lots of people during Tuesday rehearsal but was able to hold down the fort
    • Adding Taylor to the show went very well despite not having much rehearsal time
    • So proud of everyone
    • Showcase—very proud of everyone! Showcase and tour went well and sparked a lot of interest

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba
    • Performed in showcase
    • Liked the tour and the different perspective it offered
    • Went to SAO a few times to work out wrinkles re: rights
    • Participated in reading committee
    • Ran sound for No Exit
  • VP: Erin
    • Still in France!
    •  Reached out to OB about audition rooms
  • VPSP: Ariana
    • Ran showcase
    • Organized and held reading committee
    • Meetings with reading committee groups on Sunday went very well
    • Working on writing questions for directors; in contact with all the prospective directors to schedule meetings
    • Talked to Shaina to set a date for Troupe/OB kickball (Saturday Oct. 6th)
    • Sent in spotlight material
  • Treasurer: Chrissy
    • Participated in reading committee
    • Went to SAO a lot:
      • Footloose: edited invoice submitted
      • The Nerd: waiting for approval for the event; uploading the theater schedule
      • Next to Normal: drum rental payment request submitted
      • Smokefall: edited invoice submitted; should finally be complete
      • No Exit: working on reimbursements; sent producer's guide to Rachel
  • Secretary: Kim
    • Posted on FB, Instagram, and Twitter for Showcase
    • Emailed Bryan Adams to resolve issue re: Smokefall rights with DPS
    • Made new No Exit Facebook event
    • Reached out to No Exit producers to get updated production photos (the first set of photos did not include Taylor or Doug)—and the new photos are great!
    • Shared next spotlight post!
    • Responded to some inquiries on FB re: Summer Show
  • TD: Alicia
    • Keeping in touch with David to see how Summer Show is going
    • Waiting on contact information for Playwrights
    • TD applications for F&F are still open!
    • Working on SM application for F&F to send to Kimmie for website
    • Participated with reading committee

Executive Board Notes 6/25/18

Summer Show: No Exit

  • Director: David M.
    • Nothing new!
  • TD: David G. 
    • Last run went fine
    • happy with how tech is going
    • Tech for Showcase is pretty simple—looking forward to it!
  • Producer: Rachel R.
    • Producing for No Exit is pretty much all wrapped up
    • Producing for showcase: working with Andrea to possibly create a program
  • SM: Ariana T.
    • Last run went well
    • Only concern is about transitioning into Taylor joining the performances; navigating conflicts
    • Met with David, working on rehearsal schedules

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba
    • Picked up name tags today—missing Alicia's; sending an email to company
    • Filled out some Orgsync event work for Footloose
    • In showcase this week—exciting!
  • VP: Erin
    • Still in France!
    • Doing 25 live training
    • Working on getting rooms for auditions—corresponding with other groups to organize that; will work on this more in depth when she returns from France
  • VPSP: Ariana
    • Showcase is happening!
    • Had showcase rehearsal yesterday and it's coming together—much less concerned now
    • Had one person drop—total of seven acts
    • Integrating tech elements
    • Thinking of having each person performing introduce themselves before their performance
    • Reading committee: a bunch of people have signed up which is great!
    • Will make a reminder post for Reading Committee
    • Working out ways by which membership can hear from directors and vote on a show
  • Treasurer: Chrissy
    • Approved several Orgsync requests
    • Waiting on reimbursements; will probably take care of that next week
    • Still working on resolving unpaid balance from Smokefall
  • Secretary: Kim
    • Received several pitches!
    • Finished updating E-Board page on website
    • Contacted other groups re: showcase promotional material
    • Made third spotlight series post on Sunday
    • Working with Footloose team

Executive Board Notes 6/18/18

Summer Show: No Exit

  • Director: David M.
    • Pretty happy with turnout so far
    • Loves seeing audience respond to show
    • Doing a run on Mondays prior to Wednesday performances has been effective
    • Preparing for cast transition (double-cast role)
  • TD: David G. 
    • Tech is doing fine
    • Gotten some nice compliments on the set from freshmen
    • Feeling overall satisfied
  • Producer: Rachel R.
    • Printed more programs
  • SM: Ariana T.
    • Going well
    • Getting lots of interest from freshmen
    • Rehearsals: mostly running problem spots
    • Working on navigating around some conflicts

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba
    • Corresponded with SAO: name tags should be taken care of and they should be on their way soon
    • Sent Kimmie information for website
    • Running soundboard tonight for No Exit rehearsal; will be running it for 7/11 performance
    • Nice to meet freshmen and potential new members through Summer Show and CGS
    • It's awesome when current Troupies bring freshmen to see the show
    • Acquired Alicia's Keys
  • VP: Erin
    • Still in France!
    • Accidentally bought peanuts instead of cashews
    • Talking with potential pitchers
  • VPSP: Ariana
    • Planning 6/27 showcase
    • Emailed Shiney James with showcase information
    • Corresponding with people participating to organize show, tech rehearsals, etc.
  • Treasurer: Chrissy
    • Figured everything out for Footloose rights: good to go
    • Also working on name tags with Alba
    • Working on Next to Normal drum rental invoice; talking with Daniel
  • Secretary: Kim
    • Made FB event for No Exit show #3
    • Talked with OB secretary, Ariel, about social media promotions for 6/27 showcase and Summer Show
    • Posted second installment in spotlight series
    • Got the F&F TD application from Alicia; put it on the website
    • Working on updating the E-Board page of the website

Executive Board Notes 6/12/18

Summer Show: No Exit

  • Director: David M.
    • First show went well and was well-attended
    • Looking ahead to working with Taylor in July
  • TD: David G.
    • First run was great!
    • Finding and solving minor problems along the way
  • Producer: Rachel R.
    • Has more things to put up in the window outside the Student Theater
  • SM: Ariana T.
    • Had the first performance! Great turnout!
    • First show went well despite being nervous
    • Had laid-back rehearsal yesterday

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba
    • Contacted other theatre groups, told them to contact Ariana with interest in 6/27 showcase
    • Lots of interest in performing songs
    • Met potential new members at first Summer Show
    • Ordered name tags
    • Resolved issue re: Footloose contract; will follow up when she hears back from SAO
    • Met with Babatunde to discuss Footloose plans; reaching out to other groups on campus
  • VP: Erin
    • Still in France!
    • Enjoying France!
    • Talked to some people about potentially pitching
  • VPSP: Ariana
    • Met lots of new potential members at Summer Show!
    • Trying to work out a way for new members to get connected
    • 6/27 showcase: getting a lot of interest to sing for showcase
    • Talked to David G. about possibly setting up a "drop-in" tech for showcase
    • Anticipating making a post for reading committee
  • Treasurer: Chrissy
    • Rights for The Nerd as well as revival performance of No Exit are completed!
    • Creating OrgSync events for both shows
    • Participating in No Exit; helping Rachel with producing
  • Secretary: Kim
    • Made Facebook events for the first two Summer Show performances
    • Made pitch deadline extension announcement
    • Started the Summer Sunday Spotlight Series
    • Got No Exit production photos from Rachel; shared on social media
    • Talked with someone about potentially pitching for the fall season
  • TA: Alicia
    • Helping with Summer Show tech
    • Updated the TD F&F application and setting a deadline; putting it on Troupe's website
    • Talked with Babatunde and Abbey about Footloose set
    • Reminder: will be leaving campus at the end of the week
    • Compiling list of things we need to restock for Troupe; will work with Chrissy

Pitch Deadline Extended

Hello Troupies! E-Board has elected to extend the deadline for pitches for the fall 2018 season. In order to expand the possibilities for the season, we are accepting pitches for Special Projects such as one-act plays and singular scenes in addition to pitches for main-stage plays!

You can find the pitch form on the Forms and Resources page of the website. Please include with your pitch form a copy of the script. A digital copy of the completed pitch must be submitted to stage@bu.edu by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, June 20th. 

Don't hesitate to contact stage@bu.edu with questions! 

Executive Board Notes 6/3/18

Summer Show: No Exit

  • Director: David M.
    • Move in went well
    • Build is coming along
    • Costumers took measurements so that is underway
    • Some issues with rehearsal attendance
  • TD: David G.
    • Moved in
    • No major issues; just some minor tweaks
    • Working on costumes and makeup
    • Focusing lights
    • Sound cues are pretty much complete
  • Producer: Rachel R.
    • Getting lots done re: Facebook promo material; sent Kim FB event cover image
    • Headshots in progress
    • Sent out bio form
    • Starting on lobby decoration
  • SM: Ariana T.
    • Going well
    • Cast is almost off-book
    • Great to have tech teams at rehearsals
    • Discussing possibility of having informal talkbacks/meet and greet in lobby after shows
    • Planning for the 6/27 showcase and panel

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • President: Alba
    • Checked in on No Exit tech week and build, spoke with cast re: morale heading into first performance
    • Working on setting up 6/27 showcase; contacting other groups on campus to gauge interest in participating
    • Reopened pitches for fall season
  • VP: Erin
    • In France!
    • Talked with Ariana about rehearsal space for Summer Show; resolved some issues related to commencement weekend
    • Talking to people interested in pitching for fall season
    • Evan sent information re: booking BUSTies space
    • Will focus more at length on reserving rooms for next year when she's back in Boston
  • VPSP: Ariana
    • Summer Show: see No Exit check-in
    • Gauging interest with No Exit cast in participating in 6/27 showcase
    • Will make a post soon about showcase
    • Working with Alba to correspond with other groups re: showcase and panel
    • Wants to update the display case outside the Student Theater; will work with No Exit producers and possibly Alba
    • Got the VPSP guide from Abby
  • Treasurer: Chrissy
    • Still waiting for producer's guide
    • Still needs to submit rights request for The Nerd; going to prioritize this
    • Working on some reimbursement forms
  • Secretary: Kim
    • Updated some of Troupe's social media
    • Went to graduation, posted a senior sendoff on Troupe's media
    • Made posts re: reopening pitches for fall season
    • Working with No Exit producers to post promotional material for the show
    • No Exit Facebook event will go live tonight or tomorrow morning
    • Ideas for connecting and collaborating with other other theatre groups (on- and off-campus)
  • TA: Alicia
    • Helped with No Exit build and move-in; will be in attendance during tech week and performances as much as possible
    • Thank you to everyone helping out!
    • Process seems to be going smoothly from a tech perspective
    • Looking into opening TD applications for F&F show soon
    • Making a list of ways to improve the Space by replacing items that are frequently used, in need of repair, etc; will share the list with Chrissy to see what is doable

Pitches Reopened for Fall Season

We regret to announce that, due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to produce Gloria as a main stage show during the Fall 2018 season. That said, we have reopened pitches for our upcoming season! If you are interested in pitching, please find the mainstage pitch form under "Show Proposal Forms" on the Forms and Resources page.

Please include with your completed pitch form a copy of the script. Due to the timing of this round of pitching, we will not require that you submit a hard copy of the proposal. A digital copy of your show proposal is due on June 10th by 11:59 pm to stage@bu.edu. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact stage@bu.edu!

Executive Board Notes 5/11/18

E-Board Check-Outs

  • Chris
    • Always put the membership first and in general, put others before you
    • Always resolve conflicts respectfully and maintain a united front 
    • More important to be wrong and admit it than to be right in the first place 
    • Listen to each other 
    • You're working on creating meaningful experiences for people 
    • Play to each other's strengths 
    • Look to what needs to get done, not just the Constitution 
    • Stage Troupe teaches you forever skills 
  • Evan
    • Got the chairs out of 700 Beacon 
    • Theater Summit was really amicable 
    • Can't predict how you will work with any given group of people so be flexible 
    • Admitting you're wrong is a good thing 
    • Proud of how the VP position grew 
  • Abby
    • You'll learn how you work in a team setting 
    • Be flexible 
    • Be ready to problem solve on the spot 
    • Learn the names of the people in the other theater groups too 
  • Andy
    • Still need Summer Show producers 
    • Try to be understanding of each other 
    • Offer to help other people 
    • Lean on other E-Board members because they know what it's like 
    • Ask for help when you need it 
  • Lucy
    • Remember to have fun 
    • Everything will get done. It'll all happen
    • Everyone else is also having the busiest week of their lives, so be nice 
    • Find your people and help each other out 
  • Caitlin
    • Know your priorities for Stage Troupe and what makes you happy about doing it 
    • Learn people's names, especially on E-Board 
    • Try new things 
    • Remember that you're a team 
    • Laugh about stuff with the other Board members
  • ric
    • irst meeting is Important
    • The group has changed a lot and has remained remarkably consistent
    • Good to be working well with other groups
  • teve
    • on't be afraid to ask for advice
    • Don't be afraid to talk to Eric and Steve. Happy to have you vent to us
    • Remember the importance of the first couple weeks of school 

Other Check-Ins:

  • Alicia
    • Space signing is Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 
    • Making up Summer Show tech list
  • Steve
    • Did binder meeting with the new Board 

Executive Board Notes 4/29/18

  • Showcase Checkout
    • Fun time
    • Good group of people
    • Nice, easy tech week
    • Having two tech teams worked

E-Board Check-Ins:

  • Chris
    • Saw Milk Milk Lemonade
    • Helped with Showcase on Friday
  • Evan
    • Also saw Milk Milk Lemonade
    • Got a list of seniors for graduation cords
    • David reached out to book rehearsal rooms
    • Going to book BUSTies room for next year on Wednesday
    • Helped with Showcase on Saturday
  • Abby
    • Had Showcase all week
    • BUSTies - feeling good
    • Painting BUSTies today
    • All decorations have arrived
    • Received all roasts
  • Andy
    • Thanks Chris and Evan for helping with house during showcase
    • Submitted contract for No Exit
    • Sent contract to SAO
    • Needs last-minute catering withdrawals thing
    • CCing Chrissy on emails
  • Lucy
    • Uploaded N2N pictures to Facebook
    • Got sweatshirts, but some of the Mediums are a little wonky, so will contact CustomInk
    • One-Act went up for Showcase
  • Caitlin
    • Thanks to everyone for helping with Space Cleaning
    • Switched broken library bookshelf with another one
    • We have a TA elect - will be meeting this week to talk
    • Were some issues with the Space this week
    • Someone messed with the ShopVac
    • Did Showcase
  • Ariana
    • Had BUSTies meeting with Andrea. Feeling pretty good about it
  • Erin
    • Worked on a play with people from WM and SS
    • Made TA decision
  • Eric
    • Shipped N2N scripts back
    • Have to figure out last meeting

Family & Friends Weekend Annoucement

We're very excited to announce our 2018 Family & Friends Weekend musical! 

Directed by Babatunde Alford
Musical Direction by James Robson
Choreography by Kim Zak

We can't wait to see the amazing things this creative team will do! We now have a completed fall season. As a reminder, the other two shows will be (in no particular order):

The Nerd
Directed by Flannery Gallagher

Directed by Ben Skross

Is it September yet??

Executive Board Notes 4/22/18

  • Special Projects Check-Ins
  • BUSTies
    • Hosts
      • On track
      • Wrote part of opening monologue
      • Took promo photos today 
    • Event Managers
      • Have an EventBrite link 
      • Will be making absentee ballots
      • Starting slide show  
  • Murder Mystery 
    • Went well
    • People had fun 
    • Good turnout 
  • Summer Show
    • Director: David
      • Had auditions. Not many people showed up but has great cast
      • Probably won't be having a June 27th show because of conflicts 
      • Planning on meeting with everyone on Saturday 
      • Will have first formal rehearsal after classes are over
      • Ben Skross is coming on as AD
  • Showcase
    • Pipe and drape went up 
    • Not many people showed up
    • Cait needs to coordinate with Abby about what's going on this week 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Went to OBOB 
    • Went to the Transition training 
  • Evan
    • Tabled auditions on Wednesday night
    • Booked rooms 
    • Went to transition training 
    • Made post about graduation cords. Everyone has to message Evan by midnight on Thursday to get a cord 
  • Abby
    • Worked one night of Summer Show auditions 
    • Assembling NomCom
    • Showcase is happening 
    • Updating VPSP guide for Ariana 
    • Reached out to Shiney 
    • Wants to have a stress-relief study period event 
  • Andy
    • Went into SAO with Abby and ordered chicken fingers for BUSTies
    • Working on reimbursements
    • Did five-light wash for Showcase 
  • Lucy
    • Had productive FaceTime convo with Kimmie to go over Secretary Guide
    • Made FB events for Summer Show auditions and Murder Mystery
    • Will make so many FB events this week and send out reminder email
    • Went to OBOB
    • Renewed our domain and switched all the website stuff over to Kim for the big Squarespace charge
    • Went to Transition Training 
    • Worked on BUSTies host stuff
    • Wrangled a cast together for Showcase and went to Move-In
  • Caitlin
    • Asked for SM keys for Abby so someone else has keys for the week
    • Led the Showcase move-in
    • Tabled auditions for an hour 
    • Opened the Space for Wandering Minds this week 
    • Been receiving interest for Summer Show tech 
    • Getting ready to promote Space Cleaning 
  • Eric
    • Got the rights for F&F
  • Ariana
    • Working on BUSTies
    • Tabled for Summer Show auditions  

Summer Show 2018 Cast List

Here it is (we like to keep you on your toes here in Troupe)! Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned for Summer Show, No Exit! We're so happy you want to show the new freshmen what Troupe is all about. Got cast? We're really excited for you! Stay tuned for an email from David. Didn't get cast? We're sorry. Our hearts go out to you. You can still be involved in the fun process of Summer Show! We would love to hang out with you over the summer in tech and producing. If you're interested in tech for Summer Show, please email Caitlin at crf18@bu.edu. If you'd like to try your hand at producing, email Andy at moellera@bu.edu. Without further ado, here is the list: 

No Exit
Cradeau: Hugo Lindsay
Inez: Michelle Sandler/Taylor House*
Estelle: Chrissy Sardano
Bellboy: Doug Benishek/Michelle Sandler*

* denotes that the role is double-cast.



Executive Board Notes 4/15/18

  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Made an impact 
      • There is a piano in the 700 Beacon rehearsal room now 
      • Hard to get a sense of the spacing in little room but made it work 
      • Hopping into the Student Theater before tech week would be helpful
      • Having an experienced MD was great 
    • AD: Kendall
      • Agrees with Lara's suggestions 
      • Had a great time as Assistant Director
      • Will hopefully pitch in the future
    • MD: Daniel
      • Drum set is dealt with
      • Tech week was crazy, but musically it went really well 
      • Pit and actors knew each other's names, which was great 
      • Super happy with how it went 
      • You need floor mics 
    • SM: Lena
      • Thankful that she was able to SM One-Acts before this 
      • Everything they ran into ended up working out 
    • TD: Alicia
      • Overall, the process was a positive one
      • Truly happy with how all the departments worked 
      • Highly recommend constant emails 
      • Sam really stepped up as ATD 
      • Everyone should be proud of the production
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Hectic, but a lot of fun
      • Everything went well 
      • The show was under budget
      • Ticket sales went really well-- sold out two nights 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Gave a pep talk to N2N
  • Evan
    • Guest directed N2N
    • Booked some rooms
  • Abby
    • Worked on N2N
    • Summer Show auditions are this week 
    • Murder Mystery is happening on Friday
    • Showcase is happening 
    • Going to send out NomCom email tonight 
    • Little worried about lack of roasts in so far 
  • Andy
    • Had productive meeting with Chrissy this week
    • Helped out N2N this week with producers 
    • Congrats to all producers of the entire semester 
    • Need to update Treasurer and Producer guides 
    • Needs BUSTies stuff from Abby 
  • Lucy
    • Made Summer Show audition FB page
    • Promoted N2N
    • Will make Murder Mystery event, like now
    •  Saw Shakespeare Society show 
    • Went to BUSTies meeting today 
    • Need to swap over our domain to Squarespace. Website shouldn't go down, but will try to do that in the middle of the night just in case 
    • Did some housekeeping in Google Drive and email 
  • Caitlin
    • Made invoices 
    • Sent email to Showcase acts 
    • Sent out TD recaps this semester 
    • Lara donated a floor mic 
    • Has TA apps 
  • Ariana
    • Sent SAAD stuff to Steve 

Summer Show 2018

We are very excited to announce that we have a Summer Show for 2018! Auditions for the show will be held April 18 and 19 from 6-9 PM in 700 Beacon St. Room to be announced. If you're in Boston this summer, Summer Show is a great way to stay involved in theater and introduce the next generation of Troupies to our fabulous group! Like all shows, Summer Show also needs a tech crew and producers, so heads up if you are interested in that as well. Without further ado, Summer Show 2018 will be *drum roll*:

No Exit
Directed by David Murauskas


Executive Board Notes 4/8/18

  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Having a ball 
      • Got a lot done this week 
      • Had a great run on Friday and in a really good place 
    • AD: Kendall
      • Going really well
    • MD: Daniel
      • Sitzprobe went really well
      • Drums were delivered today 
      • Going to set up keyboard area for run tonight 
    • SM: Lena
      • Set call times for every night and a leaving time
      • Transition of power going smoothly
      • Excited for this week
    • TD: Alicia
      • Move-in happened. It was super efficient 
      • Doing small touches to the set since 12:30
      • Lights are being prepared for tonight 
      • Every department is coming together 
      • Possible scheduling conflict with OBOB but it was resolved 
      • Conflicts need to be made aware immediately 
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Collected receipts all day 
      • Got a video out today 
      • Have more promo scheduled for the rest of the week 

E-Board Check-Ins

  • Chris
    • Helped with N2N build
  • Evan
    • Met with Erin and talked over the position 
    • Want to work on getting chairs out of 700 Beacon 
    • Going to make announcement about cords for graduation 
  • Abby
    • Had a BUSTies meeting with event managers
    • SAAD committee happened 
    • Showcase is happening 
    • Erin and Maggie's Check-in
      • Finalizing people to participate 
      • Working on rooms 
      • Will finish script by Tuesday
    • Met with Shiney James about Summer Show 
    • Thanks Lucy for getting ist of dues-paying members
  • Andy
    • Was in Heathers so busy week
    • Fixing the N2N Eventbrite
    • Meeting with Chrissy this week 
    • Will be helping N2N producers this week 
  • Lucy
    • Created N2N Facebook event 
    • Published sweatshirt order form
    • Updated secretary guide and sent to Kim
    • Was on N2N build 
    • Uploaded Jane the Plain and Smokefall photos to Facebook
    • Updated website for Next to Normal
    • Got list of seniors from Eventbrite for Abby 
  • Caitlin
    • Gave out LD and TD keys 
    • Retrieved SM keys 
    • Hard to have two non-Troupe shows happening at the same time 
    • Talked to Abby about Showcase 
    • Gave the division of power talk to the creative team 
    • Brought SAO-sponsored candy today 
    • Need to replace a blade in the Space 

Executive Board Notes 4/1/18

Show Check-Ins

  • Smokefall
    • Director: Conner
      • It went so well! 
      • Nuts on Sunday, but everything went really smoothly
      • Super happy 
      • Communication from the beginning was really helpful in pulling off this show 
      • Having rehearsals in one space was nice for cohesiveness 
    • TD: David 
      • Happy with how the week went 
      • Water and tree were two proudest accomplishments 
      • Strike went well. Shoutout to everyone
      • Big shoutouts to Andy and Liz 
      • Cam was awesome
      • Don't be afraid to think outside of the box 
    • SM: Andrea
      • Tech week went smoothly. Started late most nights but everyone got into the swing of things
      • Show nights went very well
      • ASMs got to call an act of the show on Friday
      • Happy with how everything went 
    • Producer: Zach
      • Will send in check out ASAP, recovering after track weekend
  • Next to Normal
    • Director: Lara
      • Things are going well 
      • Doing full runs this week 
      • In a really good place going into pre-tech week 
      • Cast sounds beautiful 
      • A few people from tech came to rehearsal this week 
    • MD: Daniel
      • Doing runs 
      • Drumset is still set for delivery 
      • Changed sitzprobe time 
    • TD: Alicia 
      • Feeling very good about build week
      • Readjusting to figure out movement of set pieces 
      • Met with all departments this past week
    • Producers: Paulina and Hannah
      • Getting tech head shots this week 
      • Getting ready for the promo to launch this week
      • Whole producing team has their jobs for programs and shirts

        E-Board Check-Ins
  • Chris
    • Dealt with some reshuffling of tech crews 
    • Had Smokefall
  • Evan 
    • Helped out with ushering on Saturday night for Smokefall
    • Unlocked the Space
  • Abby
    • Assembled SAAD Committee
    • Sent out roasts email
    • Will be meeting with Shiney James about Summer Show
    • Helped Lucy with COMBAT ESA questions 
    • Need to talk to Caitlin about showcase tech 
  • Andy
    • Guesstimate for Charity Show is at least $3000 raised 
    • LD'ed this week 
    • Meeting with Chrissy after Heathers is done 
    • Helped collect dues at the GM this week 
    • Facilities people in the Theater are so nice. Should send them a thank-you note
  • Lucy
    • Filled out three ESA applications 
    • Promoted Smokefall
    • Sent GM recap email
  • Caitlin
    • Got keys back from Andy and David 
    • Wood order issue with N2N 
    • Opened the Space a lot this week 
    • Assistant stepped up a lot for Smokefall
    • Super need a Space Cleaning and dumpster is reserved
    • Needs to talk to Abby about Showcase