Callback lists are here (is anyone even awake?)! Go ahead: search for your name, then scroll back up to the top here and keep reading.

Did you get a callback? If so, congratulations! There will be more information about what’s next below.

If you didn’t get called back, we want to thank you for auditioning for this season and remind you that these decisions aren’t a reflection of your abilities or your value as a person or a performer. Auditioning is never easy, and you should be proud of yourselves for putting yourselves out there. We sincerely hope that you will get involved with Stage Troupe in other ways, either through acting or tech, and we want you to know that you have support from E-Board and within Stage Troupe if you want to have someone to talk to moving forward.

If you were called back for a show, keep an eye on your email inboxes! You will be hearing from the directors shortly. They will provide information about which roles you are called back for and how to prepare for your callbacks. If you have any specific questions about your callbacks, please direct them to the respective directors. Any other questions, comments, or concerns, can be shared with Stage Troupe’s president, Alba Romero, or sent to

Now, without further ado: our callback lists!


Aileen Donohue

Alyssa Yeh

Amanda Resendes

Andrea Rustad

Angelina Kemmett

Angie DiDomenica

Anna Spier

Ashley Roes

Benjamin Gorelick

Camryn Yee

Carrie Welter

Casey Guillard

Chinda Eleonu

Elise Reehl

Faith Reed

Francesca Sotomayor

Gillian Baker

Greg Bond

Hugo Lindsay

Isa Very

Iva Briggs

Jackson Machesky

James Persons

Jesse Holland 

Joel Herbert

Joshua Martin

Lara McCallister

Lily Fine

Maeve Hawk

Marcella Mazzenga

Margo Cramer

Maya Shrestha

Megan Mazer

Narain Reddy

Natalie Patrick

Noelle Fallacara 

Olivia Malek

Reid Phillips

Sam Rossi

Sam Sanpietro

Sam Vatalaro

Suhail Singh

Sunny Zhao

Tania Mazariego

Taylor House

Trevor Tamura

Vicky Huang


Alex Camarena

Angie DiDomeminca

Brian Gaugler

Casey Guillard

David Simon

Doran Kim

Eli Saracino

Emilee Martichenko

Gayane Kaligan

Gillian Baker

Grace d'Eustachio

Jailyn Duong

Jaqueline Braunstein

Jeffery Bloom

Jennifer Price

Julia Arregui

Katie Lipman

Kaylee Maher

Khloe Hdri

Lara McCallister

Liz Smith

Maeve Hawk

Megan Mazer

Miranda Montgomery

Narain Reddy

Natalie Ackerman

Nikki Corbo

Olivia Malek

Sam Vatalaro

Sayeed Akthar

Sebestian Jaramillo

Taylor House

Will Araci

Zadian Mudhari

Zoe Pantazelos


Aileen Donohue

Amanda Resendes

Amelia Murray-Cooper

Ami Rokunohe

Angela Ahern

Ashley Roes

Camryn Yee

Carrie Welter

Casey Ramos

Christina Bissereth

Christopher Sanchez

Courtney Durso

Danielle (Dani) Gabriel

David Simon

Dylan Gabriel

Emilee Witkowsky

Emily Raftery-Smith

Georgia Vachon

Gloria Ihenetu

Hugo Lindsey

Joel Herbert

Jonathan Kindall

Kendall Mood

Mavis Manaloto

Mia Carradine

Michael Halasnik

Naomy Garcia

Nick Mason

Olivia Malek

Olivia Stipo

Ranielle Nulman

Samantha Rossi

Siena Giljum

Suhail Singh

Trevor Tamura

Xianjue Huang