The wait is over: cast lists are out! Take a minute to search for your name, and then scroll back up here to keep reading.

First and foremost, we would like to apologize for the unusual delay in releasing our casts lists. With so many talented people coming out to auditions and so many difficult decisions to make, the creative teams of each show have done their best to come to these decisions as quickly as possible. We would like to assure you that we on E-Board will be reflecting upon ways to improve this process for future seasons.

If you were cast in a show, congratulations! There will be more information shared below. If you were not cast in a show this season, we extend our sincerest compassion and we are so grateful that you all put yourselves out there and shared your talents with us. We understand the disappointment of this news; as always, we on E-Board are here to support you should you have any questions or needs to talk to anyone about this process. We hope these decisions do not deter you from participating in Stage Troupe in other capacities and in the future, and we strongly encourage you to get involved in any of our various Special Projects happening this semester. You can take a look at our calendar or email our VPSP, Ariana Tortolani, at for more information about our Special Projects.

For those of you who have been cast in a show, please keep an eye on your email inbox for emails from your directors with all the information you’ll need to dive into the rehearsal process. Once again, congratulations!

Now, without further ado, the Fall 2018 season cast lists:


Ren McCormack: Jackson Machesky

Ethel McCormack: Gillian Baker

Ariel Moore: Marcella Mazzenga

Reverend Shaw Moore: James Persons

Vi Moore: Sam Vatalaro

Chuck Cranston: Joel Herbert

Willard Hewitt: Chinda Eleonu

Lyle/Jeter: Jesse Holland

Garvin: Suhail Singh

Bickle/Travis: Sunny Zhao

Rusty: Sam Rossi

Urleen: Reid Phillips

Wendy Jo: Vicki Huang

Coach Dunbar: Margo Cramer

Uncle Wes: Narain Reddy

Aunt Lulu: Maeve Hawk

Eleanor: Carrie Welter

Principal Harriet: Isa Very

Betty Blast: Sam Sanpietro

Cowgirl Bobbie (Still Rockin’ soloist): Amanda Resendes


Alyssa Yeh

Camryn Yee

Iva Briggs

Lily Fine

Maya Shrestha

Megan Mazer

Noelle Fallacara


Willum: Eli Saracino 

Rick: Will Acrari

Tansy: Doran Kim

Axel: Alex Camarena

Waldgrave: Sayeed Akthar

Clelia: Emilee Martichenko


George Berger - Trevor Tamura

Claude Bukowski - Syd Romo

Sheila - Kendall Mood

Jeanie - Mavis Manaloto

Woof - Jonathan Kindall

Hud - Gloria Ihenetu

Crissy - Emily Raftery-Smith

Dionne - Naomy Garcia


Aileen Donohue

Angela Ahern

Danielle (Dani) Gabriel 

David Simon 

Emilee Witkowsky

Siena Giljum

Ranielle Nulman

Xianjue Huang