The Burials

Written by Caitlin Parrish

Directed by Sean Doucette and Aisha Sheikh
Technical Direction by Brian Rollins
Produced by Devon Mickaniewicz and Lena Johnson

February 28-March 2
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena

Tickets are $8 and available on Eventbrite now:


This performance centers around a school shooting and its aftereffects. Please be aware of the theme of gun violence and its potentially triggering effects.


Sophie is everything an upstanding young millennial should be: engaged, devoted to her family, and a likely valedictorian—but her life is shattered when her brother goes on a high school shooting rampage. Thrust into the spotlight, Sophie finds herself torn between defying the narrative being woven about her brother in the media and stopping the father she loves from using the rampage for his own political gain. Inspired by Antigone, The Burials is a modern tale of civic responsibility and the gun epidemic in America.


Sophie: Samantha Sanpietro

Chloe: Miranda Montegomery

Ryan: Jeffery Atwood

Zoe Lucas/Mrs. Souder: Doran Kim

Jayden: David Simon

Brianna: Mavis Manaloto

Greg: Suhail Singh

Janette: Fran Ogilvie

Ben: Harrison Friedman