Crimes of the Heart

Written by Beth Henley
Directed by Doran Kim

December 5-7

Student Theater at Agganis Arena

Tickets coming soon!


In this black comedy, or “tragicomedy,” the three Magrath sisters are reunited in their hometown,  after the youngest is arrested for shooting her husband. As the dysfunctional family works through this chaos, each sister is forced to come to terms with what her hometown holds for her. Through reuniting with ghosts from their pasts, trying to force their way out of homicide charges, attempted suicide, and more, the girls have to face what they’ve each been trying to hide from: the consequences of their “crimes of the heart.”


4 F, 2 M

Lenora “Lenny” Magrath (F): 30, As the oldest of the three, Lenny has taken on a lot of the responsibilities of the family. Never having left home, and as the main caretaker of her elderly grandfather, she’s frustrated with her life and the neglect of her sisters. 

Margaret “Meg” Magrath (F): 27, the middle sister. Known as the prettiest and “perfect” sister, Meg was very popular and well liked in high school, known for being a bit of a “loose woman.” After moving to California to follow her dream of becoming a singer, she’s ended up working for a dog food company. This failure, along with her childhood trauma has put recently put Meg in a mental hospital, and forced her to lie to her family about her career.

Rebecca “Babe” Botrelle (Magrath) (F): 24, the youngest sister. Unhappy in an unhealthy marriage and having an affair with a fifteen-year-old, Babe attempts to kill her husband. After shooting him in the stomach, Babe handles the whole situation almost too calmly. She’s upbeat and eccentric, until the reality of the situation hits her.

Chick Boyle (F): 29, Chick is the sisters’ first cousin, vivacious and a bit of a gossip, obsessed with her own social standing in the community. She tries to care for her cousins, but always seems to be working for her own agenda. 

Barnette Lloyd (M): 26, Babe’s lawyer/ Barnette is confident and motivated by his "fondess" for his client, and a personal vendetta against his opponent.

Doc Porter (M): 30, Meg’s old boyfriend. After being abandoned by Meg years ago, Doc now has his own wife and kids, but is still working through his own regrets and heartbreak.