Written by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie

Music and Lyrics by Tom Snow and Dean Pitchford
Directed by Babatunde Alford
Assistant Direction by Abbey McCracken

Music Direction by James Robson and Doug Benishek

Choreography by Kim Zak
Technical Direction by Jake Taylor
Produced by Camille Mojica and Kendall Gregory

October 19-21
The Tsai Performance Center



When Ren McCormack and his mother move to Bomont, a town that has outlawed dancing, Ren immediately feels the pressure of being an outsider as the walls of this strict town close around him. Struggling to conform to these rules, Ren finds himself growing closer and closer to the town preacher’s rebellious daughter, Ariel. As the attraction between them grows, Ren endures intense mistrust from the preacher and the community as rumors of his past are spread around. After mobilizing his classmates to fight these rigid ways through a dance, he manages to galvanize the citizens and warm their hearts to create a more free and expressive town of Bomont.


Ren McCormack: Jackson Machesky

Ethel McCormack: Gillian Baker

Ariel Moore: Marcella Mazzenga

Reverend Shaw Moore: James Persons

Vi Moore: Sam Vatalaro

Chuck Cranston: Joel Herbert

Willard Hewitt: Chinda Eleonu

Lyle/Jeter: Jesse Holland

Garvin: Suhail Singh

Bickle/Travis: Sunny Zhao

Rusty: Sam Rossi

Urleen: Reid Phillips

Wendy Jo: Vicky Huang

Coach Dunbar: Margo Cramer

Uncle Wes: Narain Reddy

Aunt Lulu: Maeve Hawk

Eleanor: Carrie Welter

Principal Harriet: Isa Very

Betty Blast: Sam Sanpietro

Cowgirl Bobbie (Still Rockin’ soloist): Amanda Resendes


Alyssa Yeh

Camryn Yee

Iva Briggs

Lily Fine

Maya Shrestha

Noelle Fallacara