Jane the Plain

Written by August Schulenburg
Directed by Babatunde Alford
Assistant Direction by Chrissy Sardano


February 22-24
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena

In a not so special town, at a not so special high school called Plainview High, six seemingly not so special kids work through teenage drama while expecting to come out unscathed. When Scotty the Hotty falls for Jane the Plain, Scotty quickly betrays her trust, leaving the other four shocked and Jane at her most vulnerable. At this point, Jane is mysteriously given a cursed gift and all six are plagued by its unforeseen consequences. Jane and Scotty are plagued by humility and self-reflection. Betty and Leonard are plagued by jealousy and obsession. Lexi and Leeson are plagued by expectations and self-worth. While struggling with these insecurities the six strive to find friendship, self-esteem, approval and love but are soon faced with the fact that in order to get the thing they’ve always wanted, they’ll have to do something they’ve never done.

Cast (3M, 4F, 5-7M/F Ensemble)

Jane the Plain (F): A very average girl. Doesn’t want to bother anyone. Smart but a little naïve. Very nice and accommodating to a fault. A little awkward. Afraid of the spotlight. Age: 15-17

Scotty the Hotty (M): Braggadocios and self-centered. Peaks in his high school football career and knows it. Cares about football and girls. Obsessed with self-image and performance. A little dim witted. Afraid of losing praise. Age: 15-17

Betty the Pretty (F): Petty and jealous. Strives for perfection at any cost. Used to getting what she wants. Afraid or failure. Age: 15-17

Leonard the Awkward (M): Doesn’t care what people think of him. Would do anything for Jane. A little geeky and eclectic. Just wants to get through school by being himself. Afraid of losing Jane. Age: 15-17

Lexi the Sexy (F): Wants to be loved for who she really is, but is afraid of the consequences. Confident but often puts on a façade. Doesn’t really care about high school, thinks there are more important things to worry about. Age: 15-17

Leeson the Decent (M): Very nice and smart person. Meets conflict with complacency. Has a lot of potential but is afraid to let it show. Tries to see things as they really but often falls short of seeing the whole picture. Wants to do the right thing.

The Glowing Girl (F): Mysterious and powerful girl. Wants to help those in need. Unconcerned with most material and superficial concerns.