Jane the Plain

Written by August Schulenburg
Directed by Babatunde Alford
Assistant Direction by Chrissy Sardano
Technical Direction by Francis Smith
Produced by Andy Moeller


February 22-24
The Student Theater at Agganis Arena

In a not so special town, at a not so special high school called Plainview High, six seemingly not so special kids work through teenage drama while expecting to come out unscathed. When Scotty the Hotty falls for Jane the Plain, Scotty quickly betrays her trust, leaving the other four shocked and Jane at her most vulnerable. At this point, Jane is mysteriously given a cursed gift and all six are plagued by its unforeseen consequences. Jane and Scotty are plagued by humility and self-reflection. Betty and Leonard are plagued by jealousy and obsession. Lexi and Leeson are plagued by expectations and self-worth. While struggling with these insecurities the six strive to find friendship, self-esteem, approval and love but are soon faced with the fact that in order to get the thing they’ve always wanted, they’ll have to do something they’ve never done.


Jane the Plain: Miranda Montgomery
Scotty the Hotty: Sean Grogg
Betty the Pretty: Abby Kass
Leonard the Awkward: David Simon
Lexi the Sexy: Monica Guest
Leeson the Decent: Devon Mikaniewicz
The Glowing Girl: Margo Cramer