Production Heads

In Stage Troupe, the production heads consist of the director, the technical director, and the producer. Traditionally, the director pitches a show that gets voted in by the membership, while the TD and producer are picked by the Technical Advisor and Treasurer respectively.

The production heads on each show serve as equal leaders of their respective sides of production. The director is the ultimate artistic guide and is in charge of the rehearsal process. The technical director is in charge of all technical aspects and serves as a practical and safety guide throughout production. The producer is in charge of all monetary and promotional aspects of the show, guiding the director and TD through budget concerns. The production heads are the driving force behind each show and serve as representatives of Stage Troupe throughout the process.


From conception to completion, the Director guides the artistic vision of the entire production. They propose a show for an upcoming season to the membership and,

Creative Team of "Into the Woods," Parents' Weekend 2014

Creative Team of “Into the Woods,” Parents’ Weekend 2014

if selected, take the reigns of the production, casting the show, running rehearsals, and collaborating with the technical crew and creative team to turn their initial concept into a reality.

Technical Director

TDs are assigned by the Technical Advisor at the beginning of the semester. They are in charge of the entire technical crew and coordinate all technical aspects of the production, maintaining an administrative role over their crew members and their respective tasks.


Producers handle the monetary and promotional aspects of the production. All purchases must be run past the producer, who manages a budgeted amount of funds for each technical area. All publicity (posters, flyers, tickets, programs) is the producer’s responsibility, in addition to also serving as House Manager on performance nights.