Show Proposals

How to Propose a Show:

  1. Be a member of Stage Troupe by paying your membership dues of $5
  2. Find a show that you want to see on our stage. Some good resources to look at are MTI, Samuel French, Dramatist)
  3. Find out if the rights are available (please contact the e-board or treasurer if you are unsure of how to do this, or have questions).
  4. Make two copies of the script.
  5. Fill out the appropriate proposal form, available in the Forms and Resources section,
Submit all proposal materials by the appropriate deadline to Information Technology (111 Cummington Street) in an envelope labeled “Attn: Eric Jacobsen”.

Seussical The Musical, Parents' Weekend 2015

Seussical The Musical, Parents’ Weekend 2015

How Proposals Are Selected:

  1. Each submitted proposal is reviewed by the Reading Committee, which alerts the membership to concerns about the pitches. The Reading Committee is composed of both general members and e-board members, the committee reviews all of the proposals and determines whether there are any special concerns (feasibility, language, subject matter) about the pitches that the membership should be aware of before they vote.
  2. The potential directors pitch their shows to the membership at a General Meeting. They each get 3-5 minutes to sell their show.
  3. After all the proposals are pitched, the membership votes for the shows that they would like to see as part of their next season. The number of shows to be selected is predetermined by the executive board.
  4. The votes are tallied by our Student Group Advisor and the proposals that receive the greatest number of votes will become the next season’s mainstages.

Note: The Parent’s Weekend and Summer Shows are selected from student proposals by the Dean of Students. One-Acts are selected by the Executive Board.